Millions of dollars in funding to put men in women’s restrooms

funding1Do you wonder who is funding all the insane promotion of transgender issues? I’m sure this barely scratches the surface. I have found a document called  “US Foundation Funding for Trans Communities,” published in February 2015  by “Funders for LGBTQ Issues.”

The document is very disturbing. It’s a good place to start in researching the recent socially-engineered “mainstreaming” of transgender delusion.

fundrs2There is likely lots more money “hidden” in donations for various social service programs. Also, the Gates Foundation is conspicuously absent from the list of funders. Very possibly, they donated to other agencies (e.g. the Arcus Foundation), which then donate money under their own names.

In December 2015, the Arcus Foundation and the Novo Foundation teamed up to fund a $20 million “Global Trans Initiative.” Ironically, the Novo Foundation purports to work in advancing women’s rights.

I have not done any research about these organizations, but it’s astonishing that they are putting $20 million dollars into this stupidity.

fundedAnd who benefits? Here’s the top US domestic grantees:

I have not yet read the whole document but it does seem to be informative. As I say, however, there is likely lots of other money hidden in other ways. In addition to the example I gave about Gates potentially funding Arcus, which then makes grants, there are numerous pharmaceutical companies, endocrinologists, surgical practices, and others involved in the transgenderism industry who are likely to have donated to any of the grantmaking organizations! They get a tax write-off for doing so; and then the organization (with a knowing smile and a wink to their industry pals) spends heaps of money on transgender fantasy fulfillment.

Naturally, this document has looped in “intersex issues,” as a way of pretending that maybe “gender identity” is real and the poor trans-ies have a little glitch in their brains.

CORRUPTION. Let’s not forget that even 13 years ago, the transgender activists received funding from this wide range of pharmaceutical companies and other organizations!

WPATH funders 2003
WPATH funders 2003