A mum’s voyage through Transtopia: A tale of love and desistance

Adult male “transgender” enthusiasts are embarrassed about their obsessive sexualized mimicry of feminine stereotypes. To shift attention away from the erotic aspects of this crossdressing they have cultishly promoted the false notions that “gender identity” is innate in children and that it is possible to “change sex.” The pharma industry, mass media, medical doctors and academic “researchers” have jumped eagerly on the bandwagon – – there’s money to be made. Nowadays, it is common for adolescents to be swayed by this bullshit and the results are often tragic. This story brings a little hope.


Lily Maynard (a pseudonym) lives with her husband and their family in the UK. Her daughter, Jessie, was 15 when she first began identifying as trans.

In this post, Lily chronicles her grueling journey of self education on trans issues, and her determination to share what she learned with Jessie, who at first utterly dismissed her mother’s efforts.  But after 9 months, Jessie, now 16, eventually desisted from trans identification, and, with the support of her mother and another formerly trans-identified friend, came to recognize and embrace herself as a young woman.

Jessie adds her own observations at the end of her mother’s post.

Lily and Jessie are both available to interact with readers in the comments section of this post.

by Lily Maynard

My youngest daughter Jessie was never a ‘girly’ girl. As a small child she was often mistaken for a boy, despite her long hair, because mostly…

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Is there such a thing as “autogynephilia”?

Yes, of course. The vast majority of men who claim to be “women” have a nasty case of it. And these men cooked up the phony alibi of “innate gender identity” to hide their embarrassment about living a lifestyle based on masturbation fantasies.

Transgender Reality

Is there such a thing as “autogynephilia”, that is, sexual arousal at the thought of being a woman? The transgender community online adamantly assures each other there is no such thing:

APG is a made up thing “a made-up thing from Ray Blanchard”

APG is bullshit “It is not APG, because APG does not exist”

Both screenshots above are from this thread, in which a poster wants to know why his therapist is asking questions about his desire to transition to a woman. Note how the second comment tells the original poster to ditch the therapist who is asking questions, and find someone who will go along with the desire to transition.

There is a great reluctance in the trans community towards the concept that some male people can feel arousal at the thought of themselves as being women. Considering that there are a plethora of different fetishes, people are aroused at pretty much anything from rubber boots to trees…

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Language-policing, “human rights” and transgender sexualized violence

hulking bruisers
Two large, violent men (one a convicted rapist and the other an elite soldier), now fulfilling masturbation fantasies in women’s restrooms.

Transgender activists, especially the female impersonators, obsess about being addressed with the “right pronouns.” Language-policing is almost as important to the bros-in-bras as being allowed to traipse freely through women’s restrooms and other protected spaces. Distracted by politically-correct guilt-tripping about these so-called “human rights issues,” many normal people’s critical thinking shuts down and they lose sight of plain reality: The fact is that these are men with serious mental health problems. Just like these guys:


Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced Transgender “Colleen” Francis exposes himself to little girls in the locker room Rapist Christopher Hambrook
Man in women’s clothes peeps on women Man in women’s clothes assaults woman in restroom Woman killer Thomas “Michelle Renee” Lamb
Sex change killer Maddison Hall Child rapist “Paula” Witherspoon Pedophile Matthew Harks decides he is a woman
Woman killer “Lyralisa” Stevens Torture-rapist Richard “Sherry” Masbruch Rape charge for Twitter exec “Dana” McCallum
Autogynephile rapist Chris Wikels Autogynephile rapist Paul Williams jailed Tranny Sean Gossman, child porn user
Carlos Diaz dresses up & rapes Gavin Scott dresses up & gropes women in shop “Transwoman” child rapist
Angry transsexual murders his therapist Man dressed as Barbie doll assaults woman in restroom Cross-dresser arrested in bath house
Cross-dressing man arrested for exposure at Walmart Stalker sought to become his victims Man in dress exposing himself to kids
Autogynephile attempts to kill woman Child rapist James “Jennifer Katherine” Allard Transgenderist videos in women’s restroom
Rape kit made by male tranny Man in women’s clothes rapes woman Transvestite booked in massacre
Rapist in women’s clothes hunted by cops Man in women’s clothes tries to get women undressed Two men in dresses kill woman, steal her hair
Man in dress assaults women Man in high heels solicits sex from boy Have you seen this cross-dressing pedophile?
Cross-dressing sex offender arrested Man in dress throws concrete at cars Another cross-dressing sex offender jailed
Cross-dresser kills woman in Singapore Dennis “Allison” Woolbert repeatedly raped a young relative Cross-dressing Colonel Russel Williams pleads guilty to murders


Excerpt on “tolerance” from Janice Raymond’s “The Transsexual Empire”

pronouns-coverThis book will, no doubt, be dismissed by many transsexuals and transsexual advocates as intolerant. Tolerance, however, can easily become repressive, as Marcuse has pointed out. It is often a variation on the “poverty of liberalism,” functioning as sympathy for the oppressed. I strongly believe that one of the tasks of those who would be truly open and sensitive to transsexualism is to take stands that are informed, honest, and sensitive to all the issues involved. Obviously, those who take a critical position will be subjected to accusations of dogmatism and intolerance, when in fact those who are unwilling to take a stand are exercising the dogmatism of openness at any cost. This time, the cost of openness is the solidification of the medical empire and the multiplying of medical victims.

Those who advocate tolerance of medicalized transsexualism are expressing a false sympathy which, in both the immediate and ultimate context, can only facilitate and fortify the possession of women by men. Such sympathetic tolerance will only strengthen a society in which sex roles are the norm, and where deep existential choices become subject to medicalization. When tolerance serves mainly to protect the fabric by which a sexist society is held together, then it neutralizes values. It is important to help break the concreteness of oppression by showing its theoretical inconsistencies and by stretching minds to think about solutions that only appear to be sensitive and sympathetic.

Tolerance also fosters a laissez-faire attitude to problems –“different strokes for different folks.” Social control flourishes under this ideological umbrella, whether it is called “free choices,” “radical solutions,” and/or “liberating boundaries.” Furthermore, tolerance is essentially a passive position. Marcuse, in his essay “Repressive Tolerance,” has written:

The political locus of tolerance has changed: while it is more or less quietly and constitutionally withdrawn from the opposition, it is made compulsory behavior with respect to established policies. Tolerance is turned from an active into a passive state, from practice to non-practice…. It is the people who tolerate the government, which, in turn tolerates opposition within the framework determined by the constituted authorities.23

Many feminists are opposed to transsexualism. Yet that opposition, having moved outside the limits of tolerance set up by the medical authorities, will often be decried as intolerant. What is happening here is a fundamental reversal. “Tolerance toward that which is radically evil now appears as good because it serves the cohesion of the whole on the road to affluence or more affluence.”24 It is not only tolerance in the service of medical affluence that we witness in the transsexual situation, but tolerance in the service of medical control – specifically the control of women.


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Janice G. Raymond. The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male. New York: Teachers College Press, 1994. Reissue, with a new introduction, of the 1979 edition published by Beacon Press, Boston.