Autogynephilia is a condition in which a heterosexual male has erotic fantasies about “being a woman,” whether this is in the context of “dressing up” in women’s clothes at home, going out occasionally for shopping or to a bar “en femme,” having fantasies about his breasts growing or “waking up one day to find himself female,” or a variety of other fantasies & behaviors normally associated with “transvestites.” Increasingly, however, garden-variety transvestite “cross-dressers” are taking things a step further — becoming “transsexuals,” actually “transitioning” to live as “women.” They start taking hormones, having surgeries etc. Many even transition without surgeries — they simply announce that they are now “women.”

The vast majority of male transgenderists, transsexuals, whatever you want to call them, are autogynephiles. They have autogynephilia.  They get an erotic thrill from wearing women’s clothes, from being perceived as “women,” from not being kicked out of the women’s restroom, etc.

Every secretive transvestite is an autogynephile. Since the internet came along, every secretive transvestite is at high risk of progressing to full-blown transsexuality.

Male transgenderists and their enablers in the medical/pharma transgenderism industry will hotly deny the existence of autogynephilia. They will attack anyone who mentions it. Autogynephilia is an utterly forbidden topic to them! However, just read the writings of autogynephiles! It’s completely obvious that we are in the midst of an autogynephilia epidemic.

And what about “gender identity”? For autogynephiles (again, the vast majority of male transgenderists), it has been shown that their “gender identity” (as a “woman”) only forms after years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing.

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  1. Thank you for making information and especially the articles available. Assuming that this is in fact a sexual fetish what do you have against it? People can be autogynephiles and live perfectly happy lives. If someone wants to dress up in a certain way that has to do with his fantasies it is, at most, comparable to a gay man wearing a butt plug all day. There is nothing objectively bad in that. I understand that people are being assholes on the internet, but I don’t think the fetish (if it’s indeed that) is the problem. Political correctness taken to pathological extents is.
    All the best,

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    1. The problem is that they can’t just leave it at having a sexual fetish, they’re holding the entire feminist movement and the medical community hostage DEMANDING that we see them as biological women. In other words they are trying to force us to participate in their fetish and I for one do not recall being consulted in such a matter. Hell, I wouldn’t expect it. I hardly think I’m fetish-participation material. So why in the world I’m being dragged along in this crap, I have no idea. I don’t care what you wear, I don’t care what turns you on and I don’t care what drugs or surgeries you get (OK, I care a little bit–you’re risking your life on hormones and surgery for a *turnon*? That’s sad), but LEAVE ME OUT OF IT if I didn’t consent to going along, thanks. If you’ve got at least one Y chromosome, YOU ARE NOT FEMALE, and I don’t care if it’s a boner-killer when I tell you so.

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      1. Good comment! That’s really the problem with this movement. As a lesbian homosexual, I really had that being a lesbian is associated with all this fetish stuff. Wasn’t one of the points of early lesbian activism that we weren’t sexual deviants? And yes, if it was just some dudes having a sexual fetish in private I wouldn’t care, but I do care that laws that are there to protect women, such as female-only bathrooms, are being overturned to validate these men’s sexual fetish and that the safety of women and girls is not as important as a small minority of the male population feeling validated.

        I also strongly disagree with the notion that you shouldn’t question this. I am a skeptic by nature and I don’t agree with this notion that I should support something (like transgenderism and autogynophilia) and not be allowed to question it or even be given reasons why I should support it beyond “if you don’t, you’re bad.”

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    2. It has a harmful impact on society. Male transgenderists are overwhelmingly autogynephiles. They are the ones driving the transgender agenda. The harms fall specifically on children (who are being fast-tracked for transsexualism) and women (who are not only being “erased,” as any man can now simply announce that he’s a “woman,” but also put in danger, as these men — with 18 times higher rate of violent crime than real women — are now allowed to come and go as they please in women’s restrooms and other spaces that should be exclusive to real women). Please see some of this site’s articles posted after your May 6 comment. Thank you!

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  2. Any “euphoric” effect is the direct result of autogynephilia, knowing that high levels of E are coursing through their viens. No such effect occurs for straight men, nor for transkids.

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    1. Kay, by that reasoning, you are also stating that women who transition into men get some sexual pleasure out of having radical hysterectomies and radical bilateral mastectomies? is it that long recovery period that is sexually arousing? or is it the facial hair? Please expound It appears you are a qualified expert in the field, kind of like J Michael Bailey. I am assuming you also went to a dyke bar and found a bunch of dykes to interview also?


      1. Mr. McInnes,

        Facetiousness is unseemly. However, to answer the question, you fail to note that there are TWO separate etiologies in transpeople, one is extreme lifelong gender atypicality (including exclusive sexual attraction to gender typical members of their same natal sex), while the other is Erotic Target Location Error, which in males is Autogynephilia. Most FtM transfolk are members of the first type… while most MTFs, at least in the Western nations, are of the second. I have a very extensive blog that details how this works, and the extensive scientific evidence that supports this two type taxonomy: https://sillyolme.wordpress.com/

        Please read the ENTIRE blog before you respond, as I don’t have time to retype all of the data.

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      2. Gender atypicality is not an etiology because gender is not biological. A woman is not biologically abnormal just because she wears short hair, prefers manual labor and is attracted to other women with similar habits. When butch lesbians say the trans movement is trying to kill them off, your kind of thinking is exactly what they mean. The body dysphoria that so-called “FTMs” experience isn’t so far removed from the body dysphoria that nearly EVERY woman experiences from a lifetime of being told that our bodies are not good enough for whatever transient gender standard happens to be in vogue five minutes from now.

        Also, I’ll tell you a secret, it’s NORMAL to sometimes wonder what it’s like to have the opposite sex’s body parts or to fantasize about having those parts… both men AND women do it. Most of us who do, however, do not identify as trans and have zero desire to actually transition. So it’s not such a stretch to find a perfect storm in some people where their dysphoria might be worse than normal thanks to, say, a background history of having been sexually abused, and then they fantasize about being the opposite sex in a vulnerable moment and boom. But they don’t get the therapy they need to make any sense of this because, as I’ve experienced and as many others have experienced and shared their stories with me, far too many therapists are ineffectual at best and quacks at worst.

        Between being around depressed people and being connected with the first mother/ adoptee community I have come to learn a phrase that I find is an excellent operating philosophy in life: Do not seek out a permanent solution for a temporary problem. That philosophy works great as an argument against suicide, against adoption relinquishment, AND against sex reassignment in response to mental and emotional issues that have never been properly treated.

        If that means people like you make less money (I’m guessing), tough. Get a different job.

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      3. Perhaps I should have been more specific, but such is the use of word already in vogue, “gender” being our short hand for sex. However, “sexually dimorphic behavior” most certainly DOES exist, including in humans, though not to the degree that many sexist individuals often suppose. However, given that they DO exist, we can see that some people do exhibit such behaviors that are not typical of their birth sex, from a very early age. This is what has been observsed in non-AGP transfolk, both MTF and FtM, in decades of research. For an essay on such sexually dimorphic behaviors in animals and humans… and their possible etiological implicaitons in humans, please see my essay:


        Also this more personal observations coupled with references to papers regarding such atypicality in transkids (some from noted homophobes who hoped such studies would lead to means to “cure” homosexuals):


        BTW, I too was a fosterparent, adoptive parent, and now a Court Appointed Special Advocate for an FtM transkid in the fostercare system.


    2. There are no transkids. They’re homosexual kids and they’d grow up femmey gays or butch lesbians and also FERTILE and able to decide if they want kids after puberty if you’d just leave them the hell alone. What the medical community and the transactivist community are doing right now is neutering them because they don’t conform to gender roles. That’s sick. They’re too young to make that permanent of a decision. You could say that if they go off the puberty blocker and let it take its course then they would be OK but (1) you don’t know that for sure and (2) that’s not the true end goal, the actual goal is to get them onto hormones later that don’t fit their bodies. THAT is when the sterility will happen. It’ll destroy their reproductive capacity. NOT COOL.

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      1. How swee that you say that I don’t exist. I was just just a femmy gay boy who found it far more pleasant and agreable to live as closely to our culture’s expectations for women… and to have feminize my body. Please do NOT tell me what and who I am.


      1. Hateful rhetoric and a deliberate attempt at being hurtfully misgendering aside, you are wrong. There is MUCH direct and indirect scientific evidence that shows that there are indeed two (and only two) completely separate etiologies that lead to only superficially similar conditions that we call “transgender”. One is autogyephilia, one of (and the most common of) the “Erotic Target Location Errors” and the other is extremely gender atypical homosexuality… Autogynephiles form a sprectrum of heterosexual cross-dressers to AGP transsexuals. It is the most common etiology leading to MTF transsexuality. The other group forms a spectrum of feminine gay men to extremely feminine androphilic males who find it far easier, socially advantageous, to live as women. But hey! Do you really think that such feminine ‘gay’ males are on the same etiological spectrum as heterosexual cross-dressers? If so, WOW!


  3. While I agree that autogynephilia exists, I just dont know what your problem with it is. Let them be who they want to be, regardless of their reasons. Me? Id fall into the “homosexual” mtf type transsexual. From a young age, I was called a sissy, I liked to play with girls and typically girl things. I also did not virilize properly for a male. A doctor later in life confirmed that I have MAIS. My inate sexual attraction was to men. I grew up in a bigoted area and it was very hard to be who I was. I moved away at 18, and then began my transition. I dont know the true cause of my transsexuality, and neither do you, or anyone else. Frankly it doesnt matter. Also you speak in such black and white terms about all of this, Im about to contrast the very stereotype I fit on the surface.

    My adult life was fraught with lots of problems, transitioning while poverty level and never being able to afford surgery. I just accepted my fate in life. However I wanted to love, like every human on this planet. My experiences dating men of all types, from straight men who didnt originally know I was transsexual, to fetishtic tranny chasers, and truely bisexual men. What I have learned is that even most men (AND some women) who are attracted to me have gender issues themselves. I also learned about the great amount of shame they feel for this. Being that I never could afford surgery, and being stuck half way, meant these men were my choices, except for straight men who at first did not know of my transsexuality, and later TRIED to accept it. However the men who wanted a transsexual.. more often than not were also crossdressers, fetishtic and had a variety of there own gender issues. Often the shame of this and their desires lead to abusive realtionships with me, and I was treated very poorly, and have even been date raped by men like this, who then couldnt even look me in the eyes afterwards. These men, and their abusive relationships… believe what it did to me.. I then tried to date lesbian women, not for sexual reasons, but I still wanted someone to LOVE me. Strangely enough this resulted in a learned bisexuality for me. Many lesbians accepted me, and had no problem with my transsexuality, because they did percieve my overall personality and reasons for being female as female. I never understood the accusations that lesbians and feminists didnt accept transsexuals, because my experience was quite the opposite. Love isnt sexual, and ‘safe love’ for me, was to date lesbian women, who would treat me right, even if initially I was not sexually attracted to women. I had a female lover for 9 yrs who identified as lesbian. Of course sexually I may have been a little frustrated from my lack of contact with men, who I am inately attracted to. My lover would allow me to sleep with other people, as we had an open relationship. Eventually that relationship ended (due to unrelated issues). Being single again after that long, I had noticed more acceptance for transsexuals, and began dating men again, in hopes to have better experiences. I was right, men I dated were more ok with it, as the societal pressure about this had lessened.. and there was hope Id find a man who could love me for me. Eventually I did… and as we grew closer and closer.. later he “Came out” to me.. as being transsexual….. WHAT?! I felt like all those straight genetic women who’s husbands just announced their desire to be women. Figures.. the man who accepted and loved me.. wanted to be me in a way.

    What to do.. I accepted it, because in the end, I wanted to be loved, and I had already learned to be with women and developed a bisexuality (I dont think anyone is 100% straight or gay). Being an outcast from society my whole life, has made me pretty accepting of all types. So now I am with an autogynephile trans woman.. and you know what? Its great. Even though we both acknowledge how we are obviously different types of transsexuals, it works. and her reasons? Who cares what my girlfriends reasons are, who cares her modivations, and why do YOU care so much about her reasons? Being close to her, I notice she is much happier in life, feels better about who she is, and is a good human being, and we are in love. I wonder why someone such as yourself devotes so much time to trying to convince people transsexuals are some sick psychos out to destroy the world. I dont see that In her, and I certainly dont see that in me. So what of the fact that I am bi(pan)sexual, but not autogyenphile.. what of the fact I am with one? What does it change for anyone, and who does it hurt. I dont feel threatend.. none of our genetic female friends feel threatened..

    also what of f2ms? I notice a very definite lack of any of that on here.. have you looked into that culture? Did you know there are very likely to be autoandrophiles??? I know many f2m’s that are “gay” in that they like men, but view themselves as men as well. I also know many f2ms that are “Straight” in that they only like women. These catagories extend to the f2m culture as well.

    but you know what? its not black and white. Because of being on the fringes of society… I have learned many things. Pansexuality, poly, traids.. Ive done all the unusual things.. because…. I am unusual.. and not by choice.. Nobody CHOOSES to live this way or feel this way.. and nobody knows the true causes of this. I really wonder what your hatred of us all are. Id imagine its rooted in some sort of religious belief… because… it always is.

    Im a true believer that transsexuals should be with other transsexuals. Ideally for me this would be a F2M, but as it turns out.. I am with a M2F and happy as well.

    My intersexed nature may make me a unique case… but the fact Ive been outcasted from society has made me very accepting of all types.. and who really cares how people get their jollies.. Apparently you do, which makes me think, you likely have some very strange jollies yourself.


    1. It isn’t a “problem”, it’s an expose, because right now these guys with fetishes are trying to bully the entire world and especially the feminist movement into declaring them biological women. This sort of thing isn’t a “autogynephilia is gross and wrong,” it’s an “you aren’t a biological woman, you’re living out a fetish and trying to get everyone else to play along without their consent.” It’s a calling-out. And it’s high time people listened.

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    1. Mark, how about I interview you about the glorious day when you felt all sexually aroused by having your breasts removed, or let’s talk about that really cool day when you wanted to fuck everything that moved because you had your uterus removed. Wanna talk? let’s talk. I have plenty of websites for you to promote your agenda and tell the world how manly you felt when your doctor gutted you like a fish. Prove your words, mark, let’s give the world all your validation about autogynephillia by letting them know how sexually arousing a double bilateral mastectomy and 6 weeks of recovery is. We can follow that up with your radical hysterectomy and really get all the autogynephiles roused up. Come on, Dr Bailey can jump in and we can wear party hats and just have a good old time dashing real science by fogging it up with abject fantasy about men and dresses and women and wife beater t shirts and shaved heads and beards. Come on, Dr Bailey Let’s have a ball! I can put it all on http://www.thetransadvocate.com or http://www.transinclusivemovement.com. This is not over, not by far.


    2. Yes Errol is a closeted autogenyphile who is dating a tranny, you know the kind. Also he continues to seek fame on my dime, has been doing so for the past few months. His Trans girl friend is friends with my psycho ex and they have been trolling me for quite awhile now. Errol, people see right through your pathetic self. Get a life, go answer some customer call at your internet job and leave the real advocacy for those that know what they are doing.

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    3. Errol, you need to learn some basic reading comprehension. You are talking about the FTM experience. Autogynephilia happens in MTFs (or MTTs on the radfem blogs). BY DEFINITION you cannot possibly be turned on by being female if you’re so determined to not be female anymore that you get all your repro parts cut off and out. Duh. Get some therapy and quit harassing people who wouldn’t know you from God if they passed you on the street.


    1. We live in male-centered patriarchy and I think men are inherently narcissistic. Narcissism is nowadays fundamental to everyday life in the mainstream. In men who think they can become women, all tendencies to arrogance, “going one better than you” and narcissistic power-tripping, whether pathological or garden variety, are grotesquely amplified when they “transition.”

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  4. I was wondering if you think autogynpehilia can go into remission/be cured? My husband has it, but then he had an affair with a woman much younger and more physically attractive and more feminine than me, and he said that “cured” him of his “fetish.” But then she dumped him and his autogynephilia came back. If they had lived together happily ever after, do you think his autogynephilia would have permanently gone away? (Btw, I’m divorcing him.)

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  5. I am over enjoyed to stumble on your blog about Dr. Ray theories into the underlying motivation behind transsexual proclivities. We own and operate a film studio focused on illustrating the true life stories of people, who pursue gender transition. From our research which spanned over ten years, beginning in 2001, we came to the conclusion that transsexuality is a behavioral addiction.

    We found that male-to-female transsexuals that were effectively treated for ancillary mental disorders and took anticonvulsant medications, watched their proclivities towards a gender transition evaporate, indicating the underlying cause of transsexualism is in fact a mental disorder, an addiction, that can be effectively treated with medication.

    From our research, we came to the opinion that a surgical procedure of great interest to the transsexual community, gender reassignment surgery, is routinely performed based on medical misdiagnosis, without adequate screening procedures and with disastrous effects on its recipients.

    Pichler, through our web site, http://www.transgression.com, we began to advocate against public funding for gender reassignment surgery in Ontario. Our message was that gender reassignment surgery is a dramatic and irreversible surgical procedure that should not be publicly funded until more research has been completed on the underlying psychological and medical need for the surgery and qualitative research on the effect of the surgery years after it is performed, which the CAMH has thus far failed to do.

    Of course in 2005 that message fell on deaf and often angry ears and Ontario reinstated public funding towards gender reassignment surgical procedures as part of the Ontario Health Insurance Program.

    I, personally, accept Dr. Ray Blanchard theories into Autogynephilia as the explanation in the early stages of the vast majority of male to female transsexual narratives (both heterosexual and asexual), but I am not persuaded that Blanchard’s theories explain the persistent addictive behavior long after the individual is effectively castrated. I believe that in the case of a male to female transsexual the more prevalent motivator that remains years after undergoing an initial invasive procedure that protracts the testes is a behavioral addiction (which is firmly established) and not an autogynephilic disorder.

    I sees no distinction in the sexual orientation of a person with an affected autogynephilic addiction in sharp contrast to Blanchard. Whereas Blanchard subdivides male-to-female transsexuals by sexual orientation (e.g., a so-called homosexual transsexual versus a so-called autogynephilic transsexual) I see the sexual orientation of a male-to-female transsexual as irrelevant. I am of the opinion that all male-to-female transsexuals exhibit sexual-spurred addiction, regardless of sexual orientation. In the case of an otherwise gay, male-to-female transsexuals the sexual impetus is typically role play, which is sexual in nature. In extremely rare cases the sexual impetus is a romanticized addiction to plastic surgery appropriate for the opposite sex (e.g., automorphophilia, or the love of change in the context of the opposite sex).

    The implication for medical practitioners is simple. Break the behavioral addiction, underlying transsexualism, and you break the disorder, irrespective of sexual orientation.

    Should you be amenable I would appreciate including you in our upcoming documentary, The Men and Women Who Transgress Gender Norms. We begin filming in May, 2016. Let me know via http://www.transgression.com/Contact


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    1. Dear Eugene, my apologies for the delay in responding. Thank you very much for your exceptionally interesting comment. Your theories parallel some of my own.

      I would also suggest that in addition to the erotic component of autogynephilia’s pre-castration stage, the behavioral addiction is becoming entrenched, usually from childhood, through dissociation and auto-suggestion, self-hypnosis. In many cases, due to some large or small trauma, broadly defined (and which I believe often includes witnessing male violence against mother), the boy dissociates and retreats to a compartmentalized dream-space. It is a coping strategy to protect against the shame and helplessness he feels. Not all become autogynephiles, of course, but these pre-autogynephilic boys soon learn to enter that space in times of stress, “identifying with” mother and dis-identifying with males, cooling down cortisol levels, developing that dream-space into a dopamine-soaked room of familiar ritual. (Later in life, if he becomes a full-blown transsexual, this dissociated psychic “room” with all its “decor” will be the basis of his “gender identity.”) It becomes a ritualized behavior and a theme of obsessive brooding — correlating well with the hypothesis of Savic & Arver (2011) that the enlarged cortical regions observed in male transsexual brains may derive “from a constant rumination about one’s own body.”

      Of course, with his concurrent male socialization and programming, self-feminization is “forbidden” and highly stigmatized. So, he feels another level of deep shame about these activities. On the other hand, by transgressing boundaries of the “forbidden” he feels like he has some control; he also experiences dopaminic reward in response to this feeling of control.

      When the erotic dimension enters the young man’s life, he may no longer consciously remember the trauma or why he recurrently feels driven to feminize himself, but he still re-enacts the ritual of “being/becoming woman.”. The “girl-self” fantasy he has focused on in pre-erotic times becomes an erotic “easy target.” Because of misogynistic male programming, shame and of course pornography, the fantasy “woman” self-image may be “slutty” or “sissy” or some of those other stereotypes, or it may be somewhat less cartoonish. He may or may not have developed other paraphilic obsessions.

      The ritual behavior solidifies as an addiction to sexualized transvestism, especially when the man feels as though he is not living up to standard stereotypes of male social programming, i.e. when he is stressed out or depressed about something or other, his cortisol is high, dopamine is low. He is immature and has not adequately considered “why” he has these feelings or what is really going on. All he knows is that nothing in life satisfies him as well as looking into that distorted mirror, though after masturbation he is left only with his shame.

      He may genuinely, deeply love his wife or girlfriend; he may be a super nice and normal-seeming guy in every way, a devoted father and a good man; but as surely as a gambling-addict is drawn to the cards, he will struggle sometimes with this temptation — especially when he’s not feeling happy with his life. With the rise of the internet and the current extremely pro-trans social climate, he may be more likely to succumb to it. The ordinary secretive transvestite fetishists of times past are much more frequently now being channeled into medicalized transsexualism.

      Post-castration, the addictive behavior continues as lifestyle. I think too that estrogen in males produces dopaminic reward for “validation” in taking it as well as a general sense of complacency.

      “Validation,” of course, is absolutely crucial for these men in sustaining the narcissistic illusion that they have actually fulfilled their fantasies, “living the dream.” We see this in the continual “feminine” self-reference and violent insistence on others’ compliance with their fantasy. This also tells us that fundamentally they are filled with shame — they believe they have “failed” in being men but are still only caricatures of women.

      Nowadays, with transgender “communities,” they work hard to reinforce each other’s fantasy self-programming on an ongoing basis. I don’t know if you’ve seen the recent TV show with Bruce Jenner, but in every episode one or two of his transsexual “handlers” is shown aggressively reminding him to stay in the hypnotic trans cult trance.

      In all of the above, I am referring to men who attempt to become women, not women who attempt to become men.

      I don’t think I can appear in your documentary but I do eagerly look forward to seeing it! Thanks very much again for your comment.


      1. It sound like you have given the matter a lot of thought. I am pleased that my words did not go unnoticed with you. I look forward to seeing you on TRTV out of New Mexico this coming week. cheers, Eugene.

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  6. I’m a 19-year-old guy and it’s scary to think that only a week ago I was considering spending every last cent I have on hormones I know nothing about so I could destroy my perfectly healthy body. This blog and a few others have opened my eyes and helped me see that I am not a “woman trapped in a mans body” but a confused man with emotional issues and a sick fetish. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you. I’m happy you were able to stop in time. There is tremendous pressure being exerted on young people nowadays to get on board with this insanity, and I’m so glad you were able to see through the bullshit and confront your autogynephilia. This shows high intelligence and strength of character.

      Stay strong. Definitely work on those emotional issues, with attention to what there may be in your childhood experiences that led to autogynephilia. The better you understand your unconscious drives and motivations, the easier it will be to keep confronting and overcoming this fetish. It is likely to be a lifelong process — but you have come to your senses at an early stage. Cultivate your understanding, keep your consciousness about this high, and I’m sure you will be a healthy, happy man and do great in life.

      And don’t “punish” yourself too much — it is a sick fetish, but this doesn’t mean you’re a “bad man.” At a certain level, it is like a severe behavioral addiction. Similar perhaps to gambling addiction — many people throw it all away, just to gamble.It’s probably worse than gambling addiction, though, especially nowadays when the world has gone mad and mainstream systems are actually promoting transgenderism. It is certainly an addiction. (You may have seen my article here on “Porn, dopamine and autogynephilia”)

      Anyway, thank you again for your note. The struggle may become difficult at times, but you are young and healthy and intelligent and I know you are going to do great.

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  7. AC,

    We do indeed live in a post modern relativist society in that self perception carries greater weight than evidence and reason. When we accept the words of fellow transitioners who espouse the female essence theory, belief without evidence, we abandon our sensibilities.

    The life narratives of our sisters–and I use that term loosely–more closely follows a behavioral addiction and not gender dysphoria. We have one data point who had a genuine gender dysphoria, and that of course was David Reimer. David Reimer never spoke about his transition. Reimer transition lasted two months when he locked himself in the basement as Brenda and triumphantly emerged as David with his innate gender identity intact. All John Money’s attempts to suppress his innate sexual identity failed.

    Reimer never romanticized his gender transition. He reportedly rarely talked about it. Reimer’s transition, and his life that preceded his transition, was akin to torment. Further, Reimer never found looking like a member of the opposite sex, (a man as he was assigned female), as erotically attractive.

    Thankfully we may not see another like Reimer for many years to come.

    Perhaps I do not regard autogynephilia as your followers and Mark C. I do not regard autogynephilia as simply the thoughts that lead to masturbation. Rather, after one commits to consideration of a change of sex, I regard autogynephilia as the persistent obsession of being female and being regarded as female though male. You may also call it automorphophilia or the unabating obsessive thoughts about a change in sexual anatomy. At that point Autogynephilia takes on all the diagnosic characterists of a behavioral addiction. See the URL below.

    Autogynephilia is the little incidents of euphoria that happen when someone validates you as female although you are biologically male. You touched on this two weeks ago on TRTV New Mexico.

    I think transitioners that evade auto erotic thoughts as the underlying motivation of their pre-transition behavior dismiss autogynephilia entirely, saying they no longer masturbate to the thought of being female. Well. Can you name a single transitioner who can feel their genitals when taking Androcur, an antiandrogen, for more than two months? I think not.

    Check out Case #15 of Walinder’s research paper, Transsexualism: A study of forty three cases. See the URL below:


    After 21 days of antiepileptic drugs the patient’s proclivities towards a gender transition evaporated only to return when the medication was stopped.

    If transsexualism is absent in Epileptics, who take anticonvulsant medication, what does that say about the female essence theory or Gender Dysphoria? Answer: It says that the DSM V has it wrong. Gender Dysphoria is fundamentally flawed and has been known to be fundamentally flawed by a small number of researcher since 1967.

    What took so long for this revelation to come to the surface? Lawsuits. Lawsuits and more Lawsuits. I will hold onto that story until another day.

    Keep up the great work here.

    semper femina,
    G Eugene Pichler
    Transition Film Studios
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  8. I think the biggest problem with autogynephilia as a theory is that it’s based on an idea of women being sexual objects, and men being the only ones to have sexual fantasies. Either it’s defined broadly enough to get most trans women and also most cis women, or it’s narrow enough that it’s a tiny portion of each. It also fails at what it attempts to do, which is describe two exclusive groups of trans women that all trans women fit into. There are going to be women that happen to fit both criteria, neither, and a few that are exclusively one or the other.

    All I need is one example to prove it’s false, right? So let’s use me. I’m most definitely not solely attracted to women. In fact, I’d say I’m on the gray asexual spectrum and when attraction does exist in me it’s more of a pan variety, so that gender doesn’t matter. That would mean by the original theory I have to be entirely motivated by autogynephilia. However, I experienced no sexual attraction or desire at all prior to my transition. There were no sexual fantasies, at all. The only thing I could see possibly counting is that on the rare occasion I masturbated, I had to see myself as female in order to do it. If that was the criterion for autogynephilia, however, it would necessarily get almost all cis women as very few of them likely see themselves as men ever when masturbating. Since my transition there have been a couple of times I’ve attempted to guide myself into a sexual fantasy, as a woman obviously. They didn’t really get very far because I’ve never experienced sex and don’t really have a good idea what it’s like, something necessary for my mind to construct such scenarios. Any arousal of body parts outside of these instances was extremely uncomfortable and was not associated with any mental process of pleasure.

    So, either you’re using a theory that would be true for almost all women in general, and therefore stigmatizing normal female sexuality, or the theory is false. I’m sure if I provided actual research for you, you’d ignore it, so I’ll just say there is plenty of evidence out there to show a bias in the original data and how it’s unscientific.


  9. I am an Autogynephile and have been since I was a child. 17 years of therapy and still no closer to cure. I guess the only real answer for people like me is suicide seeing as I am such a worthless human being.


    1. You may have misunderstood something. No-one says you are a worthless human being. On the contrary, you are an ordinary person. All of us ordinary people have some kinds of problems in life, and for many of us the problems are deeply rooted, confusing, painful and complicated to untangle. These problems are probably not going to go away completely, no matter what we do. The wounds are too deep. Many people try to cope with such problems in ways that feel good for a minute, but in the long run are destructive. If we stop fucking around with all the fantasies and addictive behaviors and really try to heal the old wounds, it’s possible to move far beyond those superficial insanities. Healing: and NOT by surrendering to the pain.

      It is very damn hard work but if you want to live in reality, you must give it a solid effort to cut through your decades of denial — and you must never stop. I can’t help you to raise your consciousness and I can’t help you to work through your shit. You have to do it. Spending thousands of dollars on 17 years worth of clueless psychobabble won’t help. You have to face reality: you are a man; your craving to “be a woman” has absolutely nothing to do with somehow “being” a woman; the transgender activists have sold you a bunch of lies. Your problem is much deeper than some imaginary “gender identity.” You need to figure out what is going on and what really happened in your childhood that set you down this path.

      Some things are never “cured” but you can still live a good and righteous life just being an ordinary man. You have an addiction that is out of control. You have hypnotized yourself for decades with all kinds of masturbatory autogynephiliac rituals of “femininity” and are trapped in a room full of mirrors. Smash the fucking mirrors and get out. Snap out of the illusion. Learn about addictions and how they work in the mind. Don’t surrender to your autogynephilia — don’t ruin your life — don’t ruin your family — work your shit out. It’s hard work but if you don’t want to end up mutilated, ridiculous and remorseful you had better do it.


  10. Thank you for exposing this agenda. I’m a gay male and I believe that you can play dress up to satisfy yourself, but don’t preach in public that you’re born that way, and that you’re normal and natural. I asked for a reliable source and I’m glad I found you and your wealth of knowledge and experience.

    I have a question: what is the best response to people who say that transgenderism isn’t a mental disorder anymore because of the new definition in the DSM-V?

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    1. Sorry for the delay! Short answer is that the DSM-5 committee (as with previous committees) were well-known global experts on their various topics. I should assume that everyone had good hearts and good intentions, but I don’t. An unexplored but I think serious question about conflicts of interest concerns the livelihood of committee members. Even when members don’t have specific financial conflicts of interest, they stand to benefit from certain decisions if it means there will be more funds allocated in future for research. Also, mass media and perceived “trends” have a fairly unexplored impact on health policy-making; as well as fake science (e.g. the widely reported false statistic, “41% of trans attempt suicide”) that no-one bothers to check — they read it somewhere and reckon it’s true.


      1. For the sake of the argument, the statistic comes from this report: http://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/AFSP-Williams-Suicide-Report-Final.pdf (and please take into account the last page of the report, where it lists all references used in elaborating it) — now you are welcome to quote whatever alternative facts you wish, and debunk the ‘41%’ statistic, but if you wish to do so scientifically, then you have to do better than just to diss the UCLA School of Law and claim that they do ‘fake science’… you have to offer proof.


  11. I have much to say on this topic, and unfortunately but probably much more as my 12 year old son gets older. I would love to blog about it, but I am afraid to, because in blogging about it, I would have to give voice about the reason I believe this is happening, and I have found that is something I am never allowed to speak of, if I want to keep seeing my children. There are people in high places, and as the saying goes, “money talks and bullshit walks”. I am helpless. Now I am helpless without vodka, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It will be the right time, some day soon. I hear ya about your fear to speak now — these guys can be vicious in their narcissistic rage. Consider making another blog, not linked to your current one; change names, places etc. to protect yourself. But you know what’s best to stay safe. Before long your voice will be heard.

      Their foot shall slide in due time. Keep strong.

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    1. Thank you. I’m not going to post your comment as it is, but I’m going to make a new post to update the story. I will redact some names (to avoid legal troubles). Thanks again.


  12. Hey AWESOME CAT!

    Harro here, from the blog ‘The Engineering of the Gay Man’. You were on it these days, and left this link. I have to say, I was astonished at seeing the amount of visitors you’re getting. Wow, a quarter million! I don’t know how you did it, and I haven’t promoted my blog much, which might help, because my stats aren’t merely there. They’re improving though and actually, I’m a bit scared of what might happen if my blog DID become big…

    I will be reading your articles, you’re obviously extremely well-informed.

    I do think though that academics who are basically ‘in denial’ of social engineers managing an evil system will NEVER get to the bottom of such issues as transgenderism and homosexuality. These topics require an awareness of GOOD and EVIL, and I’m sure many will find that statement shocking, but rest assured, I am NOT religious.

    For instance, Dr. Bailey left a link above to his book, and he is of the opinion that homosexuality is INNATE. But no, it is not. And then of course you have all the radical feminists and some remarkably intellectual trannies who have INVESTMENTS in ideologies such as Marxism. It’s quite hilarious how far feminists have taken their musings about trannies, especially back in the 70s, when they were getting paranoid about the tranny being a Horse of Troy to designed by misogynistic patriarchists and whatnot. It’s funny how all these wars break out, between factions who perceive the trannie as an insult to women, and others who feel that a queer umbrella is the only answer to heteronormism.

    These ideas are far from stupid and quite interesting but again, they simply miss the mark in my opinion, if we don’t first face an elephant in the room: That the System is EVIL. For instance, the very notion ITSELF of ‘gender’ is fraudulent, it was designed by jewish child-molester John Money, whose work was not only criminal, but simply flawed. Yet everyone today is thinking in these terms…

    In Part 7 of the Engineering of the Gay Man, it is FULLY clarified why gay men become gay, and the mechanisms that are exposed can equally be applied to trannies. Your point about there being 2 main categories of FTM is astute, and I’ll be sure to read more.

    Here’s the article, called ‘Why Gays are Gay’:

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  13. I just watched a video on YouTube talking about this. I believe myself and my husband had/have this disorder. How can I find out more about this? I myself have no estrogen after a medically necessary hysterectomy due to my testosterone use. It’s distressful that I’ve no medical support to detransition, ie the facial hair growth. I can’t seem to hold a job or even be very social after experiencing the aftermath of my delusion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For women and men who detransition from transgenderism, there is virtually no support from the transgender cult/industry. They insist that its occurrence is “extremely rare,” but I can tell you for sure, it’s not rare at all. Any support for detransitioners comes entirely from those who have done it (or are in the process), as well as from a few people who are gravely concerned about the rampant explosion of transgenderism. Here are some links to a few starting points — mainly stories of people’s experiences — but even these may be helpful. Best wishes to you.


  14. I am writing as a voice for the abused and innocent abandoned wives of transsexual men. We are called “transwidows” because the men that we married no longer exist spiritually and have diminished bodies. We were not consulted about the psychiatric treatment nor the hormone treatment nor the surgery which they sought behind our backs. We have not yet been heard.

    There has been absolutely no support for wives and children (and other family) left behind nor research into their psychiatric trauma, which is more complex than abandonment. In the UK since the Serious Crime Act 2015 – s76 on “Controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship” transwidows can now describe the taunting and intimidation which they suffer during their husband’s “transition” (what a euphemism!) as a criminal offence: coercion to agree to psychopathic control (as in Kafka’s novels). But it is too early for cases – in 2016 I reported my ex-husband’s taunting and controlling behaviour (over 4 years) but was told that the legislation was not retrospective. I did qualify on one key requirement for a successful prosecution: I needed psychiatric intervention over a period of three months to help me get over panic attacks brought on by his prolonged attacks. From the comments which I have read under articles transwidows experience long-term anguish and suffering (there are few sites specifically for transwidows so they comment under articles about transgender matters like Trangendertrend.com for parents or 4thwavenow or FairPlayforWomen or other feminist sites). We do behave like biological women: we take the blows quietly and we do the best we can for our children first and then maybe for ourselves. And we seek solace with other women. But we are of course intellectually able to speak about it. And now is the right time to speak up!

    I am hoping that the full story about transsexuals will include a narrative which sympathetic to the spouses and families of the transsexuals and their feelings of loss. It would be a welcome change.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The problem is most women, who share your experience, are reluctant to come out of shadows due to shame. Charlotte Snook is one. She was interviewed on Transition Radio with Mark and Lynna Cummings in 2015.


    2. Brava for speaking out! You’re absolutely right, there is an incredible absence of (public) information about ‘transwidows’ and most certainly a lack of respect for their rights (not to mention a lack of enforcement of such rights!) — and that is a situation common in the whole world, not only restricted to the UK, the US, or other countries with more legislation supporting transgender people’s rights. The issue here is that both partners have the same rights in most Western democracies, but somehow activists have managed to persuade the mainstream culture that transgender individuals, just because they suffer from gender dysphoria, have ‘more’ rights than their partners, namely, the right to sever the relationship and ignore the other person’s feelings.
      I understand that this is a very complex issue, and by no means one that is easy to deal with. Personally, my own doctors know perfectly well that if I were single, I would go ahead with a full transition; but because I share a very close emotional bond with my partner — which we both share for two decades now — it’s impossible for me to put my own needs before the well-being of my partner; we both entered the relationship with a functional definition of ‘love’, which in Buddhist terms means ‘wishing the well-being of others’. Of course, in an equal relationship, each partner will just wish the best for the other partner, and that’s how a strong bond is forged, since it works out well. The problem in such a relationship is when the transgender partner suddenly thinks that their well-being is more important than the well-being of their partner; and when that happens, the relationship is at risk, and, naturally enough, if it is severed, the other partner is fully entitled to demand a compensation for their ruined life, which was based on certain assumptions which have been shattered due the one-sided decision of undergoing transition.
      Fortunately, as I’ve learned, transition is not the ‘only’ option (as activists like to claim) for all cases. It is solution to get rid of gender dysphoria permanently just in a few cases, under very special conditions; but when those conditions are not meant, there are alternatives. Those alternatives cannot ‘cure’ gender dysphoria, in the sense that the person stops suffering from gender dysphoria, but they can alleviate the suffering by teaching the person how to cope with it. Please note that this is not aversion therapy or anything like that (which doesn’t work at all); instead, doctors work with their patients to make them understand their priorities in life, and teach them coping mechanisms for dealing with suffering. Psychology today is rather good at that; it’s just that patients often stubbornly refuse to follow their therapists’ suggestions. Again: while a full transition is the only accepted ‘cure’ for stopping the suffering of someone with gender dysphoria, there are alternatives to deal with the suffering, which, in many — if not most! — cases allow the person to lead a successful life, without risking their relationship and their jobs, without forfeiting their families and so forth. There are a plethora of possibilities here and I’m not a qualified therapist, so I’m not going to list every one I’ve learned about; but typical examples include a relief of suffering induced by increased crossdressing or even some hormonal therapy acting as a super-strong placebo without, however, affecting the overall physical body too much (i.e. putting on clothes adequate to the gender that person was identified with a birth will ‘hide’ most of the eventual changes produced by hormone therapy). These are just two typical examples, but there are many, many more; good therapists will work together with the transgender person (and possibly also with their spouses) to figure out coping mechanisms when transition is simply not an option.
      I’m aware that activists are not happy about this kind of ‘compromise’! They will say that a person who has been repressing their gender identity for decades is ‘entitled’ to some relief by being allowed to fully express that identity without any restraints. That is possibly true in an utopian world — or under certain very strict conditions (namely, someone who has no spouse, no family, possibly not even a job, and can ‘afford’ to go through transition without ruining their material lives in the process). In the real world, however, such ‘entitlement’ should be seen as a goal, something to aim for, but which require all sorts of compromises in most cases. Teaching transgender patients to cope with the disappointment of not being able to attain that goal is something that doctors are very good at.
      Life, after all, will always be full of disappointments, in one way or another; we all learn how to cope with that. The suffering from gender dysphoria is particularly hard to tackle (and this comes from someone in her fifth year of depression caused by to not being able to realistically transition in my current condition!), and not to be dismissed or dispelled as merely a ‘fad’ or something ‘annoying’; it is very real, it has a serious impact in one’s ability to function socially, in family, or at work; but like so many kinds of suffering, it can be addressed using one of many possible techniques. It won’t make the suffering magically disappear; that’s not possible; but there are several limits at which the suffering can be tolerated in order to allow transgender people to be able to function socially.
      Unfortunately, it’s very sad that such alternatives to transition are actively suppressed by certain activists, mostly because they lead to the concept that dealing with gender dysphoria is ‘just a question of willpower’. In other words, activists are not keen to admit that there exist some coping mechanisms for dealing with gender dysphoria, because that makes their message much weaker — it sort of gives the public the idea that it’s a matter of personal choice. And that, in turn, will change the whole perception of the transgender problem: even though ‘choices’ are to be respected, the truth is that gender dysphoria (as well as sexual orientation) is not a matter of personal choice. The ‘choice’ is just in the way people cope with it; but the subtlety of the difference often fails to be understood by the public in general… and that’s why activists prefer to ignore the whole aspect of ‘choice’ and aggressively push for transition as the only way to deal with the issue. Simple, clear statements are much easier to present and defend — while highly complex and nuanced philosophical questions are usually beyond the ability of the general public to understand…


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