Astonishing update to the story of “Devin Payne”

Some readers may have seen a 2015 post on this site called “This is how autogynephiles kill women.” In that post, we find the story of “Devin Payne,” a man from Kansas with the intensely narcissistic fantasy that he is really a “woman.” This guy dragged his wife and four children out to southern California so that he could flounce around “en femme” as a “transgender woman.” Soon after this move, Devin’s wife “dies of alcoholism” and Devin seeks fame as a transgender activist. Various fauning articles about Devin never once mention the deceased wife’s name.

New information came today. I received three comments (from one person) on that 2015 post. Some of the information can be verified. Some information can’t be verified at all and may be totally false.

“Devin Payne” (real name Derek Brandon Wimmer; alias “Devin Elizabeth” Wimmer) was apparently charged in the past couple of years with a violation of the California Penal Code 288(c)(1), LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH A CHILD 14 OR 15 YEARS OF AGE AND OFFENDER 10 OR MORE YEARS OLDER THAN VICTIM. Unclear at the moment whether he was convicted. MUCH more about this below, including information about a conviction in Missouri for child molestation.

SPECULATIVE: I present these unverified claims merely as the theory of an anonymous person who posted them here as a comment. This person’s IP address was based in the UK. It would not legally be wise for me to post the actual comment, so I will paraphrase it broadly. I should mention first that according to the anonymous commenter, the “nameless” wife’s name was Patricia.

According to this commenter: Patricia was vehemently opposed to Derek’s “transition.” Derek and a friend (who had a stereotypic female name and also a stereotypic female alias name) intentionally gave Patricia lots and lots of booze, which precipitated her liver failure. The commenter says that Derek’s son, who was “forced to be a caregiver to the dying mother,” has stated this. The commenter says that Derek “silenced” the son by getting him a prescription for Seroquel, a terrible drug used for serious mental illness.  The commenter says that Derek and his friend “planned” Patricia’s death so they could be together. The commenter provides a street name in Tucson, Arizona where the two are said now to live (and where other sources suggest that Derek lives on, or did live on, a street with that name).

The above paraphrase is just the unsolicited theory of a random anonymous person from somewhere (possibly the UK) on the internet. It may have truth in it or it may be utterly fictional and false. I make no assertion whatever for its veracity.

A final cryptic remark from this commenter: “I would have never written this if i had been treated FAIRLY!”

As I mention above, the commenter also provides us with evidence of Derek’s California criminal record, under an alias. It comes in the form of a page on “” While the picture is clearly of the same “Devin Payne,” we learn his real name of Derek Brandon Wimmer and his alias of “Devin Elizabeth” Wimmer. We do not learn whether Derek was actually convicted of child molestation in California; there are no dates listed or sentence reported. He is apparently not listed under his real name or known aliases in sex offender registries, although the page says that data came from such a registry. Superior Court records for Riverside County (where Palm Springs is located) show nothing of interest. It’s pretty mysterious. I don’t know exactly how the law works in this regard. I don’t understand why Derek would have this “” page if he wasn’t convicted. [edit: I see now that that they post mugshots whether people are convicted or not.]

So I did some additional research. It seems that Derek was convicted of second degree child molestation in Missouri. He lived in Liberty, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City; less than an hour’s drive from where he grew up in Olathe, Kansas. Derek was charged with that crime (a violation of Missouri criminal code 566.068) on June 1, 2012. While violation of that code is currently a felony in Missouri, Derek was charged under the 2000 version of the law, in which it was a misdemeanor. This might mean that he committed the offense before the current law came into effect; but after 2000. Derek plead guilty to that crime on August 6, 2014. It looks as though he was sentenced to “one year,” but given what we have seen of his subsequent glamorous activities that was likely one year probation. The picture below spells out the former and current versions of the code.

Not by coincidence, Derek began the process to change his name and “gender” on July 21, 2014 in California. His new name was “Devin Elizabeth” Wimmer. This was finalized on September 18, 2014. No-one involved in the name change apparently caught on that Derek was now a convicted sex offender; it’s insane that sex offenders in this country can simply change their names, put on a dress and disappear.

News articles about this delusional autogynephiliac narcissist and his fabulous lifestyle began to appear in late August, 2014! Derek goes in these stories by the name “Devin Payne” — and research shows that Payne was Derek’s mother’s maiden name.

I could not find Derek in the sex offender registries of California, Arizona or Missouri. Are men convicted of misdemeanor child molestation exempt from registration?  What about this new California case? Why does Riverside County have no information about it? Can offenders with “nonviolent” (sic) offenses have them removed from the registry?  Even the “background check” report (left) says they got their data from a sex offender registry. What happened?

I don’t know much about criminal law but Derek likely needed to register in Palm Springs as a sex offender; maybe in order to do that the California authorities had to “charge” him with a crime that was sort of parallel or analogous to the Missouri crime. He was convicted in Missouri under the old misdemeanor version, but California has no misdemeanor version. So perhaps Derek was “charged” in California but not prosecuted. This actually seems rather far-fetched. Perhaps someone with better access to legal databases can find out the story.

It seems that Derek’s move with his family to California came very shortly after his arrest in Missouri for child molestation. He apparently thought he could just disappear and leave his troubles behind. Who was the child?

RIP Patricia… Hope the kids are well and somewhere safe.


  • Derek inexplicably left up the web site for the business he ran with Patricia (name now confirmed):
    Archived version:
  • It looks as though Derek was initially charged with first degree felony child molestation (Missouri Statute Section 566.067.1) on July 1, 2011. Disposition of that case is described as “Not disposed,” which may mean that charges were dropped.  Possibly, it would have been difficult to prove that case for some reason. Anyway, Derek was charged less than a year later with second degree molestation.

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