Full book: Excellent analysis of male transgenderism

docterNo matter what you call it, transvestism, transgenderism, transsexualism, etc.; and no matter the “stage” at which / on which this sex role stereotyping is performed, this very interesting book by Richard F. Docter shows that in males it is part of a definable trajectory, a clinical course. Docter’s book was published when Blanchard’s research on autogynephilia was still in its early stages, but in my quick review it seems generally to complement his findings.

It is really quite a good analysis of “what makes these men tick.” One of the key points is that for most jocks-in-frocks, a “female gender identity” only develops after years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing. In other words, the notion of “innate gender identity” is a lie. We already knew this (because it is totally obvious) but here is some additional documentation.

small-town-transvestiteThe book is a bit “dated” (1988) and its several nomenclatures distinguishing various “types” of men who attempt to make people think they are women may seem old-fashioned. The tone of the research likely supports sex role stereotypes and may offend modern sensibilities.

As with Blanchard’s, Lawrence’s and Bailey’s work, Docter’s approach is more or less sympathetic to these men. Consistent with the other authors, however, he is honestly trying to understand what is going on in these men’s minds and what kinds of behaviors they manifest. He is not promoting their game-plan for a hostile take-over of women’s bodies and women’s spaces — which is what the vast majority of current researchers in male transgenderism are doing.

I haven’t fully read the book (who could possibly have the stomach for it? — I sure don’t) but I would only suggest that the clinical progression and volume of male transgenderism has accelerated very significantly in recent years.

This book shouldn’t be lost.



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  1. Haven’t downloaded the book yet; but a whole chapter dedicated to wives!!!! You don’t see that very often these days.

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  2. Bottom line: these guys are mentally ill and a danger to real women, who they see as inferior. Being mentally ill does not confer special civil rights, nor does it have anything to do with the LGB. Drop the T!

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    1. Sadly, *legally* it does confer special rights. They have successfully used mental illness as a weapon to demand rights. Transgenders claim legal rights under the ADA in the US. Accommodations must be made for them, legally, specifically because of gender dysphoria, which is considered a mental illness covered by the ADA. This is very problematic as, these days, transgenderism is no longer even defined as having gender dysphoria. So they get their cake and eat it too: they claim special accommodations due to dysphoria, and then say that they don’t need to be dysphoric to get those accommodations.

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      1. The agenda is to have it redefined as something like an invisible birth or developmental defect. Sort of like autism, which is interesting in that kids with autism appear to be disproportionately susceptible to the transgender narrative. I would guess this is because socialization in general doesn’t set as well with autistic kids, and they are used to feeling somehow different.


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