“Trans teen” Corey Maison being pimped out intensely as transgender toilet goblin propaganda

Corey Maison is being pimped out in support of tranny toliet goblins.
Corey Maison is being pimped out in support of tranny toliet goblins.

Young “trans teen” Corey Maison is currently being pimped out like mad in support of male transgender toilet goblins and their sleazy, delusional quest to occupy women’s spaces. He is being used as a propaganda tool to pierce the veil of women’s private spaces, so men with “feminine feelings” may thereby enter in.  I described Corey’s situation in an article about 8 months ago. My opinion, in short, is that his mom is a raging narcissist; his dad is a weak fucking clown and his doctors are sociopath opportunists. He has three or four sisters, who along with their mom really play up “femininity.” Corey himself appears to have some developmental problems. My impression is that Corey’s mom, overwhelmed with feelings of self-importance, seized upon his “problems” as a way to pump up some attention for herself at the same time as she pumps him up with estrogen like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Because they are super-sleazy, male trans activists long ago hit upon the idea of using children to promote the “gender identity” lie. By using children, it “takes the sex out” of the trans equation, according to one trans activist. And so, Corey is the current golden child to kick open those swingin’ bathroom doors and help advance a  key trans agenda goal. As feeble, bitterly resentful and desperately inferior simulacra of actual women, the next best victory for the bros-in-bras is the hostile takeover of women’s private spaces.

And the world’s pedophiles must be so grateful too! I have to believe they don’t realize this, but Corey’s parents are not just inadvertently pimping him out as fantasy material for the world’s pedos, but they also provide a fantasy scenario — “the bathroom encounter” — for their ultimate titillation.

I would like to see every adult in this young fellow’s life JAILED.


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  1. In the past fcouple of days, I’ve seen that picture of Corey attached to articles describing him as 11, 14 and 16. I suspect that “pimping” is not a metaphor in Corey’s case.

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  2. It seems to me (not a lawyer) that you are actively courting a defamation lawsuit.

    To make it clear, I do not see courting a defamation lawsuit as necessarily bad. I know of good deeds accomplished through this very behaviour (most notably the David Irving story). And I would not mind seeing this particular lawsuit, either. But I hope you got good legal advice.

    The Alliance Defending Freedom will probably be happy to provide it for free, but I’m not sure they should be trusted. Your new conservative friends have a bad way of frigging up this stuff. Like that guy who wanted an anti-gay cake and sued for discrimination, to highlight the injustice of people being forced to make pro-gay messages. He put the words “despicable sin” on the request, thus setting himself up for losing, because “derogatory language” was the alleged cause of the refusal.

    You’re an easy target here. You name names *and* make clear claims. it’s far easier to get you on those grounds than any hate speech laws, given that you’re in the States. Though I suspect this post will eventually be reported for hate speech too, what with “desperately inferior” etc.


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