Millions of dollars in funding to put men in women’s restrooms

funding1Do you wonder who is funding all the insane promotion of transgender issues? I’m sure this barely scratches the surface. I have found a document called  “US Foundation Funding for Trans Communities,” published in February 2015  by “Funders for LGBTQ Issues.”

The document is very disturbing. It’s a good place to start in researching the recent socially-engineered “mainstreaming” of transgender delusion.

fundrs2There is likely lots more money “hidden” in donations for various social service programs. Also, the Gates Foundation is conspicuously absent from the list of funders. Very possibly, they donated to other agencies (e.g. the Arcus Foundation), which then donate money under their own names.

In December 2015, the Arcus Foundation and the Novo Foundation teamed up to fund a $20 million “Global Trans Initiative.” Ironically, the Novo Foundation purports to work in advancing women’s rights.

I have not done any research about these organizations, but it’s astonishing that they are putting $20 million dollars into this stupidity.

fundedAnd who benefits? Here’s the top US domestic grantees:

I have not yet read the whole document but it does seem to be informative. As I say, however, there is likely lots of other money hidden in other ways. In addition to the example I gave about Gates potentially funding Arcus, which then makes grants, there are numerous pharmaceutical companies, endocrinologists, surgical practices, and others involved in the transgenderism industry who are likely to have donated to any of the grantmaking organizations! They get a tax write-off for doing so; and then the organization (with a knowing smile and a wink to their industry pals) spends heaps of money on transgender fantasy fulfillment.

Naturally, this document has looped in “intersex issues,” as a way of pretending that maybe “gender identity” is real and the poor trans-ies have a little glitch in their brains.

CORRUPTION. Let’s not forget that even 13 years ago, the transgender activists received funding from this wide range of pharmaceutical companies and other organizations!

WPATH funders 2003
WPATH funders 2003

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    Jon Lloyd Stryker (born c. 1958) is an American architect, philanthropist and activist for social and environmental causes. He is a billionaire stockholder and heir to the Stryker Corporation medical supply company fortune of grandfather Homer Stryker alongside sisters Pat and Ronda. In 2015, his net worth was estimated at $2.1 billion.[1]

    Stryker is the founder and president of Arcus Foundation, a private international philanthropic organization primarily supporting great ape conservation efforts and LGBT causes.

    LGBT causes

    Stryker, who is openly gay,[12] is one of the world’s leading philanthropic donors to the LGBT community.[12] His Arcus Foundation is the top LGBT-specific grant-making organization in the United States,[21] giving more than $17 million a year to organizations working toward social justice for LGBT people in 2013.[22]

    Stryker is a Platinum Council donor (giving $50,000 USD or more in annual contributions) to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund,[23] a national organization that works to support the candidacies of openly LGBT officials at all levels of government.

    He was awarded the Creating Change Award by the National LGBTQ Task Force in 2008.[24]

    He received the 2014 Global Vision Award from Immigration Equality,[25] a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that provides legal representation to LGBT and HIV-positive asylum seekers, detainees, and binational couples.

    He received the 2015 Visionary Award from the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network


  2. You will most likely find that the funders are pretty much the same in the same-sex marriage campaign and in this one (as already evidenced by the Stryker comment). Pick your side… though I guess you already did, standing with the Tea Party in North Carolina.


    1. That is not an argument. Nobody cares what the right believes. Lumping real feminists with the religious right completely invalids your “argument.” This is a public safety issue. The government has a compelling public interest in maintaining sex-segregated restrooms. It has been that way for decades. Fetishists have no right to invade women-spaces under some bogus “gender identity” rationale. There is no such thing as “transgender” or “gender identity.” Many of us have been onto this movement for a long time.

      The “left” has long despised women and women’s rights because the men especially subscribe to the notion of sexual “freedom,” which by definition tramples on the rights of other people. They are big on porn and big on prostitution, both of which are human rights violations. It is entirely consistent they hate on women in order to promote cross-dressers in women-only spaces.

      What I would be interested to know is the extent of the involvement of billionaire James “Jennifer” Pritzker, whose family has major political ties to the Obama administration.

      There has to be some concerted organized attempt to usurp women and girls’ safety to promote the crackpot delusions of sexual fetishists.

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  3. Much can be learned by reviewing the IRS Form 990 filing that each foundation is required to make annually. These documents are generally available on the web-site of each foundation and list in detail funding sources, grant recipients, and personnel. For example, the year 2014 filing of the Arcus Foundation notes that (“transwoman” – my notation) Janet Mock is a compensated member of the Board of Directors. Darren Walker, President of the prestigious Ford Foundation, is also a Director.

    Peter Buffett and his spouse Jennifer created and then expanded the NoVo Foundation with a 1 billion dollar donation from Peter’s father, billionaire financier Warren Buffett, in 2006 and they serve on the Board of Directors. In 2014, for example, Warren Buffett donated another $149,000,000 of equities to the foundation. NoVo identifies its focus as “ending violence against women and girls” and “advancing adolescent girls’ rights.” In an interview with non-profit adviser The Bridgespan Group (posted on their web site) Jennifer Buffett said “We talk about reaching the last girl, the most exploited, forgotten-about, and invisible girl.”

    Regardless of one’s viewpoint on the issues, clearly some individuals (for example Mr. Stryker and the Buffet family) have a VERY large influence on the discussion and debate about “gender identity” and the effort to promote transgender activism. Sadly, not all voices appear equal.

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  4. Some quick and basic information to, hopefully, assist your research:

    “Funders for LGBTQ Issues” internet archive contains the following:

    “Record-Breaking Grant for Transgender Issues”
    “History was made earlier this summer when it was announced that the Tawani Foundation had awarded a $1.35 million multi-year grant to the Palm Center for their newly launched Transgender Military Initiative. This grant is the largest transgender-focused grant that we know of, single-handedly increasing overall foundation funding of transgender issues by 20 percent over prior years. The grant became all the more historic last week when Tawani Foundation president and founder, Col. Pritzker came out as transgender and announced that she was legally changing her name to Jennifer Natalya Pritzker.”

    The Chicago Tribune of January 19, 2016 reported that Jennifer Pritzker, through the Tawani Foundation, donated $2 million to the University of Victoria in British Columbia to establish a chair of transgender studies, “believed to be the only such research position in global academia.” The article states “Half of the money will support the chair position for five years, and the other half is pledged to match other donations to the program. Aaron Devor, a sociology professor who has studied transgender issues for three decades, was named inaugural chair.”

    Mr. Devor’s Wikipedia biography notes:
    “Aaron H. [Holly] Devor is a Canadian sociologist and sexologist known for research of transsexuality and transgender communities. Devor has taught at the University of Victoria since 1989 and is currently dean of graduate studies. Maclean’s, a Canadian weekly news magazine, described Devor as “an internationally respected expert on gender, sex and sexuality.”
    A trans-man, Devor transitioned in 2002 at age 51.”

    Among Devor’s published books are “FTM: Female-to-Male Transsexuals in Society,” Indiana University Press, 1997.

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