14 year old girl surgically mutilated for “gender” in California

samanthaI’m so angry I can barely see. I will keep it brief and just let you read. Samantha, a girl born with fetal alcohol syndrome and other issues, was adopted as a baby by a couple in San Diego. Now, at age 14, she insists she’s a boy. Today, Samantha’s double mastectomy was announced to the world.

He rose again at 4:30 for an early breakfast, his last meal before his 2 p.m. operation in a Thousand Oaks clinic. Going under the knife, the 14-year-old said later, “was kind of like a dream.”

“It was just pure excitement, just pure anticipation,” he said. “I was finally getting rid of something that had been bothering me for years.”

Sam, who was born female, got rid of his breasts.

Although it is not explicitly stated, it’s likely that notorious Dr. Johanna Olson has been shooting her up with testosterone — Samantha is shown shaving her face. Samantha’s “therapist,” the fake-male “husband” of Johanna Olson, is a stupid woman called Aydin Kennedy-Olson. Both Olson and her “husband” are paid consultants of Endo Pharmaceuticals, which makes “puberty blocking” hormone leuprolide as well as testosterone supplements.

A perfect set-up for Munchausen parents:

The Moehligs adopted Samantha from her homeless birth parents, tending the baby through fetal alcohol syndrome. Breathing was such a trial, her skin would turn blue. The infant needed nine medications and, from the age of six months until 3, feeding tubes.

And who was delighted to cut off this young girl’s breasts? A depraved team of plastic surgeon brothers from Israel who have set up shop in the Los Angeles area. This is where it becomes even more disturbing. Most people become doctors because they care about human life. Both of these guys are trained elite killers! Now they are making a killing in LA cutting the breasts off confused teenage girls.

Zol Kryger:

[Dr. Zol Kryger] grew up in Israel and after high school he served in an elite special forces unit of the Israeli Army specializing in reconnaissance.

Gil Kryger:

After high school [Dr. Gil Kryger] served in an elite combat unit of the Israeli Army for over three years.

It’s one thing to have served in your country’s military — especially when such service is mandatory. It’s quite another thing to boast about your “elite special forces” or “elite combat” status on a web site where you claim to help people with their health problems. “First, do no harm”? I don’t think they heard that one before.

Drastic, irreversible surgery as “treatment” for a girl’s psychological problem. I imagine that Samantha’s hysterectomy and other internal surgeries have already been scheduled.

Samantha’s adoptive “father” is a total fucking failure:

Sam’s double mastectomy was “the next step in our family as our family grows and gets closer,” said Ron, 62, a service adviser for a local automobile dealership. “God has plans for everybody, and this is how it develops.”

Yeah, what about God’s plan — the father is essentially saying that God  fucked up with Samantha, she was really supposed to be male, and now these idiots are going to set everything right.

All I can say is: What the fuck is the world coming to. Samantha’s “parents,” all of the vicious “doctors” involved and that perverted “therapist”  — all of them should be jailed for life. Immediately.

This is not technically “illegal.” The “World Professional Association for Transgender Health” (WPATH) is a gang of trans activists, billionaire “donors,” white-coated psychopaths and industry criminals whose “guidelines” for treating people with transgender delusions are about as permissive as you can imagine. Along with their cheerleaders in the mass media, WPATH has created a bizarro consensus reality in which millions of people apparently think this sort of thing is just delightful.

However, anyone whose brain still functions can see that surgically butchering a child for a psychological condition is unethical. If you would like to complain to the California Medical Board about the knife-happy Kryger twins and their debaucheries, it’s quite easy and takes about five minutes: http://www.mbc.ca.gov.

See also: Munchausen by proxy, medical child abuse and paraphilic fantasy in mainstream transgenderism


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      1. While there is so much more about this article to get upset about, I have to point out that mandatory Israeli National Service is 4 years.

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      1. why? its their body no one else’s. do you object to breast reduction too?

        this felt pretty personal tbh, im cis female not a transman but most of the time my boobs are annoying and uncomfortable emcumberanges and i’ve seriously contemplated getting a mastectomy/severe reduction (realistically i think a surgeon would only agree to the latter in my case) several times. telling somebody that their “mutilating” themselves by exercising their bodily autonomy to be comfortable in their own skin is extremely insulting whatever their reasons for doing so.


      2. I know what you’re saying, but these are women who are under the false impression that by having this radical surgery — no matter how large or small their breasts may be — they are becoming “men.” Many also go on to surgeries to remove the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Doctors performing “transgender” surgeries on these women are cashing in massively on a fad.

        The increasing tendency of women (especially very young women) who don’t comply with sex role stereotypes (“gender”) to start taking dangerous hormones and having massive surgeries in a futile attempt to become “men” can be attributed to internalized misogyny, lying propaganda from trans activists and (often) internalized homophobia.

        In gender-non-compliant girls and boys, Munchausen by proxy parents often seem to play a big role.

        Bodily autonomy, sure. But it is always better not to have radical surgeries, when they can be avoided. It is never good to have radical surgery in an attempt to resolve psychological problems or misunderstandings about how biology works.

        Our bodies are not merely collections of optional “body parts” that can be mixed & matched. We are whole systems. If we are blessed to have healthy bodies, it is foolish to ask for trouble by having important organs removed, and profoundly unethical for doctors to remove them (“first, do no harm.”). Next stop, limbs — and some crooked doctors are already doing those surgeries.

        I hope you will check out some of these posts about “FTM” women on GenderTrender, especially the ones about women who have detransitioned:


  1. *sigh* the surgery doesn’t make trans men men, they’re already men – all it does is make them more comfortable in their skin if they choose to go down that route ,some never go through any kind of body alteration entirely of their own choice. This isnt a fad ,trans and nb people have been around forever, same as all the other LGBT+ people that mainstream society loves to pretend is a new trend. if we’re seeing more of its becuase its become more acceptable and less of a literal death sentence.

    as for the permanence of surgery of course it shouldn’t be taken lightly, but thats true for all surgery. if its acceptable for me to be sterilized ( i mean im compromising an “important” organ here) because i have no wish to have children why is not not acceptable for a trans man because he has no wish to endure pregnancy.

    “In gender-non-compliant girls and boys, Munchausen by proxy parents often seem to play a big role.” Do you have any clinical evidence for this claim?

    as for the other claims given that they are opinion based i can only offer my own experience in rebuttal : i am largely gender nonconforming in habit and mannerism, im pretty coarse, loudmouthed – apart from costuming i don’t wear makeup and i don’t wear feminine clothes. if i had smaller boobs i’m pretty certain id be regularly mistaken for male until i opened my gob. and while im not a lesbian neither am i attracted to men. i also have a relatively large circle of trans and nb friends

    they have never once suggested that any of this means im not female.infact several times they’ve argued passionately against gender roles defining someones gender identity and reaffirmed me when i’ve felt miserable and confused because according to several points of view i dont count as a woman. gender should come from within whatever the reasoning , it should not be a label enforced by others because of biology or mannerisms.

    yeah given aforementioned trans and nb friends that i love and respect i dont think i’ll be reading much of that website. many of the posts seem creepy or mocking. whats with the random photos of trans men taken from other peoples blogs?


    1. If a woman can simply announce, based on “feelings” and discomfort with sex role stereotypes (i.e. “gender”) that she’s a man — what is a man? For the same reasons, if a man can simply announce that he’s a woman — what is a woman? Anything that anyone wants “man” or “woman” to be? Can I be a porcupine, a strawberry ice cream cone or a pile of rocks if I just tell everyone that’s who I am? Can I be six years old forever?

      Your friends are women. I know you want to be a good “ally” and all that, and reinforce their mistaken belief that they are men. You are not doing them (or yourself) any favours, though, by going along with this destructive, anti-scientific “trans” nonsense. Hiding your head in the sand won’t change biology. I guess we will have to agree to disagree.


      1. if you say your a woman your a woman, if you say your a man your a man, if you say your a bunch of rocks your igneous , sedimentary or metamorphic ;). c’mon dude you know very well im talking about human gender which is a brain construct not people claiming to be a different species or age than they biologically are. as far as science is concerned human beings fit roughly into two type of genitalia (i say roughly because intersex people are a thing ) one of which produces sperm, the other produces eggs and gestates offspring- anything else people add onto that is entirely in the mind- so dont come at me saying trans is ” anti scientific” because by that standard the entire concept of gender is anti scientific .

        sorry but your only right in two cases about my trans friends being women 😉 , its a shame you feel the need to blatantly disrespect the identities of the other 3. (not counting the nb peeps in this one)


      2. It’s not a “brain construct” — it’s a social construct. *Sex role* stereotypes of appearance, mannerisms, behavior. Patriarchy. Misogyny. Social programming.


    2. Just want to reiterate: “Gender” is only sex role stereotypes. Women can have short hair, wear men’s clothes, replicate patriarchal stereotypes of “masculinity” etc. If that’s the way they want to represent themselves, fine, who cares. “Gender identity” is just a propaganda word used to describe a deep desire to conform to sex role stereotypes of the opposite sex. It is not healthy and is totally unnecessary to mutilate one’s body in order to reflect a personality or “style.” Any time a healthy person has an intense craving for drastic elective surgeries, it should be a red flag that something is wrong.


      1. “Gender identity simply mean the gender you identify as- cis people have a gender identity just as much as trans people its simply that their gender identity matches what society thinks their gender should be.

        “Any time a healthy person has an intense craving for drastic elective surgeries, it should be a red flag that something is wrong.”

        so your against both tubals and vasectomies, all forms of plastic surgery including breast reduction, caesarian sections for any reason other than the pregnant persons physical health…. i could go on but those are the examples that immediately come to mind. tell me do you spend time campaigning against these things as well or do you just rag on trans people?


      2. No, I’m not necessarily “against” those things. Transgenderism is different because major surgeries are done in a futile effort to solve a psychological problem. This is a total fad. Maybe you’re too young to realize this.There are lots and lots of de-transitioners already, contrary to the trans activist lie about “rare” de-transitioning.


  2. you could make that argument about all those examples – not wanting to have children , wanting to change your appearance to be more comfortable about how you look ,wishing to avoid vaginal birth due to trauma or fear of pain all of these could rightly or wrongly be construed as psychological problems that people wish to solve with major surgery. so whats so different?

    as for detransitions so what? it doesn’t invalidate trans identities anymore than the fact that some people who have their sterilizations reversed invalidate the existence of childfree people. human being get it wrong sometimes.


    1. genital type is physical and gender identity is mental . both are separate concepts , neither is “superior” to the other


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