Newest Munchausen “trans child,” already hyper-sexualized, thrills the stupid masses and pedophiles everywhere

The mother is already training the boy in hyper-sexualized
The mother is already training the boy in hyper-sexualized “femininity.”

These people have lost their fucking minds.This is the latest so-called “transgender child” to be paraded before the world on the “transgender chicken circuit,” which is a way for narcissistic Munchausen by proxy parents to get their 15 minutes of fame and make some cash — the “patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances that savvy parents can weave together into a modest cottage industry of transgender child celebrity.”

They pimp out these children through the global and local media, generating delighted applause from the socially-engineered masses and of course from the world’s pedophiles. (Note that male transgenderism and pedophilia are both paraphilias, and these types of perversions often occur in clusters. If a man has one, he likely has another.)

The weak father is silent in the articles but he appears in a family photo. The mother is named Erica Maison, and my impression is that she is highly narcissistic. Her Twitter page, unused for a while, is not remarkable, apart from some photos of her son in happier times, before his parents began gaslighting him into thinking he’s a girl. It appears that in addition to her now-“transgender” son Corey the family has three daughters.

Corey, in more sane times.
Corey, in less insane times.

The family is trying to raise $50,000 via “GoFundMe” * for their son’s completely unnecessary “medical expenses”! In other words, for his normal male genitals to be surgically mutilated and mangled to crudely, superficially resemble female genitalia. In reality, however, this will just be a gaping surgical hole that never properly heals throughout his lifetime.

Autogynephile activists have sold this family the lie that boys who display “feminine” stereotypes are really girls. The article says that they take the boy to one of the worst places imaginable for “care” — the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. This hospital includes a debauched “clinic,” funded by billionaire autogynephile porn addict James “Jennifer” Pritzker, cousin to Obama’s Secretary of Commerce, that is dedicated to fast-tracking children who don’t comply with sex role stereotypes for traumatized lives as sterile, medically maimed “transsexuals.”

Now it seems that these problems existed because
Now they probably say that these problems existed because “he’s really a girl” and had “dysphoria.”

In addition to liking “girly stuff” (most likely because with three sisters, an apparently narcissistic mother and a completely useless father, hyper-“feminine” stereotypic behaviors are highly valued in his home), Erica’s son Corey may have some developmental problems. According to his mother, he has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), mood disorders, anxiety disorders, probably Asperger syndrome and God knows what-all. He was also doing very poorly in school.

How the hell can these idiot parents sleep at night? CHILD ABUSE.
How the hell can these idiot parents sleep at night? 

In view of the supposed mental maladies (which may have been entirely Munchausen-related, but which were apparently “diagnosed” at some point) WHY would any doctor suggest that this child should become a Frankenstein-ian permanent patient?  Pump him full of estrogen now, get him ready soon for drastic surgeries and a life under medical surveillance? If the boy actually has anxiety or Asperger’s or any of the other stuff, this should *exclude* him from being a transgender agenda guinea pig! If it was parent-orchestrated attention-seeking Munchausen fakery, that should exclude him too. My opinion is that the parents of this boy are greedy, empty-hearted, empty-headed failures as parents. Any doctors involved in his “care” are even worse excuses for human beings, as they must know full well that “transgender medicine” is based entirely on obsessed trans activist propaganda and pop culture lies — not scientific evidence.

UPDATE: SEE ALSO: “Trans teen” Corey Maison being pimped out intensely as transgender toilet goblin propaganda

*Note: They have taken down their “Go Fund Me” page. I noticed after it had been up for more than a month they had only raised a couple hundred dollars.

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  1. is reporting that the family doctor who reports to the National Health Services (UK), is refusing to prescribe puberty blockers to the child in question in your link above. I think I read that correctly. This is a good thing in my opinion. Although the child, Lily, is devastated from the perceived “suffering”.

    Suffering (desire to alleviate perceived suffering), is a principal characteristic inherent to all behavioral addictions. The vast majority of male to female transsexuals regard any obstruction to surgical procedures that aid in their respective gender transitions as a form of suffering. A number of male to female transsexuals regard gender reassignment surgical (GRS) procedures as “life saving” surgery and sacrosanct to their health interests, indicating a degree of discomfort in the absence of the procedure. Further, a number of transsexuals report they will commit suicide, if they are unsuccessful with respect to being approved to undergo a GRS procedure or similar procedure that protracts the testes. male to female transsexuals rarely commit suicide in the period leading up to a major surgical procedure that protracts the testes.

    Three cheers for the NHS for saying no to parents with an affected Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy outlook on trans.


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  2. How homophobic, these parents would rather medically experiment on their son rather than risk having an effeminate or gay son. Both liberal and conservative parents are transing their kids, but the conservatives are usually more open about their homophobia and dont mind stating they thing teh gays are sinners, the liberals just hide their homophobia under the guise of being a “lgbt ally”.

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  3. “Mom captures emotional and life-changing moment her transgender daughter, 14, is surprised with hormone therapy drugs”.

    At the very end of the video just before it cuts off the kid says “What is it?”. He doesn’t know they are hormones. Only that he is expected to perform on camera for mom.

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    1. Do you think, though, that it may have been the little sister sitting on the couch (who becomes briefly visible at the right-hand edge of the frame) who asked “What is it?”

      She’s a very small girl, and you have to wonder how she and her other sisters are processing all this strange (and probably, often, unwholesome) adult attention on their brother’s ostensibly “changing” sex. My god! Talk about messing with young, vulnerable, impressionable minds. Will those girls feel they have to out-feminize/sexualize themselves in order to garner a fraction of the adult accolades their brother gets for being “born in the wrong body”? Will they be encouraged, like Jazz’ sister, to hand over use of their wombs when/if the time comes that sterile brother needs an infant or two to complete the womanhood picture?

      Anyway, I’m not 100% on who asked the question. But yes: this boy absolutely has been trained to perform, trained to contort himself into a pleasing object for the male gaze, the mother’s gaze, the social media’s gaze. He’s a victim of exploitation. The mother doesn’t even try very hard to hide this fact, because she’s boasting about having taught him to strike poses when he’s looked at. Jesus.

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  4. For your own sake I recommend talking to a lawyer pronto. You have crossed a line here by making claims, not about some hypothetical groups or semi-anonymous commenters, but about people, with names and photos, using words like “narcissistic” (a diagnosis) and even “sexual abuse perpetrators” (a criminal accusation). This is prime material for a defamation lawsuit.


      1. Such an approach might work for Cathy Brennan because she is a lawyer and quite possibly *wants* to be sued. It would not lead to exorbitant legal costs as she is qualified to represent herself, and would give her good PR among the fairly rich Right, with whom she shares the anti-trans cause.

        But this post claims that named people are sexually abusing a child, presumably without the kind of defense capabilities that Cathy Brennan has.


    1. This post is not grounds for a defamation suit. Good grief. The parents put themselves out there for public consumption. “Narcissistic” is not a psychiatric diagnosis but a description of self-absorbed people. NPD would be.

      Giving one’s views of some parental stupidity and abuse is not lawsuit worthy.

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    2. Where do you see any reference to these parents “sexually abusing” the kid? There isn’t any. Reading comprehension is an important skill, and you should learn to develop it.

      Of course, you may be trying to silence the owner of this blog.

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  5. I cant say I know what happens in all families with a transgender child, however, I have met this family and did see things that I questioned in regard to this child being led into this lifestyle.

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  6. Why bring up this case? Have you seen the reaction video when she gets hormones? Either that’s the greatest actor ever, or its genuine.

    Autigynephilia is found in later transitioners. Those who only “realise they’re women” while jacking off as teenagers.

    Corey will probably grow up as disgusted with autogynephiles than you are. Obviously won’t express those views in public, after all, they’re all so “stunning and brave”.


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