Library page of PDF articles about “gender identity” fakeness and autogynephilia reality

Male transgenderists hate knowing what science clearly shows: that an obsessive masturbation fantasy is the root of their “gender identity.”

Contrary to what transgenderite cult members and their crooked enablers say, there is a ton of science to show that “innate gender identity” is fake and that autogynephilia is real. I have previously posted most of these articles and books on various pages of this site but to make them more accessible, I’m going to post them all here on one page. You can download the PDFs from the links.

This is far from “all” the research — there’s plenty more. If there are other articles you’d like to see, I can probably get hold of them and could post them here.



Most important papers:

Other interesting papers:




20 thoughts on “Library page of PDF articles about “gender identity” fakeness and autogynephilia reality

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  3. Yes, it still relevant. Its actually very important to give the right information, or at least both sides of the story, to our friends, family memebers, etc. who still very confused about whats happening to them as trans. So, if its not relevant to you, because you feel its all resolved and everyone lived happily ever after, then just don’t even bother to visit this page.


  4. It would be great if you could upload more articles and research. Im trying to find a review of around 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexuals by the University of Birmingham’s aggressive research intelligence facility (Arif), but have not been able to. I want the full article, if you have it please post it here. Thank you!!

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  5. Thank you for posting this. It is a much needed resource, particularly in the light of the guidelines published by the American Psychiatric association just recently.

    These guidelines make little or no reference to autogynephilia. Bailey is cited once and Lawrence just once. The narrative is that when presented with a TGNC (Transgender or Gender non Conforming) patient the trans narrative should be believed and enabled without question. No mention is made of Munchausen’s by Proxy in the case of children, no mention of internalised homophobia or just straight forward gender non-compliance in teenagers and no mention is made of autogynephilia in late transitioning men who devastate the family status quo. Indeed the wife who is not supportive 100% is seen as having ”internalized anti-trans prejudice”.

    From my own dealings with my ex and his family and my efforts to understand what happened I am sure that family dynamics played a large part. My ex wasn’t the only one to have autogynephilic, transgender leanings, but we didn’t find that out until after a family tragedy.

    (Is it OK if I just say here to the owner of the Stoptranschauvinism blog here that i would really like to comment over on that blog but the options for posting are closed to me.)

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  6. One can be free to love oneself. Indeed many people are totally screwed up through self loathing, guilt and body image issues. However when you enter into a long term commitment with another partner, to live together and maybe raise children together a certain amount of honesty is required.

    I do not expect my ex (although we are still legally married) to do anything other than be true to himself. My problem is that he expected me to give up my identity as a heterosexual woman. He effectively lied to me or was at least very sparing with the truth that he was anything other than a straight, very gender conforming man. For almost 3 years I have had to deal with the psychological fallout on two teenagers and the problems that this causes.

    Even in an intimate relationship such as a straight marriage both partners have a right to establish boundaries. I have a right to say that by expressing his decision to transition, made totally by himself without discussion, that this puts an end to our marriage contract. All I ask is to be released from my relationship with a man that I no longer trust, respect or love.

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    1. Didn’t you notice my message was about *alternatives* to use of puberty blockers in children? Alternatives that do not involve medication, but do involve extensive use of queer theory and anti-discrimination measures?


      1. So now you suddenly claim that “the real lived experience” of a person is more important than theory. And you cite a cis (yes, in this case quite cis) woman doctor whose “experience” consists of getting the wrong looks from her patients when she failed at communicating with them. The shock, the horror, the violence! (Except there was no violence, no horror, and no shock, just a family doctor who overstepped the boundaries of her profession by not referring, or not deferring, to psychologists when she suspected psychological disturbance).

        Yet when actual trans people, who might not be as calm-spoken as I am because of the daily hate piled up on them, recount their lived experience, that not of “wrong looks” but of actual violence and abuse – including persistent emotional abuse by spouses who refuse to accept them – it is discounted because the theory of “sex class oppression” is more important.

        Basically, whichever feeds your hate is right.


  7. @ Mikhail. Is there a difference between ”cis” and ”’quite cis”?

    I do not consider myself ”cis”, neither is this a prefix used by Dr Mandigo. Woman will do just fine.

    Dr Mandigo communicated on a professional and humane level with her patients.

    ”The shock, the horror, the violence!” These are your words. What Dr Mandigo actually says is ”I remember often feeling that these patients tried to intimidate me into giving them what they wanted, that they often assumed outraged insult if I asked questions (how dare I enquire, presumably doubting them), that if I did not give them what they wanted they exploded into enraged diatribes and stormed off. I felt very uncomfortable with them and it was challenging to try to do my job and not react to their anger.” In other words she describes honestly her feelings and how difficult it was to maintain her professional demeanour in the face of patients who were not used to being questioned by others in the medical proffession.

    Now we come to the heart of the matter ….”including persistent emotional abuse by spouses who refuse to accept them”…….I am not interested in the theory of ”sex class oppression” when it comes to my husband putting flames to over 30 years of shared married life and all that entails. I, too with hindsight, was naive and blind to things that I should have questioned earlier in our relationship. I have a right to set boundaries and one of those is that I do not accept my husband’s wish to represent himself as a woman within our marriage. If he wishes to do so then the vows that we took are null and void. If it means more to him to celebrate his birthday in his new identity than spend time with his own children that is his decision.

    And I have never used the word hate. Please do not continue to put words into people’s mouths.

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    1. According to modern marriage theory, which I do support, it is your full and unquestionable right to not accept your spouse’s personality development as it happened and choose instead to end the relationship. However, it would be absolutely incorrect to insist it was your spouse who “put flames to over 30 years of shared married life” by this development. It is you who refuse to accept what the person now is; they did not wrong you in any objective way by being what they are. Your refusal is an unalienable and important right, but your blame-assignment is not correct and, if you repeatedly blamed them in person, that was emotional abuse (I have no way of knowing if this happened).

      It is most definitely abusive for you to deny them access to your joint children just because of their gender identity, as you appear to claim you do, but I hope they have a good lawyer.

      You have never used the word hate, nor have a LOT of racists, sexists, homophobes and transphobes out there.

      As for Dr.Mandigo, she must have also encountered unpleasant people with other afflictions, but for some reason it did not cause her to jettison medical conensus on these afflictions. Encountering unpleasant people in higher quantities than normal in society is an occupational hazard of being a doctor, because people usually come to the doctor when they feel unwell, and thus have less energy for being socially pleasant.

      And I called her “cis” specifically because she was, in her post, so free with using gender stereotypes uncritically, it seems obvious she fully associates with the set described as “woman”. I am not saying that you are.


    2. And by way of clarification. while I was being provocative, I did not state that you were the one abusive spouse. I have seen examples online of very clearly abusive spouses of trans women, including one who, according to her own blog, was told by a family counselor that she was being abusive.


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