Munchausen by proxy, medical child abuse and paraphilic fantasy in mainstream transgenderism

Phrenology. This is what transgenderists actually believe.

You have probably seen many news stories in recent years about young children who are supposedly “transgender” — little girls who want to have short hair and play with trucks; little boys who want to have long hair and play with dolls. Instead of just letting them do this, parents of such children these days coercively program them with the belief that they “really are” the other sex.

The parents take their increasingly-confused kids to specialized “gender clinics” where depraved “doctors” confirm a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” — the little boy supposedly has a “female gender identity,” or vice-versa. Together, and without the child’s mature consent, the parents and doctors begin planning out the child’s “puberty suppression” with experimental drugs, soon to be followed by a range of major surgeries and a lifelong regimen of dangerous hormones.

The mass culture has been socially-ngineered.
The mass culture has been socially-engineered.

In other words, a shattered body and a whole life (though probably shortened) under close surveillance by the medical industry. The child’s parents then begin a publicity campaign with appearances on TV talk shows, magazine articles and YouTube videos.

Instead of reacting in a normal way to this blatant child abuse, i.e. with outrage and horror, the mainstream public has now been conditioned simply to smile and say how wonderful these parents and doctors are, how wonderful that science can now fix this “mistake.” Poor child, “born in the wrong body.”

from GenderTrender:

The “Transgender Chicken Circuit”, for the uninformed, is a patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances that savvy parents can weave together into a modest cottage industry of transgender child celebrity. Think of it as a Munchausen-marinated transgender version of “Toddlers and Tiaras” whose fans are aging cross-dressing male autogynephiles in possession of both a wistful longing for an unexperienced girlhood, and a generous disposable income. These men are the funders of the agencies and lobbying groups promoting the medicalization of childhood gender nonconformity. The best known example is billionaire financeer and lifelong closeted crossdresser (and father of three) James “Jennifer Natalya” Pritzker whose Tawani Foundation single-handedly funds the experimental pediatric transgender drug clinic at Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

What is really going on here?

There is no such thing as a “transgender child.”  The concept of an innate “gender identity” is completely fake. It was invented by male transvestites (with autogynephilia, the sexual kink of imagining themselves as “women,” taking synthetic “female” hormones and having drastic surgeries to superficially resemble real women) in order to justify their fetish and make it seem like it’s something people have innately, even before they are born.

It is crucial to the agenda of organized transgenderism that many examples of children with “gender dysphoria” be exhibited to the world. Only with “early examples” of “trans kids” can the “gender identity” lie be made to seem legitimate. Meanwhile, the adult female impersonators try desperately to suppress the evidence that their “gender identity” is based entirely on masturbation fantasies. Charming.

trannyThe male transgenderites, aided and abetted by crooked physicians, activist “researchers,” pharmaceutical and psychiatric industry donors, “civil society,” government and the mass media, have, for the moment, been wildly successful with their plan. New “adorable” child victims are trotted out every week, their “brave” parents celebrated, their “courageous” doctors applauded.

“Gender identity” is still a crock of shit. Remember “phrenology”? Gender identity is a throw-back to phrenology. There is nothing going on in the brain that would make a male child want to replicate stereotypes of “femininity” in his appearance and behavior, or vice-versa. Children sometimes don’t conform to sex role stereotypes.  It’s also important to consider the very strong likelihood that children’s parents are actually coaching them from a very early age to begin saying they are the opposite sex. These toddlers obviously don’t know any better, and such behaviors elicit smiles and praise from all the grown-ups — so they submit to this parental mind control.

In many of the videos presented of these children, it is easy to perceive a pedophilic subtext to the whole enterprise. Think of what is happening: The children are being manipulated to “change sex,” the dearest sexual fantasy of  male autogynephiles pushing the “gender identity” lie.

Paraphilias [like autogynephilia] tend to cluster or co-occur: Men with one paraphilia have an increased likelihood of having one or more other paraphilias as well. Because autogynephilia is conceptualized as a paraphilic phenomenon, it is not surprising that many informants described other paraphilias as well. These included sexual masochism and forced feminization, gynemimetophilia and gynandromorphophilia (attraction to feminized men), pedophilia, autonepiophilia (infantilism or adult baby syndrome), abasiophilia and autoabasiophilia (leg brace paraphilia), and unspecified paraphilias.

Not only are the male transvestites achieving their agenda, but the “home videos” of young boys being forcibly feminized turns them on too.

from GenderTrender again:

There is a disturbing element of pedophilia exhibited by many “fans” of the “Transgender Chicken Circuit,” as evidenced by plentiful transgender adult male YouTube channels featuring dozens of videos of these children, creepy-ass fetishized “fan sites”, and expensive glossy coffee table photography books of the sort that would get Calvin Klein into trouble. Add the transgender pornography sites which track the children’s “progress” and it’s pretty clear that sexualizing these children is a large part of their marketability.

Beyond the overt pedophilia, and the marketing of a fetishized version of “girlhood” to adult male fantasists, the transgender movement “needs” to create transgender children (as activist Autumn Sandeen has explained) to “take the sex out” of the transgender equation whose most dominant practitioners are adult male sexual fetishists. But perhaps the most important reason to impose transgender labels onto children is to publicize a “born this way” narrative like the one the gay liberation movement used to pacify critics.

Narcissistic parents who pimp out their children as “transgender” have a form of Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP). Some may just be extremely stupid, but I think most are well aware of what they’re doing.

MSP is defined by the following characteristics:

  1. a child’s illness is fictitious or induced by a caregiver;
  2. interaction with the health care system results in multiple medical tests and procedures;
  3. denial by the caregiver as to the real cause of the child’s illness; and
  4. symptoms abate following separation of the child from the caregiver.

These characteristics are found in most forms of child abuse.

Sounds accurate so far. There are different sub-types of MSP. Here’s one:

Factitious Disorder by Proxy

A psychiatric diagnosis in the perpetrating caregiver who falsifies or fabricates the child’s signs and symptoms to meet an underlying, self-serving psychological need to have or be associated with a chronically or seriously ill child, is diagnosed with factitious disorder by proxy (FDP). The emphasis is on the pathology of the adult.

That sounds right too.

"Coy" Mathis, his siblings and their Munchausen parents
“Coy” Mathis, his siblings and their Munchausen parents

Let’s look at the question in a different way, for a moment. What do we actually know about the psychopathology of parents who pimp out their “trans kids”? As early as 1991, Susan Coates and Sonia Marantz found that in mothers of boys with supposed “gender identity disorder,” more than half met diagnostic criteria for borderline personality disorder — they themselves had profound and psychotic problems with their “identities.” Only 6% of mothers of normal boys met the criteria. A much larger proportion of the “gender identity” mothers were also clinically depressed. This type of research is no longer permitted — it’s “transphobic.” You might as well say you wanted to replicate some of Dr. Mengele’s “experiments.”

But even putting aside any “psychiatric diagnoses” — and just looking at what they do — their publicity-seeking and extreme willingness to push their children into massive harms and multilations — it’s obvious that if they aren’t just totally stupid, these parents are completely disturbed and spiritually bankrupt individuals.

And now let’s look at the doctor’s role in perpetrating medical child abuse.

What makes MSP a unique form of child abuse is the active role health care professionals play in the initiation and perpetuation of the syndrome.

True enough. In the most “charitable” view, these poor doctors are also victims, guilty only of a failure to think critically.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy … evolves as a product of the relationship between a parent who has both the capacity for abuse and the potential to be gratified by the medical system and a medical system that is specialized, investigation-oriented, fascinated by rare conditions, often ignorant of abusive behaviors, and too accepting of reported histories.

However, that’s bullshit. One of a physician’s most important skills is a refined ability to figure out what’s really happening (i.e. differential diagnosis). There are so many other possibilities to explain why a boy may insist he’s a girl — most likely parental programming, as we’ve discussed, but they could also consider autism, dissociative disorders,  or even schizophrenia and other kinds of psychological problems — and they choose to move forward with the worst, fakest, most trendy and most destructive option: that he “really is” a girl and should be hormonally and surgically transformed into a simulacrum of “femininity.”

Given the nonsensicality of the diagnosis, the correct procedure would be to help the child get back in touch with reality, and if necessary, straighten out the idiot parents. Until just a few years ago, that was what they normally did.

goldThere is no question that the doctors and other “professionals” involved in this debauchery should be condemned for medical child abuse. Filthy perverts like Dr. Norman Spack — who was “salivating” at the prospect of sexually mutilating children’s bodies. Psychotic criminals like Dr. Johanna Olson (possibly a female impersonator) — who is happy to skip the “puberty blocking” drugs and just start the kids on hormones immediately, even at age 12. Other vicious child abusers like Dr. Sherman Leis and Dr. Michelle Forcier, who will get the sex-change party started as soon as the kids are 16. An actual autogynephiliac doctor, a very sick man called “Madeline” “Maddie” Deutsch, who also thinks it’s fine to start kids early on the hormones. “Jenn” Burleton isn’t a doctor, just a crazed male trans activist from Oregon who runs an organization dedicated to sexually mutilating children and teenagers.  He may be largely to blame for that state’s shocking new law.

All this despite plenty of evidence that left unmolested, very few so-called “transgender children” will have such inclinations when they grow up. (This essay analyzes the scare tactics used by trans activists to suggest that “trans kids” will have horrible lives and die young if they aren’t fast-tracked for hormones and surgery).

OK, so what about medical ethics? Surely these doctors must follow accepted principles of bioethics? Respect for autonomy, nonmaleficence (i.e. “first, do no harm”), beneficence? Nope. They follow only the “bible” of trans activists, the “World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standard of Care,” guidelines based mainly on wishful thinking, men’s sexual fantasies and women’s self-hatred.  Indeed, they often leave this document in the dust as they constantly remove more varieties of recommended “gatekeeping” — so insistent and determined they are to “get their hands dirty” with younger and younger children.

In an article called “How Young is Too Young: Ethical Concerns in Genital Surgery of the Transgender MTF Adolescent,” a pseudo-ethicist admits that these doctors have had to cook up new “ethical” principles as they went along: “A new set of ethical guidelines was created in order to support treatment professionals in their decision making process.”

It is the official standard of WPATH to defer genital surgery until the transitioning individual has reached 18 years of age. This position is also shared by The Endocrine Society, a worldwide organization dedicated to the education and practice advancement of endocrinology. In 2009, the Clinical Guidelines Subcommittee of the Society appointed a task force to formulate evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of transgender individuals [30]. By using the GRADE system (Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation), members of this and various other European endocrinological societies jointly issued a summary of recommendations concerning the treatment of adolescents, in which they suggested that surgery be deferred until the individual has reached the age of 18. In terms of grading, the recommendation itself is acknowledged by the Endocrine Society as “weak” and the quality of evidence “very low.” This is mainly because the evidence comes from unsystematic observations provided by the panelists whose principal source of evidentiary contributions consists of opinions, values, and preferences, with remarks subsumed under “suggestions.”

Although the Standards of Care recognize that the legal age of majority varies from nation to nation, the age of majority is currently 18 in both the United States and Germany; hence, the procedure performed on a 16-year old girl [sic] was clearly not in accordance with the WPATH Standards of Care— neither the current nor the previous version, valid during 2005–2011. In addition, anecdotal reports and personal communication with surgeons in the United States who wish to remain anonymous confirm that genital surgeries in female-affirmed patients under 18 have been performed, thereby contravening the Standards of Care and thus prompting physicians, therapists, and other clinical professionals who otherwise adhere to the WPATH criteria to maintain official silence in the matter. From a treatment perspective, this is no surprise—if social transitioning and administration of hormones are sliding toward younger ages, the request for surgical procedures among younger individuals will follow.

11 thoughts on “Munchausen by proxy, medical child abuse and paraphilic fantasy in mainstream transgenderism

  1. Jazz Jennings’ parents said that when he was two, he asked when the fairy would come with the magic wand and take his penis away. And people actually believe this? At two?

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    1. Two year olds say a lot of nonsense. I mean, if I had had a penis, I might have been wanting to get rid of it, too. Still a mystery to me where men put that thing.

      However, what has that to do with being female? Women don’t have “no penis”. Women have a vulva and vagina and so on. If, by some accident of nature, that kid had a female brain, one would assume that this female brain would know that lacking a penis doesn’t mean you’re a girl, it means you’re an eunuch.

      Maybe he was a famous castrate singer in his former life? They should try hypnosis.


      1. If you look closely at the beliefs and subconscious mentalities of autogynos, and also those who support the hellish, occultish worldview that is being pushed today, you’ll see that there is a strong misogyny, a belief that women are men who are “lacking”.

        This is why childbirth is strangely ignored in our culture, even by “feminists”, but certainly by these men, except if they decide they want to co-opt that from us, too, via surgery or emotional-vampirically via porn.

        This started with people like Freud on the “scientific” side (“penis envy”) and Aleister Crowley on the “spiritual” side (British Satanist and Free-mason who molested children, abused women, claimed the vagina was like a wound, and believed white males were morally and mentally superior, who also preached “do what thou will”).

        These men’s influence spread heavily into modern society (overtly with Freud’s, less overtly with Crowley’s, but you will see Crowley here or there if you look, promise!)

        Freud’s legacy? A world in which women are medically and psychiatrically treated for not being men, diseases being called “female diseases” (borderline personality disorder, “hysteria,” etc) because they are usually caused by abuses which only happen to women, media “jokes” about how wonderful penises are and how it sucks being a woman, rape victims not believed because they “desire” their father, and abused or socially victimized women not being helped because they suffer some sort of petty “envy”, not rightful concern that they are treated hatefully and are at risk of being attacked. (How they use the word envy to describe “not wanting to be mistreated” is itself hurtful; is a slave “envious” of a free man? Because he has the “privilege” of being unabused?)

        Aleister Crowley’s legacy? A bit more subtle, especially since mentioning occult magician and self-declared “Great Beast 666” Crowley’s influence can be seen as a “Satanic conspiracy theory” and not believed. But there he is: on the front of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album, in Led Zeppelin’s lyrics and in the fact lead singer Jimmy Page (who is accused of raping and holding a teen girl hostage) literally bought Crowley’s house, in Ozzy Ozbourne’s song Mr. Crowley, in modern TV and movies which subtly- or blatantly- preach “do what thou wilt”, in the hordes of children abused by occult groups who are never believed because “Satanic panic!” and else…

        Crowley is also behind the generic penis worship in our society (a severely warped autogyno “friend” I once had was a big Crowley fan and my friend wanted to create a religion worshipping the erect penis), the pseudo-homosexuality that binds men to each other in contempt of women, the modern spiritualities that promote “sexual liberation” to women which is secretly for men’s benefit (Wicca, a supposed “ancient” and “feminist” religion founded by Crowley’s associate Gerald Gardner, makes extensive use of nudity in rituals, and promotes the tired old gender-binary deal of “maleness-strength and brutality”/”femaleness-gentleness and receptivity” that would make any old school conservative Catholic priest proud.)

        Men who have autogynephilia are literally wanking off to this idea these phallus-worshipping maniacs put forth, that “woman” is synonymous with “being abused” and that the female organs are either objects of self-torture (“I want to get f*cked in my little girl vagina!!”) or nonexistent (womb, childbirth, lactation, etc) unless they can steal it from us (“womb transplants” for transwomen) or pornify it (lactation porn, etc) because that’s the only way these jealous men can be happy- to vampirize off what they don’t have!!

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  2. So nowadays Discovery Channel runs a lot of YouTube channels. Seeker Daily, Test Tube News and Test Tube Plus. I especially like Seeker and TT News for their coverage of social issues even if it does have a pro-trans and pro-imperialism stance. It has been bothering me how many videos they have without any criticism of transgenderism as a concept whatsoever and misrepresent it as something purely innate, logical, scientific etc. I wish someone do a trans-critical rebuttal of some of their stuff but there just aren’t enough trans-criticals in the blogosphere perhaps.

    Here’s some of it:

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    1. The idea of third gender conflates male and female transgender-identified people. I doubt this is what they had in mind. I have visions of some poor damaged woman wanting to opt out of enforced gender, winding up stuck with some creepy AG bandwagon-jumper, in close quarters. Not a solution.

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  3. And NO ones cares about the side effects of gnrh agonists (drugs used to block puberty) and hormones on child bodies. That’s fucking insane and unethical. Adults suffer from the side effects of gnrh agonists so children might have it even worse.
    We only know it from comments of concerned parents regarding petitions against Lupron (which is also used for puberty blocking).

    Doctors even admit that they DON’T KNOW. There are no studies.

    The outcomes of this trans craze will be horrible. And this will not end soon so there will be more and more victims. Also no ones mentions the blatant homophobia which plays a role in the transing of children.

    All we can do is to speak out against this practice and hope that more and more people stop believing the lies of trans activists and see how clueless and creepy the gender doctors are.

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  4. This is brilliant. I’m going to reblog this post and I will featuring your blog on my Youtube channel. I will make a video and send a bunch of people your way. Hopefully you won’t get too many transtrolls. Thank you so much for your work.

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