Double-standard: Mass media reports conceal rampant crime by male transgenderites

This one was a few years ago. By now, tranny rights organizations would be outraged at the
This one was a few years ago. By now, tranny rights organizations would be outraged at the “misgendering.”

We now know that male transgenderists (i.e. men who claim to have a “female gender identity”) maintain a male pattern of criminality, and are convicted of violent crime at 18 times the rate of real women. Why, then, don’t we see news reports about these men’s arrests? It’s because the media wants only to report “positive,” “happy,” “inspiring” stories about them. If you type “transgender” into “Google News,” your results will mostly be stories about “transgender rights,” or the latest child to be told that he or she is “transgender,” or the latest celebrity to support  transgenderism, or the latest lawsuit launched by a female impersonator so he can play dress-up at work. You will never find stories about crimes committed by male transgenderites.

Two things happen in the media when these crimes occur.

1. The media report these crimes as having been committed by “women.” For example, this guy wanted to have sex with a horse. The headline reads “Woman arrested on bestiality charges.” It does say in the article that he is a transvestite named Donald, but the whole article continues with “she,” “her,” “the woman.” In another example, this male transgenderist was convicted of murder for injecting silicone in the butts of other male transgenderists, one of whom died. The article doesn’t even mention that this is a female impersonator, and simply describes the man (and the other female impersonators he injected) as “she,” “her,” “woman.” etc. The effect of this fakery is that the average reader begins to believe that real women are doing these violent, usually disgusting crimes far more than they actually are. They rarely pick up on the fact that these criminals are men in dresses, not actual women. There are many other examples of this kind of journalistic lying.

2. The media report these crimes as having been committed by a “man dressed as a woman,” a “cross-dresser” etc. In the current atmosphere of political correctness and language policing, the impression conveyed is that “these are not transgender people,” of course not, they are just the usual sickos and fetishists who, as one would expect, are out committing crimes. The reality is that we are talking about the same people. It’s actually FACTUAL and correct to describe these criminals as men in dresses — but if the story is “negative,” the media goes out of its way to pretend that this criminality has nothing to do with “authentic” female impersonation.

When the media mixes it up — saying “transgender,” but referring to the perpetrator as “he” and “him,” the male transgenderites fly into a narcissistic rage on the pedophile child molester’s behalf! This is consistent with other efforts by male trannies such as famous actor “Laverne” Cocks to defend other female impersonators who are locked up for raping and murdering children.

Here are some news stories about male transgenderists committing crimes, often violent ones.


10 thoughts on “Double-standard: Mass media reports conceal rampant crime by male transgenderites

    1. Thank you for the link to that website. I haven’t heard of Frank Maloney but the worship of him is disgusting. I can’t believe they explain that it was terrifying FOR HIM to almost strangle his wife to death (i.e. murder). It’s just sickening.

      He’s also yet another example about how heterosexual autogynephiles don’t have the best interests of lesbians and gays at heart at all. He thinks lesbians and gay men are too open about who we love, yet here he is parading his sexual fetish around and getting sympathy for trying to murder his wife. The “most oppressed ever” narrative is just despicable. I know I’ve suffered discrimination for being a lesbian, and I’m familiar with your story from gendertrender and I know you’ve had to suffer too, but you don’t see us going around committing attempted murder.

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  1. Blaming women for the crimes that perverted men commit is just disgusting and wrong. Everyone must tip-toe around gender feelz, resulting in articles expressing sympathy for men who have child porn or rape and murder women. They will have such a tough time in prison, the poor things, because they’re twanz.

    Men in high-level STEM positions that most women can’t get access to are now claiming to be women, which makes it look like that whole pay gap and job disparity thing isn’t as much of a problem. (Being a socially isolated heterosexual man who spends way too much time on the computer with fake online lives goes hand-in-hand with trans.)

    It’s like, “gosh, there are more women raping, torturing, and murdering women and being general perverts (which blames lesbians too) but at least there are more women in higher-paying IT jobs”. Except that’s not reality.

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  2. Dam she men needs to jumps water bridge high! could care not less those muther fockers. Is much better she man stay away. Scare me.


  3. I want to introduce myself, as this my first comment to the site. I’m a male bisexual who’s proudly transphobic. It destroys both womanhood and, yes, manhood. “Satanic” power (to use a religious metaphor every Westerner can get the gist of) to destroy doesn’t do anyone any good except the creature that lives only to destroy and defile. The destruction of manhood aspect disproportionately affects /my/ demographic of men, which I’m sure you don’t need explaining why this is.

    I see “Laverne” Cox is speaking in defense of subhuman scum. Just proof that even extremely effeminate, gay male transgenderites who actually get a fake vagina are still dangerous and fucked in the head.

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