Male transgenderites are 18 times more likely than real women to be convicted of violent crime

Any one of these hulking bruisers is liable to fly into a fit of transgender narcissistic rage at being
Any one of these hulking bruisers is liable to fly into a fit of transgender narcissistic rage at being “misgendered”

It is dangerous for women and girls if female impersonators are allowed into women’s restrooms, changing rooms or any other kind of space designed for women’s exclusive use. Nearly all men pretending to be “women” are walking around continuously all jacked up in high sexual arousal or at the very least, in the “thrill” of forbidden boundary-crossing. Despite the angry denials by male trannies and their enablers in the transgenderism industry, there is actually a huge amount of evidence that these transvestite masturbators are as much a danger to women as normal men.

Sure, some individual man might be a “really nice guy” and “wouldn’t hurt anyone” but that’s not the point. If nice male trannies are allowed in women’s spaces, all the dangerous cocks-in-frocks are also allowed in there.

  • Question: How can women tell the difference between the “nice” female impersonators and the psychopaths?
  • Answer: They can’t.

Also, when you get down to it there really is no difference! Both are psychotically acting out an obsessive sexual fantasy in which real women are erased (because “woman” is just a sexy feeling in a man’s head) and the men “become women.” Both launch into actual rage when they are “misgendered” or if their “womanhood” is brought into question. They are deeply disturbed, very confused and very male.

And what is a woman to these men, whether nice man or no? Just a collection of the “right body parts” and the mimicry of “feminine” stereotypes. Like strange sexual parasites, male trannies obsessively crave to “own” and occupy a woman’s body. Men in dresses are not actually women, not even when they’re all hopped up on estrogen and don’t have very much testosterone. Not even when they’ve had “facial feminization surgery” or are talking in fake voices! They are still men! Same guy, different outfit! Nearly all of these men claim to be “lesbians,” whether or not they’ve had their penises inverted to form fantasy fake “vaginas” — many now insist that their “penises are female.” And guess what, real women: they (still) expect you to desire sex with them. Real women and girls have every reason to believe, just as with any strange man seen in the ladies’ room, that these male trannies are dangerous.

Here’s some science. Researchers in Sweden followed up on the outcomes of all people receiving “transsexual” surgery in that country between 1973-2003. This included 191 male-to-fake-females.

Regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.

In other words, male trannies were nearly 7 times more likely than real women to have been convicted of a crime. They were just as likely as any normal man to have been convicted of a crime.

The article doesn’t spell out violent crime comparisons in the main text, only saying “the same was true regarding violent crime,” but they provide some tables with additional data. It turns out that male trannies were over 18 times more likely than real women to have been convicted of a violent crime (aHR 18.1, 95% CI 5.4 to 61.2). They were just as likely as normal men to be convicted of violent crime.

How about some examples of male tranny violence? It’s a myth, right? Doesn’t happen? Actually, it happens a LOT. Here’s just a few examples:

It’s not even really about “using the restroom.” Part of the male tranny sexual fantasy is to violate women’s space, to be “accepted as a woman” in places reserved for women. When a woman sees a male transgenderite in the rest-room, she may not say anything, she may even smile, and then she just tries to leave as quickly as possible. Why? Because she knows he is a man, and men are dangerous to women. For his part, the male tranny takes her silence and smile as an indication that he is “passing as a woman,” or that at least he is “fully accepted in women’s spaces.” This “validation” (as he sees it) gives him a huge rush of sexual excitement. This is how they operate.

There is a lot of disinformation being put out by transgenderists that these femininity-fetishizers are gentle sweet souls who are completely safe and trustworthy in women’s restrooms and other places where men shouldn’t go. It’s not true. Male transgenderites are not women. They commit crime (including violent crime) at the same rate as other men. They commit more than 18 times the violent crime of real women. It doesn’t mean that every female impersonator is a rapist, but it definitely does mean that women cannot afford to believe they’re safe to be alone with these men. Don’t believe the media bullshit about how harmless the male trannies are; all they want to do is “be themselves,” etc. “Gender identity” is a scam developed to conceal an embarrassing truth.

ROGUES GALLERY (See The threat to women and girls presented by transgender “bathroom bills” for many more):

Autogynephile Robert
Autogynephile Robert “Michelle” Kosilek, doing life in prison for killing a woman

Autogynephile Jeff Norsworthy, doing life in prison for killing a man
Autogynephile Jeff Norsworthy, doing life in prison for killing a man

Autogynephile Richard “Sherry” Masbruch, doing life in prison for torturing and raping many women

Autogynephile Douglas “Donna” Perry admits to killing three women, awaits trial

Autogynephile Dennis “Allison” Woolbert served six years in prison for sexually repeatedly raping a child. Became a tranny when he got out of prison, in part to conceal his past.

Autogynephile Boyd
Autogynephile Boyd “Fallon” Fox gets his jollies from beating the shit out of women

Autogynephile “Colleen” Francis is an ex-military man who exposed his genitals to young girls in a women’s locker room, and blamed them for daring to complain

Autogynephile James
Autogynephile James “Andrea James” Mead made pornographic, violent threats to the young children of a university professor
Autogynephile murderer Paul Luckman
Autogynephile murderer Paul Luckman
Autogynephile child rapist Paul Witherspoon
Autogynephile child rapist Paul Witherspoon

Australo-autogynephile Paul Denyer, who killed three women and expressly admitted that he hates women.
Australian autogynephile Paul Denyer, in prison for killing three women. He expressly admits that he killed them because he hates women.

18 thoughts on “Male transgenderites are 18 times more likely than real women to be convicted of violent crime

  1. There are things that really muddy this issue. One is medical feminizing interventions, another is legislation that allows changing of legal gender markers, and another is the idea that women have to justify having women-only intimate space, while men have all sorts of expectations of the world that they don’t seem to feel all that obliged to justify. “Because we say so” should be enough for us too.

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  2. You just defined a bunch of perverts. You are conflating transgender women with them and that is just sick. What if I posted 15 articles of genetic women who committed murder and then did a blanket statement that all women are murderers?

    These women have no more in common with you than transgender women do to crossdressing perverts.

    You are a dumbass who is perpetrating hate onto the transgender community.


    1. Did you read the article? Trans “women” are eighteen times more likely than women to commit violent crime, just like other men. You can list all the women criminals you want, it won’t change that fact

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    1. It’s not mudslinging, it’s numbers. Trans “women” are eighteen times more likely to commit violent crimes than women, just like other men. Because you don’t like women talking about male violence doesn’t change the facts

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  3. Ah, one more TERF site up. If you are (as all TERFs claim) truly feminist, why don’t you invest your resources into improving women’s conditions around the world? Why don’t you fight for equal rights, equal payment and equal status? Why all this hate directed against those of us with a slightly different past? Wouldn’t it be better to unite and smash patriarchy?

    There are, and have always been some perverts posing as transgendered women – maybe the theory of autogynephilia could provide an explanation for this type of behavior. However, it is – if existing – almost certainly a rare condition, affecting only a minute percentage of those seeking treatment for gender identity reasons.

    I would prefer not having to call any rapist, child molester or spouse-beater a woman – but how should I refer to cases such as Amelia Dyer (a baby farmer who probably killed more than 400 children in the 19th century)? There have been female rapists, child molesters, serial killers with XX chromosomes throughout history; although much rarer than their male counterpart.


    1. Isn’t it rather ethnocentric to say that it is a western feminist’s duty to “improve women’s conditions around the world” ?? If you want to colonize the middle east and claim it is for emancipation, that would certainly be normal operation for a western patriarchal colonialist culture…but to demand that feminists stop looking into the inequalities of their own societies, because other worse societies exist? Please stop telling feminists how to be feminists.

      And how do we determine who is a “true” transgender woman, and who are perverts posing as them? At what point is someone’s identity not valid? The LGBT community ran away from Chris Hambrook as fast as they could, but does that invalidate their identity? Is someone’s identity invalid because you get to determine that?

      Male privilege is a real, palpable thing in transwomen. Every time I went to a support meeting and listened to the (usually older) transwomen talk about whatever great way they put some “intolerant bigot” in their place…it sickened me. They were smug, they talked over women (born and trans alike), they always wanted to one-up…and for some reason, they all seemed to be military veterans.

      We (transwomen) have to acknowledge this. Transwomen have male privilege, and it shows in our social (and criminal) tendencies. Society forces women to be accommodating and men to be aggressive; when transwomen shout down feminists and demand to be let into female-only spaces, which social force drives us to do that?

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  4. It’s really simple: men cannot be women and women cannot be men! Back in the 1970s when het men first started to claim to be women/lesbians, the reaction among most women was to laugh at the absurdity. Now you most play along or you’re a bigot. If I wanted to play along with some delusional man’s fantasies, I would be heterosexual.

    The reason for the high violent crime rate is because these guys are men and will always be men, no matter what. Thank you for gathering this list as it’s a good example as to why men shouldn’t be legally recognized as women. Does anyone really think these murderers, rapists, and torturers of women are really women? (Notice how a lot of dudes like them want to be transferred to a women’s prison, but you don’t see any “transmen” advocated to be put in the men’s prison to validate their male gender identity.)

    One commentator pointed out that men often have their own groups and spaces by themselves and women constantly have to justify the very little women-only and and very, very little lesbian-only space. The reason for that is that women count for very little and lesbians count for even less.

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  5. Keyword: convicted. In other words, male transgenderites are 18 times less likely to get away with violent crime than real women due to jury bias.


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