Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner and transgenderism: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner and his desire to become a fake “woman.”

Q: Is Bruce Jenner a woman now? Can a man become a woman?

A: No. Bruce Jenner is and always will be a man. A man cannot become a woman. It doesn’t matter if he takes synthetic “female” hormones or has “facial feminization surgery” or has surgery to make his genitals resemble “female” genitals. It doesn’t matter if he has large breasts. None of that matters at all. “Woman” is more than a grab-bag of “body parts” that a man can buy from surgeons and other doctors. Bruce Jenner is male. As everyone knows, competing against a bunch of other males 40 years ago he beat them all with his athleticism. He’s also the father of six children. Additional proof of Jenner’s 100% maleness, and the maleness of all other men who want to be “women,” includes the following:

“Gender identity” is complete nonsense

Q: Bruce Jenner says that he has a “female brain” and “knew he was a woman since age five.” Is there some kind of innate “gender identity”? Do male transgenderites really have a “female brain” that gives them some claim to being “women”?

A: No. Around 90% of female impersonators, including Bruce Jenner, have a condition called autogynephilia. It is a sexual paraphilia, an intense and narcissistic sexual desire to “become a woman” and also to insist that the rest of society play along with their fantasy and interact with them as though they actually were “women.” It is a condition found only in men. These men are sexually attracted to women and for the most part seem to live normal, “masculine” lives until adulthood. Often husbands and fathers, they eventually feel ready to “throw it all away” and begin clowning themselves to the world as fake “ladies.”

In the old days, before the internet, men with this condition were called transvestites. After dressing up in women’s clothes, or at least fantasizing about “being women,” they masturbate. These men mostly kept their erotic antics to themselves (though many wives suffered through them), or at least didn’t try to force society to comply with their delusions. Only rarely would you ever hear about a man “becoming a transsexual,” taking hormones, having surgeries. Since the internet came along, however, many, many more of these men — including teenagers who are simply confused — are being encouraged by other male transgenderists to “take it all the way.” On top of that, it seems that there’s lots of money to be made by mainstreaming transgenderism, so nowadays the mass media, government and the medical/transgenderism “industry” are relentlessly pushing it.

In male transgenderites with autogynephilia, a “female gender identity” only comes along after many years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing. In other words, Bruce Jenner knows he’s a man, has always enjoyed being a man and has a complete identity as a man. However, he also knows that he has daydreamed and had sexual fantasies about “being a woman” for most of his life. Until recently, those fantasies stayed in fantasy-world and if he secretly played dress-up sometimes, it was nobody’s business. He was still just Bruce, a manly man who enjoyed his life. In recent years, however, the temptation to push past the fantasy’s old limits became too strong. Society now encourages that sexy pleasure, so why not get lost in it — soak up the stereotypes of “femininity” — feel that formerly-forbidden “high.” And this is what Jenner has done in cultivating his “female gender identity.”

The masses have been conditioned to believe that transsexualizing children is
The masses have been conditioned to believe that transsexualizing children is “wonderful.” It’s not.

Q: What about “transgender children”? Isn’t that proof that “gender identity” is real, and biological in nature?

A: There is no such thing as a “transgender child.” And no, “gender identity” is completely fake. There is nothing going on in the brain or anywhere else that would make a male child want to replicate stereotypes of “femininity” (e.g. liking the color pink, wishing to wear dresses, wanting to play with dolls, etc.), or vice-versa. Children sometimes don’t conform to sex role stereotypes. Little girls may want to have short hair, build tree-forts, play football and hang out with the boys. It doesn’t mean these girls are actually boys. Little boys may want to have long hair, try on sister’s clothes, play with dolls, hang out with the girls. It doesn’t mean these boys are actually girls. Children have their own individual personalities. Nowadays, however, out of stupidity, Munchausen by proxy or just plain greed, many parents and doctors are jumping on the tranny bandwagon and forcibly transsexualizing these kids.

These children who don’t comply with sex role stereotypes and are being transsexualized by their parents and crooked doctors are really being sacrificed on the altar of Bruce Jenner’s (and other male transgenderists’) sexual perversion.

The reality is that the vast majority of men who claim to be “women” have autogynephilia, and because it is embarrassing they are deadly afraid for this to become known. Indeed, it is practically forbidden to even mention autogynephilia, and although a rare few are honest enough to admit it, nearly all of the female impersonators will deny it until the cows come home. For this reason, they have invented the notion of an innate “gender identity.” They retroactively invent or exaggerate incidents from their own childhoods that would suggest a “gender identity.” It is extremely important to organized transgenderism for the masses of people to believe that “gender identity” is something that children are born with. Indeed, transgenderites also begin to believe their own propaganda. If the world believes it too, then these men won’t ever have to admit the embarrassing truth about why they turned their secret sexual fantasies into a lifestyle.

Meanwhile, science has shown that any evidence used by transgenderists to try to prove “gender identity” is completely ridiculous. Even if there were any differences between the brains of transgenderists and normal people, it would likely just indicate the presence of neurosis or psychological trauma — not “gender identity.”

It is not “normal” or healthy to disfigure and surgically mutilate one’s healthy male body in order to match up with a sexualized fantasy image of “femininity.” Bruce Jenner is a very sick and disturbed man.

And last but not least: Everyone should know that Bruce Jenner killed a woman just a few months ago. He acts like nothing ever happened.

Jenner’s first Twitter post was a picture of his crotch. That should tell you something. Meanwhile, it’s almost as though Kim Howe never existed. Bruce’s fantasy life and money-making opportunities are much more important, of course.

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  1. Also: yeah, I think that if I’d even accidentally killed a woman a few months back, I’d be in seclusion and therapy and experiencing terrible guilt and sorrow. What is this poseur up to?

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    1. Miep, when I was a little kid there was an older man who did not work and pretty much lived in the two bars in our section of town. His wife drove whenever they went out and he always seemed so sad. Eventually, our parents told us the story. He had been a streetcar driver years ago and one day a small child climbed over a barrier between the sidewalk and the tracks so quickly that he could never have stopped the streetcar in time. Nobody blamed him, there was nothing he could have done. But he was destroyed by that accident. He became afraid to drive because he was too scared it could happen again. He drank and had nightmares up to the day he died. Our parents waited until we were older to tell because they knew small children would ask him questions about the incident and they wanted to spare him further misery. I can only look at Jenner now and wonder how he can not seem to have a care in the world for the life he snuffed out. I guess the police are still investigating and I doubt that Jenner was totally blameless for that accident. He really does seem heartless.

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    2. You know Miep, that is indeed the one thing that bothers me the most. All other considerations aside, I mean, just about everything is debatable, how can Bruce Jenner not be completely floored by what happened to that woman?? And if he is but nobody notices, then he is really one heck of an actor…

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  2. Thank you for the time you took to write this informative article. I am sure a lot of people Googling the recent celeb events will actually learn a lot of important things from it.

    One thing though: when you say “40 years ago he beat the world’s top male athletes with his vigorous, testosterone-fueled male athleticism” you are actually saying that you know women have less athletic potential in decathlon (or you seem to imply any sport) and that is A) unfounded B) just old sexism. Maybe (it’s your article so it’s just a suggestion) you want to mention the fact that women weren’t allowed to play in most sports at the Olympic level in the 70s, including decathlon, and that we still aren’t allowed to this day. Or that if he had been a girl his parents would have discouraged him repeatedly from doing much physical activity at all, let alone at the professional level. Or that he would have been asked to eat smaller portions of food and diet from the age of 6 or 7 therefore compromising his ability to store energy efficiently, essential for athletic feats. Or that the 70s is when Kathrine Switzer was thrown out of the Boston marathon because men thought women shouldn’t compete or our wombs would break (she won it in a later year once women were finally admitted). Pathologizing the female body is NOT feminist.

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    1. Sorry Pandoracruiser, but after looking up Decathlon, I have to say that I disagree with you on “you are actually saying that you know women have less athletic potential in decathlon (or you seem to imply any sport) and that is A) unfounded B) just old sexism”

      Sorry but Decathlon takes brawn and where brawn is involved men, and their testosterone fuel bodies, have a most definite advantage. On average, if you take 100 men and 100 women and you make them compete against each other in a decathlon event the men will almost always win. It is science. If you deny science, then you do just what all these trannies do: you believe in fantasies rather than scientific facts. That being said, nobody should be denied the right to practice and compete in whatever sport they choose.

      Have you noticed how a lot of women who compete in sports that take brawn make use of testosterone, aka the *male* hormone?

      Also, most parents this day and age let their daughters do and eat whatever they want to and there are plenty of sports opportunities for women to participate in.

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  3. My feelings on this issue are also that I am seeing a lot of young het men becoming fake lesbians and they seem to want a lot of attention and praise despite the fact that gender claims women are like that. Perhaps with the extreme rise in popularity and influence of the trans lobby, more young het men have become trans. What do you think? Shame no researchers are really free to explore this issue.

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    1. You remind me of some thirteen year old child going around saying “ew, retarded” about everything you don’t like. Nobody takes them seriously.

      Also, if you use “retarded” as an insult, you are a complete failure as a liberal. This is considered deeply insulting to people with developmental disorders.

      So you are incapable of rational argument and bigoted as well. Way to go, Katy!

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  4. Telephone conversation with my elderly mother at the weekend…..Mother, ”well it does seem to be the thing to do these days for more and more older men”….Me, ”you do realise they aren’t women and that it’s actually a sexual fetish?….Mother, ”oh yes, but SO MANY of them these days”. I wish I’d had this post to hand.

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  5. @ Andi and No Name……..Kelli may not dress to the nines to go to the post-office but he sure likes to wear a bikini around the house…………..

    As for Kay Brown……….he is on a different intellectual level entirely and I recommend reading Sun Tzu on ”The Art of War” before engaging with him.

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    1. Hi Atranswidow I am glad that I am not the only one to have seen through that Kay Brown dude… He is the opposite of what he claims to be.

      About “Kelli”… Oh my Gosh, I am going to have nightmares!!!! Watching his videos totally creeped me out!!! Check out what he says here:

      “Hi sweetie! I am a young looking MILF. I love to please. If you have SKYPRIVATE, call me or sign up here: Models are verified and no charge to you unless you connect. There is a list of models who are verified.
      If you want to see what I look like I made a short video at my desk on cam: What will you see in a show? Stripper attire and i will dance and strip for you.”

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  6. Thanks for this article. It’s pathetic how lefty liberals fawn over this man who donated money to Reagan during the AIDS crisis. This is the man who, despite having a ton of money, never even paid child support to his children. After he was done with one wife, he’d leave and not care about the children he had with that wife. He didn’t even attend his son’s graduations. Not only do his children have to deal with having an absentee father, but now because he got plastic surgery and is pretending to be a woman the media paints him as the most wonderful human being ever. What a brave soul, spending his wealth on plastic surgery! And how dare most if not all of his children not want to appear on his me, me me reality documentary.

    The people I feel sympathy for are Jenner’s children, step-children, ex-wives, and current wife, as well as the family of Kim Howe. Even if Jenner was not at fault at all, which I doubt, how can you not feel bad about being involved in an accident where someone died?

    I don’t usually make a habit of feeling bad for married heterosexual women, but make an exception for ones who end up with these narcissists. A woman who married a pacifist man who became a gun nut down the road can find lots of places to get sympathy. Women in abusive marriages can get support, unless the husband is an autogynephile. Then, any support from therapists is conditional on monitoring her “transphobia” complete with gaslighting mind-fucks. (How dare she point out her husband is a man!)

    I think it’s disgusting how most therapists are supportive of men letting a sexual fetish takeover not only their lives, but the lives of everyone around them.

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  7. This makes a lot more sense than the crap the media wants to shove down our throats…with bruce jenner and that Iam Jazz show….Explains why he married multiple times, had all those children, and insists he attracted to women and does not want to get rid of his male parts….I wonder if Bruce Jenner ever even heard of this? Completely agree with your article and I am glad I ran across it.

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  8. Bruce is trying to become like the ultra-femme trans laydees he must have jerked off to for years. I think a lot of the fetishists like him are more interested in becoming glamorous T-gurls than actual women. Being gal pals with Candis Cayne must be a dream come true.


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