Male “transgender” sexual perversion is a money-maker for many

Because male trannies hide an embarrassing secret, everything you see in this picture is supposed to be
Because male trannies hide an embarrassing secret, everything you see in this picture is supposed to be “normal” now.

Transgenderism is all the rage these days, as celebrities, mass media, government, academia, and official psychiatric planners fall all over themselves pushing the lie that the intense desire of apparently normal heterosexual males to start wearing pink satin underwear and carve up their bodies to match “feminine” stereotypes is based on some kind of inborn “female gender identity.” What do you think would would happen if it became widely known that an out-of-control sexual fantasy was really the motivating factor in the overwhelming majority of male-to-fake-“female” transgenderists? If people knew that the “gender identity” myth was merely an alibi to protect men from an embarrassing truth, we would be arresting people who forcibly transsexualized their children and we sure wouldn’t be talking about changing laws so that men can use the ladies’ room.

This man’s embarrassment about his sexual perversion is one reason we now see an increasing number of media stories about “transgender children.

Lots of people and organizations are making good money as the mass public is socially engineered to believe in “gender identity,” and “acceptance” of transgenderism into all aspects of everyday life is manufactured. Almost every week we read a new report of a child who doesn’t conform to sex role stereotypes being coercively mainstreamed into a medicalized life of drastic surgeries and lifelong faking of biological reality. Instead of reacting to this medical experimentation in a healthy way, i.e. with astonishment, shock and anger, the public has now been conditioned to accept such news as a “feel good story,” a sign of society’s progress. Little girls who prefer stereotypic “boy” clothes and games, who we used to call “tomboys,” are now actively being pushed by narcissistic greedy parents into taking “puberty suppression” drugs and soon beginning enormous lifelong hormonal and surgical manipulations. Little boys who like stereotypic “girl” activities and behaviors are now told they actually are girls and are channeled into a similar one-way process. Meanwhile, multiple studies have shown that nearly all children who claim they are really the other sex will actually outgrow that belief by adulthood; too late for those nowadays who have forcibly been fast-tracked to transsexualism.

As transgenderism has become more “visible” in society, some adolescents with common kinds of immature confusion about their personalities, sexual attractions and so on, are being told that they are definitely “transgender” and that they should “transition” to the other sex as soon as possible. Without mature consideration, and with the medical transgenderism industry’s complete and happy support, many are now attempting to do so.

All of these children and young people are being sacrificed on an obscene altar of male sexual desire.

Male trannies hanging out in the women's rest-room
Male trannies hanging out in the women’s rest-room. “Gender identity”? Nope. They get off on it.

The reality of men’s insane craving to “become women” is much simpler than the official story about some hypothesized brain glitch or genetic difference. Around 90% of male transgenderists have autogynephilia, a sexual perversion in which men experience intense sexual arousal at the idea of themselves “being women” and being treated in society “as women.” There is no such thing as an innate “gender identity.” A “female gender identity” emerges in male transgenderists only after years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing. They are often quite “normal” heterosexual men, having “masculine” interests, having wives & girlfriends, fathering children, and seeming like regular straight guys. Men like this used to be called “transvestites,” but since the internet came along the majority of transvestites are progressing to full-blown transsexualism. Because sexual perversions like autogynephilia are embarrassing and tend to invalidate any rationale for destroying their families, men have cooked up the notion of an innate “gender identity.”

Indeed, it is completely forbidden to speak of autogynephilia! Autogynephiliac male trannies fly into “transgender narcissistic rage” and will try to destroy anyone daring to mention the word. Male trannies all over the internet try to insist that autogynephilia is “disproven,” but there is actually lots of evidence that it’s completely real.

“Gender identity” is a money-maker.

For whom?

1. The medical transgenderism industry (including psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, surgeons, academic researchers, activist groups, “trans” celebrities, drug companies).

This is what organized transgenderism calls “the basic healthcare they need to survive”:

Men trying to become fake “women”:

  • Breast implants
  • Carve out a fake vagina (with no function except to put a penis inside)
  • Electrolysis and laser hair removal
  • “Facial feminization” surgery
  • Labiaplasty (make fake vagina look more “realistic”)
  • Orchiectomy (remove testicles)
  • Voice lessons

Women trying to become fake “men”:

  • Completely carve off healthy breasts
  • Cobble together a fake penis
  • Fake testicles
  • Hysterectomy (remove uterus)
  • Oophorectomy (remove ovaries)

It’s really outrageous.

Courtesy of GenderTrender, here is the list of drug companies contributing to the “World Professional Association for Transgender Health” (WPATH) for 2003 — i.e. 12 years ago! Do you think they’re supporting organized tranny-ism any less these days? Nope. Much more, I’m sure. They contribute to WPATH because the more confused people take the leap into modifying their bodies with hormones, the more loot they will rake in.


2. Parents of “transgender children” (from GenderTrender):

The “Transgender Chicken Circuit”, for the uninformed, is a patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances that savvy parents can weave together into a modest cottage industry of transgender child celebrity. Think of it as a Munchausen-marinated transgender version of “Toddlers and Tiaras” whose fans are aging cross-dressing male autogynephiles in possession of both a wistful longing for an unexperienced girlhood, and a generous disposable income. These men are the funders of the agencies and lobbying groups promoting the medicalization of childhood gender nonconformity. The best known example is billionaire financeer and lifelong closeted crossdresser (and father of three) James “Jennifer Natalya” Pritzker whose Tawani Foundation single-handedly funds the experimental pediatric transgender drug clinic at Children’s Hospital of Chicago.



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  1. Thank you so much for forging on and telling the truth. The question is how to get the truth to be accepted by the general public without seeming homophobic or “trans-phobic.” The autogynephiles have been running a great–and, as you say, well-funded–PR campaign.

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  2. There is a line of “gender-neutral” sex toys by a sex toy company called Pico Bong. It uses transgenderist language to sell the product. That is one example. I also saw an online sex shop selling small masturbation sleeves for the FtM enlarged clitoris. There is an underwear company I read about in Bitch Magazine selling jenduh neutral underwear. I forget the name. I’m sure there are lots of other examples. It makes sense the queer thing is such a cash cow as they do tend to be pro-neoliberal capitalism. Then there is the issue of trans people of both sexes taking off label hormones that aren’t properly studied but I also believe if they do get hormones developed for them by the pharma industry it will be an insult to many people suffering health problems who have no drugs approved to treat them yet. I suffer from SEID and a drug is desperately needed to be designed specifically for this condition. Trans people can be treated for dysphoria with evidence based treatments that already exist like talk therapy and psychiatric medications. It should not be considered akin to religious gay conversion therapy pseudoscience crap to point out the fact that mental healthcare has better outcomes for transfolk than invasive surgeries and dangerous hormones, poorly studied for such use. I think it’s irresponsible that so many psychologists embrace transgenderist ideology. In cases of autogynophilia; it is enabling their delusions. In cases of younger homosexuals; it is enabling them to take out their internalized homophobia on their bodies. For women who want to transition, it is enabling them to take out their internalized misogyny on their bodies; with irreversible consequences.

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  3. Found the underwear being marketed with transgenderist language:
    I do like the idea of women’s undies that aren’t either “boy shorts” which aren’t like real boxers or average shaped women’s underwear. I have a very flat arse and have an issue with my undies going up my butt. Can’t wear men’s underwear because the crotch won’t fit my women’s jeans. It is sad that a women’s version of boxers is some niche thing that had to marketed with transgenderist language since it’s a good idea.

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    This is a recent study about the mental health of transgender children. They researches came to the conclusion that many children have severe mental health issues and disorders such as autism.

    By the way there were doctors who gave autistic children lupron: The Geiers. The father – Mark Geier lost his medical licenses because of it.

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  5. Damn you’re fuckin crazy. You are the perverted monster who can’t just let other people live their lives the way they want to. Trans people don’t harm you! Mind your own business you sick fuck!


      1. Because the author is obviously a bigot who has had her fee wings hurt and is using this platform to hurl insults at all transgender people. The use of “trannies” is deragatory.

        You can have your opinion, but this is more than just an opinion. It’s targeted hate. The tone is disrespectful regardless of what the absolute truth may be. . It’s meant to make “trannies” angry. She or He knows EXACTLY what she or he is doing.


    1. Because “letting people” (i.e. men) “live their lives the way they want to” sounds nice and liberal and crunchy granola and everything, but it actually harms women and girls in ways that you can’t seem to grasp.

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    2. @Ted:

      Males, men, guys, dudes, trannies, transvestites, female impersonators, drag queens, chicks-with-dicks, she-males, yes they can and should be called by any or all of these names. Although it hurts their feelings to the point of narcissistic rage, they CANNOT be called: Women, females, girls.

      People who think this tranny nonsense is normal need to wake up. It is crazy as hell and should be called out.

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  6. I am confused… I can’t understand whom this message is for… I have a feeling I don’t see all the posts published… Can someone please help?


  7. It’s truly sad that you are educated above your level of intelligence. Maybe you should have your rectal/cranial inversion corrected, hopefully then you’ll be a bit more open minded as you’ll no longer have shit for brains. Until then you’ll just have to continue living s sad and bigoted life


  8. @Ted Currently there is no better term to describe male transgenders that cannot be twisted by trans supporters. For instance if I say woman-born-woman, I imply that a man can be made a woman, which is untrue. Only teen girls become women. If I say transgender males the trans will say what I really mean is testosterone poisoned self hating women. Plus it’s a term that was stolen from gay male drag culture anyways. Cultural appropriation much?

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  9. What a sad bunch of bigoted angry women here. Autogynephilia is a bunch of hogwash. Get real and just accept that you could not accept your husbands becoming women. It’s OK. you want to toss out everything that you saw that WAS good with them when you married them just because they look and act different today.

    Just admit it. You were scared. You were threatened by this. You just wanted to be normal and you couldnt handle it. So you bailed.

    Move on….


    1. It’s hogwash because you say so? Because it’s too embarrassing for you to admit it? Come on, man, the jig is up. EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOUR AUTOGYNEPHILIA.

      At least you’re not a “furry”… or an “adult baby”… Unless perhaps you are! Many male tranny autogynepihiliacs have “other interests,” shall we say.

      Autogynephilia is not hogwash. “Gender identity” is hogwash.

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  10. I wholeheartedly agree with the author of this article, and I also feel transwomen make mockeries out of the female sex….they take and rape the female body and break it down into their fantasized version of what they think a women should be…..its incredibly offensive to me as a real woman..transgerders are perverted, you can dress it up as much as you can with scientific theories. But I will be chastised for standing up for my gender….the PC police will go after every”normal” person who objects their theories on transgenders.

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  11. Lol hilarious piece. I’m guessing you are an American. Clearly you have some expertise on the inner workings of the brain and body chemistry, which would make you a doctor or professor? I’m impressed. I like the way you state things as absolute fact based on…qualifications I guess? Experience of a close friend or family member being Trans? Perhaps you could let us know what your profession and expertise in this area actually are. Just to underline to all the readers the authority of your statements.


  12. Jesus, get OVER yourself. This is so pitiful its borderline hilarious. You obviously know nothing about trans people, I wonder if you’ve ever even met one, aside from the one, what your ex, who pissed you off this badly? I know a large portion of trans people, including myself, who have never experienced AUTOGYNEPHILIA. I know a smaller portion that have experienced it. It makes sense knowing them and what kind of trans people they are. The problem with your argument is, not all trans people are “apparently normal heterosexual males [who] start wearing pink satin underwear and carve up their bodies to match “feminine” stereotypes.” Not all transwomen wear high heels, blonde wigs, and skimpy dresses, nothing against those who do. Not all transwoman are even feminine. You know, I’m a transwoman, and I’d actually consider myself to be a tomboy. I don’t intend to ever carve my body in anyway. You forget about all of the non binary transpeople, the genderqueer people, androgynes. You completely fail to mention any female trans person or trans men, which sort of debunks everything you have to say. Stop talking about trans people as if we’re a conspiracy. You’re basing your entire argument off of a study from what, the 80s? A study that, while it makes some real observations, completely fails to account for so many things. Why are you so worried about how other people want to live their lives? ALSO OH MY GOD- DRAG QUEEN, TRANSVESTITE, AND TRANS PERSON ARE THREE VERY DIFFERENT THINGS.


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