Autogynephile transgenderists put fetish before family

narcissistWhy is that so many men with the obsessive, autogynephiliac fantasy that they are “women trapped in men’s bodies” decide to bail out on their marriages, especially when they have young children at home? Why do they think that their kinky fetishizing is more important than their families’ well-being?

They are EXTREME NARCISSISTS. Their “gender identity” is based on erotic fantasies of themselves “as women” and masturbation! Nice “identity”!

This happens plenty often when there aren’t any children in the family. It also happens when the children are grown up. Very often, though, it seems that there are kids still living at home.

Sometimes these men leave their families completely; other times they put their families through the torture of “trying to make it work,” which seldom turns out well because the real woman in the marriage doesn’t want to fulfill the man’s fantasy of becoming a “lesbian,” help him go shopping, etc. and it’s usually not too long anyway before the dude is out looking for a boyfriend who will sweep him off his high-heeled size 13 feet in a whirlwind romantic adventure of epic sex role stereotyping. Until that happens, though, he usually claims that everything is really great and the family has adjusted well.

It’s a horrible experience for his wife, whether or not there are children. The young children of the tranny-man must also really be traumatized by his insane actions and behavior. Here are a few examples of these disgraceful fathers.

My need for transition
Why do I enjoy shopping in the women’s department? Why do I love dresses so much? Why am I so very feminine in my perceptions of myself? Why do I still love to look at myself in the mirror with a dress on and why do I have this overwhelming need to wear dresses and women’s clothing? Why did I suppress it so much and deny this part of myself? Why after all these years am I still dealing with this a seemingly innocent act of trying on one item of my sister’s clothing that has become a main focus in my life. Why do I feel I am a woman? I wish I had the answers. All I know is that I have feelings that are more common to girls. I feel I am a teenage girl looking forward to blossoming and enjoying becoming a young woman. These are strange words to hear from a middle aged male who is a husband and a father and has a life with responsibility and great pressure. I am not looking to escape. In fact I want to keep my family intact and still maintain my responsibility and still provide the love I have in my heart for both my wife and son. I have such tremendous feelings of guilt and I just don’t know what to do but I know if I don’t consider addressing these feelings and staying true to the course of transitioning I most certainly will die. I can not keep denying myself this wonderful gift of femininity. I need help and support and encouragement. I went for way too long hiding this and denying it and now I feel the floodgates have opened and it is my time. It is what I have always wanted in my life. The opportunity to express the true me. If I can’t do this then I will most certainly give up my hope of ever finding happiness and understanding who I am.

My husband’s sex change
He didn’t seem the same. He didn’t act the same. His values seemed to change along with his personality.

“What if you knew that doing this would destroy one or all of the children?” I asked him. Ice cold, the man I had once thought a wonderful father replied, “I would do it anyway.”

Of birthdays and presents
Sunday marked my first Second Birthday. It was the anniversary of my first time out in public as my true self. I celebrated by wearing my one and only pair of Victoria’s Secret panties, jeans and a plain T shirt. Then I got a large piece of my birthday cake from my other birthday. I sat down and watched the documentary ‘American Transgender” which I had recorded. The Itty Bitty Titty fairy also brought me a gift, sore and itchy boobs.

Later in the day we took the dog and the kids to the church carnival.
It’s called Fiesta with Friends. But this year it wasn’t much of a fiesta. We couldn’t pinpoint why but none of us felt any energy and excitement. Our boys had even gotten free tickets for the rides that they didn’t feel like using. Even the weather wouldn’t cooperate. It was overcast and grey. The only bright spot was our Corgi. It seemed like everyone had to come over and pet him.

I decided later that this carnival signified the end of part of all our lives. My daughter graduates high school and my older son moves on to a high school but one closer to our new home. We are pulling our youngest son out of the school because of the bullying and our increasing dissatisfaction with how the school has been run the last few years.

Don’t fight your true will
And, slowly, something strange happened. —I’m back home again, my real home where I belong—with my wife and children. My wife and I are more in love than we’ve ever been I believe. I’m home again and my wife and children accept me just as I am: as a woman. I’d not have believed that possible when I first returned to town.

I’ve been full-time about three months. I’ve been on hormones 9 weeks. The morning I voted in the presidential election, two days ago now, I overheard a hushed conversation: “That person’s name is ?!” Like they could not believe I was born in a male body.

But I had just showered and cleaned up—and I looked good.

Ted Prince and the miraculous bee-sting sex change
(from GenderTrender)


16 thoughts on “Autogynephile transgenderists put fetish before family

      1. Look at Bruce Jenner sexing up his teen daughters’ clothes, that is disgusting and not something a woman actually does- and these were his children.

        Children are not props to men’s sex fantasies, but they were treated as such in this way by some men that crossdress and could care less about females he sexualizes, even his own daughters are not off limits when it comes to this fetish.

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      2. But this woman is not doing that to cum in her child’s’ clothes like Bruce Jenner, you know, the more you talk, the more you demonstrate how much you really think like a man.

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      3. That was disgusting of you, you get off shocking women like that? You are a sick dude that should not go near six-year olds.

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      4. another reason could be he really likes their style, but he should ask if he could borrow their clothes. Everyone has an expectation of privacy that should be respected. A closet is one of those.


      5. Bottom line is there is no way or ANY reason he should have been in their closet. I would agree with that!


      6. I never said Bethany Frankel was doing it for sexual thrills. Maybe you thought I did. Bruce Jenner did not admit to doing this for sexual thrills; you implied it without proof. I don’t know whether he did or didn’t and neither do you. If he did, then that is a problem. Bruce’s only comment on sexuality was that he was heterosexual. He did not talk about masturbating at all. My point is that both parents went into their childs closet and tried on clothes. The motive was never discussed. You can speculate about it all you want. Have at it. Boundaries were discussed and I agreed both transgressed a privacy boundary.


  1. I can vouch for the fact that staying and ”trying to make it work” does not work. If a wife say ”no” she means ”NO”. It took a court order to get my ex to leave. Theses men are the ultimate boundary violaters.

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    1. Dear Atranswidow,

      You said “no” and your husband should have respected that. I am sorry for your loss. It must have hurt really bad. Sounds like you were forced to change against your will.
      A very big violation of your boundaries.


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