Astonishing update to the story of “Devin Payne”

Some readers may have seen a 2015 post on this site called “This is how autogynephiles kill women.” In that post, we find the story of “Devin Payne,” a man from Kansas with the intensely narcissistic fantasy that he is really a “woman.” This guy dragged his wife and four children out to southern California so that he could flounce around “en femme” as a “transgender woman.” Soon after this move, Devin’s wife “dies of alcoholism” and Devin seeks fame as a transgender activist. Various fauning articles about Devin never once mention the deceased wife’s name.

New information came today. I received three comments (from one person) on that 2015 post. Some of the information can be verified. Some information can’t be verified at all and may be totally false.

“Devin Payne” (real name Derek Brandon Wimmer; alias “Devin Elizabeth” Wimmer) was apparently charged in the past couple of years with a violation of the California Penal Code 288(c)(1), LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH A CHILD 14 OR 15 YEARS OF AGE AND OFFENDER 10 OR MORE YEARS OLDER THAN VICTIM. Unclear at the moment whether he was convicted. MUCH more about this below, including information about a conviction in Missouri for child molestation.

SPECULATIVE: I present these unverified claims merely as the theory of an anonymous person who posted them here as a comment. This person’s IP address was based in the UK. It would not legally be wise for me to post the actual comment, so I will paraphrase it broadly. I should mention first that according to the anonymous commenter, the “nameless” wife’s name was Patricia.

According to this commenter: Patricia was vehemently opposed to Derek’s “transition.” Derek and a friend (who had a stereotypic female name and also a stereotypic female alias name) intentionally gave Patricia lots and lots of booze, which precipitated her liver failure. The commenter says that Derek’s son, who was “forced to be a caregiver to the dying mother,” has stated this. The commenter says that Derek “silenced” the son by getting him a prescription for Seroquel, a terrible drug used for serious mental illness.  The commenter says that Derek and his friend “planned” Patricia’s death so they could be together. The commenter provides a street name in Tucson, Arizona where the two are said now to live (and where other sources suggest that Derek lives on, or did live on, a street with that name).

The above paraphrase is just the unsolicited theory of a random anonymous person from somewhere (possibly the UK) on the internet. It may have truth in it or it may be utterly fictional and false. I make no assertion whatever for its veracity.

A final cryptic remark from this commenter: “I would have never written this if i had been treated FAIRLY!”

As I mention above, the commenter also provides us with evidence of Derek’s California criminal record, under an alias. It comes in the form of a page on “” While the picture is clearly of the same “Devin Payne,” we learn his real name of Derek Brandon Wimmer and his alias of “Devin Elizabeth” Wimmer. We do not learn whether Derek was actually convicted of child molestation in California; there are no dates listed or sentence reported. He is apparently not listed under his real name or known aliases in sex offender registries, although the page says that data came from such a registry. Superior Court records for Riverside County (where Palm Springs is located) show nothing of interest. It’s pretty mysterious. I don’t know exactly how the law works in this regard. I don’t understand why Derek would have this “” page if he wasn’t convicted. [edit: I see now that that they post mugshots whether people are convicted or not.]

So I did some additional research. It seems that Derek was convicted of second degree child molestation in Missouri. He lived in Liberty, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City; less than an hour’s drive from where he grew up in Olathe, Kansas. Derek was charged with that crime (a violation of Missouri criminal code 566.068) on June 1, 2012. While violation of that code is currently a felony in Missouri, Derek was charged under the 2000 version of the law, in which it was a misdemeanor. This might mean that he committed the offense before the current law came into effect; but after 2000. Derek plead guilty to that crime on August 6, 2014. It looks as though he was sentenced to “one year,” but given what we have seen of his subsequent glamorous activities that was likely one year probation. The picture below spells out the former and current versions of the code.

Not by coincidence, Derek began the process to change his name and “gender” on July 21, 2014 in California. His new name was “Devin Elizabeth” Wimmer. This was finalized on September 18, 2014. No-one involved in the name change apparently caught on that Derek was now a convicted sex offender; it’s insane that sex offenders in this country can simply change their names, put on a dress and disappear.

News articles about this delusional autogynephiliac narcissist and his fabulous lifestyle began to appear in late August, 2014! Derek goes in these stories by the name “Devin Payne” — and research shows that Payne was Derek’s mother’s maiden name.

I could not find Derek in the sex offender registries of California, Arizona or Missouri. Are men convicted of misdemeanor child molestation exempt from registration?  What about this new California case? Why does Riverside County have no information about it? Can offenders with “nonviolent” (sic) offenses have them removed from the registry?  Even the “background check” report (left) says they got their data from a sex offender registry. What happened?

I don’t know much about criminal law but Derek likely needed to register in Palm Springs as a sex offender; maybe in order to do that the California authorities had to “charge” him with a crime that was sort of parallel or analogous to the Missouri crime. He was convicted in Missouri under the old misdemeanor version, but California has no misdemeanor version. So perhaps Derek was “charged” in California but not prosecuted. This actually seems rather far-fetched. Perhaps someone with better access to legal databases can find out the story.

It seems that Derek’s move with his family to California came very shortly after his arrest in Missouri for child molestation. He apparently thought he could just disappear and leave his troubles behind. Who was the child?

RIP Patricia… Hope the kids are well and somewhere safe.


  • Derek inexplicably left up the web site for the business he ran with Patricia (name now confirmed):
    Archived version:
  • It looks as though Derek was initially charged with first degree felony child molestation (Missouri Statute Section 566.067.1) on July 1, 2011. Disposition of that case is described as “Not disposed,” which may mean that charges were dropped.  Possibly, it would have been difficult to prove that case for some reason. Anyway, Derek was charged less than a year later with second degree molestation.


trans-kool-aidIf things are not called by their right names, language departs from truth. When language departs from truth, nothing can be done well.

When nothing is done well, good practices and good music fall by the wayside. When these are gone, justice is unequal and unfair.

When justice is broken in this way, the people feel afraid and stuck.

Therefore, the wise person uses right words and calls things by their right names; and also makes sure that in response to these words, the right things are done. Let these words be true.
– K’ung-fu-tze (Confucius), around 2500 years ago



Biology According to men and women who mimic stereotypes of appearance and behavior of the opposite sex: Biology is an antiquated and highly “transphobic” mish-mash of lies and severe errors that in the present context works oppressively to “invalidate trans identities.”

According to everyone else: Biology is a wide-ranging classificatory system and body of knowledge; which, though evolving over the course of centuries, has nevertheless not changed in its assessment that females are females and males are males; and that one cannot become the other.

Cis Term invented by transgender activists to stigmatize women and men not afflicted with the false fixed idea that they are members of the opposite sex.
Cis-sexism Male mimickers of femininity perceive “cis-sexism” in every context where it is impossible for men to obtain or purchase basic realities and common themes of women’s lives. (For example,  menstruation and pregnancy). They are primarily concerned with elements of women’s lives (or elements perceived so) that hold erotic charge for them.
Deadnaming When jumping aboard the transwagon, female impersonators and women mimicking men may enforce “gender” stereotypes by changing their names to match those stereotypically used by the other sex. Failure to address a transphile by his or her new name is dramatically described as “deadnaming,” deemed a violent and horrific type of abuse, perhaps even more deadly than “misgendering.” For example: Bruce Jenner changed his name to “Caitlyn.” Bruce is now his “deadname” because according to the transcult, Bruce is now dead. Like a larval worm, he has been superseded by a more glamorous insect. Anyone deadnaming “Caitlyn” by calling him Bruce is literally killing him.
Detransition Ceasing mimicry of sex role stereotypes that was performed with the goal of convincing others that one is a member of the opposite sex. See also “Transition.”
Die in a fire (DIAF) Expression commonly used by female impersonators to intimidate women who refuse to comply with their narcissistic demand for “validation.”
Gaslighting An important strategy for enforcing population-level compliance with transgenderism or other new ideologies, promoted through the mass media, government, kids’ schools and biased, agenda-driven “science.” Through constant, repetitive hyping of lies, large sectors of society begin to feel like they’re going crazy, doubting and disbelieving what they know very well to be true, and making efforts to accept the outrageous lies.

Also refers to the efforts of transgender individuals to convince everyone in their lives that they are really (and have always been) the opposite sex. Especially common when married men decide to destroy their families in order to “transition.”

In some cases of so-called “transgender” children, refers to parental indoctrination of these kids in the notion that the girl is really a boy, or vice-versa.

Gender “Femininity,” “masculinity.” Sex role stereotypes prescribed over thousands of years by male-dominated societies (including female “token torturers”) worldwide as a primary way to control the bodies and minds of women, and often kill them.
Gender confirmation surgery
Horrific, experimental, massive and unnecessary surgical butchery and removal of healthy organs. A means to ensure that patients will spend their inevitably shortened lives under medical surveillance and supervision. An ideology based on the notion that with money and health insurance, one can purchase the “right body parts.” Advertised by transgender activists as “the basic health care they need to survive.

In females: Removal of breasts, ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes. Possible fashioning of a fake “penis” through use of flesh from other parts of the woman’s body.

In males: Removal of testicles; de-fleshing of penis and inversion within body cavity so that it vaguely, very superficially resembles a woman’s genitals. However, it is merely a hole without any function but for another man to put his penis inside. It never properly heals and requires lifelong “dilation.” Also, “facial feminization surgery” and breast implants.

In the USA and some other high-income countries, these expensive, unnecessary surgeries are typically covered by health insurance. (Meanwhile, eyeglasses, dentistry, drugs for treating legitimate health conditions are often not covered.)

Gender dysphoria In nearly all “transgender” males: A symptom of obsessive sexualized narcissism.

In women: A symptom of internalized misogyny and sometimes internalized homophobia.

Psychologists and doctors focus on “treating” these symptoms, while ignoring (or not even thinking about) the actual condition at the root of the symptoms.

In children: An indication that parents may not have accurate information about their child’s “feelings” & behavior and are being told lies by psychologists or medical professionals. In some cases a sign that one or both parents may have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, “borderline personality disorder” or just extreme narcissism, and are abusing their child.

In medical practice: “Feelings” and ideas that a child may have about actually being the opposite sex, as diagnosed through conversations with such children and their parents. Currently deemed unethical for clinicians to disagree with the child or to propose any alternative approaches to immediate “transition” – this is considered to be “conversion therapy” and essentially a “hate crime.” Indeed, it is now “medically necessary” to encourage and support such childish feelings and incorrect ideas, and it is not permissible to examine the possibility of attention-seeking personality disorders in children’s parents.

Adults may simply announce to the world that they have gender dysphoria.

Trans ideology requires that gender dysphoria be treated very aggressively, as early as possible, with drastic surgeries and lifelong off-label use of dangerous drugs – especially in children. Gender dysphoria is also a framework for billing health insurance companies.

Gender identity In men: An “erotic target location error.” In plain English this describes the result of several months or years performing endless secretive rituals of masturbatory self-hypnosis to develop a “female gender identity.” Invented by men to serve as a narcissistic excuse or alibi to conceal embarrassment about their sexualized dress-up sessions and subsequent public display of fetishistic fantasy.

In women: A discomfort with and resistance to prescribed sex role stereotypes (“gender”) without having knowledge that compliance with such stereotypes is totally optional.

In adolescents: Often indicates that the youth has received programming in school that manipulates common adolescent insecurities about body-image or sexuality by falsely teaching that people can change sex and that it’s totally fine if they want to do it. (Note: Such programming is now common in USA schools, as part of “comprehensive sexuality education.“) May also indicate that the youth has visited social media web sites where adult activists lurk with the goal of convincing confused young people that they are “really trans.”

In children: A sign that pathetic (or hapless) parents and devious doctors are filling the child’s consciousness with all sorts of harmful nonsense and lies about their bodies being “wrong,” when the child merely does not wish to comply with sex role stereotypes or is just confused. “Innate gender identity” propaganda in mass culture deploys example of supposed “trans kids” to help adult males elide embarrassment, as described above.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) Dangerous chemical drug regimens, mischaracterized as “hormones,” that permanently destroy a healthy body’s natural endocrine balance and grievously distort its appearance. In both sexes, use of such drugs brings danger. Males taking “estrogen,” for example, may have as high as 40 times the normal risk of stroke. Women taking “testosterone” also face a greatly elevated risk of heart attack or other serious cardiovascular events. Nevertheless, the transgender cult/industry deems it wise to start children as young as 12 or 13 on lifelong regimens of these drugs.
Intersex An excuse primarily used by men mimicking femininity to suggest that their predilection for the color pink, or desire to buy many pairs of cute shoes, has its basis in a hypothesized rare genetic disorder of sexual development, supposedly making them “intersex,” but which has never been diagnosed. They claim this in an effort to pretend that their desire to mimic feminine stereotypes is not based on masturbation fantasies. A parasitic co-opting of attention from people who really do have such conditions.
Menstruators Because men mimicking feminine stereotypes have narcissistic rage at the bleak injustice of their inability to menstruate, and because they perceive “invalidation” and unfairness in this biologically determined distinction of males from females, they have convinced some in society’s “progressive” sectors to characterize real women as non-women. If it is really necessary to speak of such appallingly “cis-sexist” topics as menstruation, the trannies say, media and organizations targeting women should refer to real women in these contexts as “menstruators.” This way the trannies can continue to be the center of attention as (fake) “women,” while “menstruators” are relegated to the fringe. See also “Cis-sexism.”
Misgender To speak accurately and correctly in describing men as male and women as female. Perceived as a life-threatening attack by transgender enthusiasts. In the context of male femininity-mimickers, often results in suicide threats or a towering tizzy of transgender narcissistic rage.
Narcissistic rage Disproportionate “overkill” response of anger by males in reaction to any type of “invalidation” of their “gender identity.”
Not really transgender Response invariably given by male femininity-mimickers when confronted with evidence that one of their own is a vicious murderer, pedophile rapist or other type of depraved criminal.
Progressive People who are eager to believe and promote the most ridiculous, absurd, cooked-up, anti-scientific fantasy dogma if it makes them appear to be kind, compassionate persons concerned with the latest trends in “social justice.”
Puberty blockers Toxic drugs used to treat certain cancers in adult patients but used experimentally in small children to stop them from going through puberty, permanently sterilize them and ensure their compliance on the one-way train to transsexuality. Also to enhance the likelihood that their bones will be severely damaged within a few years. Without these drugs, most children stop saying they are the opposite sex; but with them, all continue.
Suicide Empty threats of “suicide” constantly made by narcissistic female impersonators in an effort to extort and manipulate non-trannies. Anecdotal suicide “statistics” similarly used to manipulate society.

Interestingly, real statistics from hyper-progressive Sweden show much higher suicide rate in trannies of both sexesafter they have had their body-mutilating surgeries. Never discussed: Does this high suicide rate reflect profound regret at having taken the tranny path, and perceived inability to live a good life? Quite possible, given the near-total denial of “detransition” by the trans cult and WPATH.

Tranny Short form of “transwoman,” i.e. man mimicking feminine stereotypes. Self-referential term invented by male trannies some decades ago. Around 2015 they suddenly decided it was derogatory and attempted to stop its use through threats of suicide or in bouts of narcissistic rage. A common term used by ordinary people to describe trannies.
Transgenderism A cult-ish ideology based on the notion that males can have “female brains,” and that despite having XY chromosomes, male secondary sex characteristics, decades of male privilege & socialization, not to mention long histories of physical, sexual, economic or emotional violence against women, men can become women. According to this dogma, a man needs only to declare himself to be a woman – indeed, he can declare that he has always been a woman. And if he does this, the whole world must be compelled to play along with his fantasy.

Also applies to women who believe they can become men, with the ideology reversed in focus. The ideology was developed by men, however, and as there are far more men mimicking femininity, they are its primary proponents.

Transgenderism is a multifaceted means of exterminating women and girls. Among other approaches, through making “female” a meaningless term, just a “self-identity” that a man may choose as his object of masturbation and public display; and through legislating opportunities for males to attack or kill women in spaces where women should expect some safety and privacy from men.

There is no such thing as a “transgender” person. There is only obsessive mimicry of appearance and behavioral stereotypes pertaining to the opposite sex. It is accompanied by the mistaken belief that this mimicry means one has actually become a member of the opposite sex.

Transition Does not exist. No-one actually “transitions” to the opposite sex.

Term actually describes dress-up and role-play that mimics traditional sex stereotypes for appearance and behavior of the opposite sex. Often accompanied by medicalized processes of self-mutilation through lifelong regimens of dangerous “hormone” drugs and unnecessary major surgeries to remove healthy organs.

Transman A woman mimicking “masculine” stereotypes and mistakenly believing she is a man.
Transphobia Does not actually exist, in the victimized sense aggressively promoted by transgender activists. However, it does serve to describe the reasonable fear that women and men may have of an outburst of “transgender narcissistic rage” by men mimicking feminine stereotypes and feeling “invalidated.”
Transwoman A man mimicking feminine stereotypes and mistakenly believing he is a woman.
Validation The sine qua non of transgenderism, especially in males mimicking femininity. Also known as “narcissistic supply.” These female impersonators absolutely crave “validation.” Their perceived “acceptance” by women in restrooms – in other words, when women make a fake smile, leave quickly and don’t have them ejected – is seen to be a high form of validation. Any time a normal man holds open a door for a female impersonator; or a store clerk refers to him as “Miss” or “Ma’am” – he finds this to be excellent validation.

On the other hand, if anyone should dare to question his “womanhood” – or call him “sir,” or “he,” or “him,” even unintentionally: this “invalidation” of his “gender identity” will likely draw his narcissistic rage.

WPATH “We Put Anyone on Tranny Hormones.” Also known as the “World Professional Organization for Transgender Health,” this sleazy organization’s self-serving transgender “health” guidelines are considered by stupid or crooked doctors to be authoritative and legit. WPATH is composed of delusional transgender activists and their enablers in the transgender cult & industry, including pharmaceutical corporation kingpins, physicians, psychologists, social workers and academic researchers. They are funded by pharmaceutical companies and tranny billionaires.

This is a list of their pharmaceutical industry sponsors for their 2003 annual conference (with the organization’s previous name). They no longer provide these lists. Can you imagine how the situation must be by now? Click to enlarge.

WPATH funders 2003
WPATH funders 2003

A mum’s voyage through Transtopia: A tale of love and desistance

Adult male “transgender” enthusiasts are embarrassed about their obsessive sexualized mimicry of feminine stereotypes. To shift attention away from the erotic aspects of this crossdressing they have cultishly promoted the false notions that “gender identity” is innate in children and that it is possible to “change sex.” The pharma industry, mass media, medical doctors and academic “researchers” have jumped eagerly on the bandwagon – – there’s money to be made. Nowadays, it is common for adolescents to be swayed by this bullshit and the results are often tragic. This story brings a little hope.


Lily Maynard (a pseudonym) lives with her husband and their family in the UK. Her daughter, Jessie, was 15 when she first began identifying as trans.

In this post, Lily chronicles her grueling journey of self education on trans issues, and her determination to share what she learned with Jessie, who at first utterly dismissed her mother’s efforts.  But after 9 months, Jessie, now 16, eventually desisted from trans identification, and, with the support of her mother and another formerly trans-identified friend, came to recognize and embrace herself as a young woman.

Jessie adds her own observations at the end of her mother’s post.

Lily and Jessie are both available to interact with readers in the comments section of this post.

by Lily Maynard

My youngest daughter Jessie was never a ‘girly’ girl. As a small child she was often mistaken for a boy, despite her long hair, because mostly…

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Facebook page for this site is CENSORED

unpublishedDesperate, depraved autogynephiles and their enablers at Facebook could not tolerate free speech about their delusion. I have “appealed,” but would be very surprised if they restored the page.

To give some context: A high proportion of men who insist (against all biological reality and common sense) that they are somehow “women” are computer engineers of one sort or another. Many social media web sites (Facebook, Twitter and many others) are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, a region so extremely “progressive” that if you voiced any small doubts about whether male transgenderists are truly “women,” it’s quite possible you would be physically attacked, fired from your job and disowned by your family and friends. And of course, male transgenderist computer engineers play important roles in many of these companies.

As a side note, I would bet that in the United States, there are more male-to-fake-“female” fantasists working in computer engineering than in any other field. A  few well-known examples:

Swedish woman systematically destroys the “gender identity” lie

In the first video, Hanna Lindholm asks questions of students on a Swedish university campus and in so doing, exposes the emptiness of “gender identity.” The second video is an interesting interview with Lindholm on a Swedish radio program. English subtitles in both videos.

“Gender identity” exists to create special framework for health insurance payments

rossThis 2009 analysis of “gender identity” by psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross argues that it is unethical for doctors to go along with the demands of delusional or dissociated patients who say they are the opposite sex. The author correctly points out that there is good money to be made in the “gender identity” business and this is why mainstream psychiatry is so keen to protect its  “gender”  racket. Other elite shrinks  were starting to conjure up the DSM-5 at the time he wrote this.

Bizarrely, by 2016 most medical and psychological aspects of transgenderism, as well as “social services” aspects, are now covered by Obamacare and national health insurance in many other countries. The  “transgender child” industry is particularly big business. The mainstreaming of transgenderism has also been a gold mine for all kinds of pseudo-scientific academic researchers who push this agenda.

The medical profession in general, and psychiatry in particular, take the position that gender identity disorder is a genuine medical condition. The primary purpose of this stance, it appears, is to justify treatment being paid for by insurance companies.

Why then, do we not have a DSM-IV disorder called psychogenic micromastia? Breast augmentation in biologically normal women could then be justified as a treatment for the mental disorder of psychogenic micromastia. Breast augmentation for biologically normal women is currently classified as a cosmetic procedure in order that insurance companies can justify not paying for it. What we have is a financial tug-of-war between doctor and third-party payers over whether the procedure is cosmetic or medical—in order for it to be considered medical it must be treatment for a medical disorder. When there is no identifiable biological abnormality, the backup position is to define the condition as a mental disorder, and place it in the DSM system.

This brings us to the core problem with the DSM-IV-TR diagnosis of gender identity disorder: it is the only diagnosis in the system in which treatment is designed to reinforce and agree with the so-called disturbance that is the basis of the disorder.


Setting politics, money, and power aside for a moment, it is illogical and self-contradictory to classify gender identity disorder as a mental disorder, and then proceed with gender reassignment. Consider the following range of other DSM-IV-TR disorders.

I once interviewed a normal-looking woman who told me that she was so grossly ugly and deformed that people crossed the street rather than having to pass by her on the same sidewalk. After excluding other diagnoses like schizophrenia, I made a diagnosis of dysmorphophobia, which was included under atypical somatoform disorder in DSM-III . In DSM-IV this condition is categorized as 297.1 delusional disorder, somatic type.

The treatment for this woman was antipsychotic medication. I did not advise her to get plastic surgery. A similar case involved a woman who believed she smelled so badly that coworkers stayed home rather than being exposed to her horrible body odor. She smelled the odor in my office but it was entirely delusional. I did not recommend skin disinfectants or caustic solutions to her.

Another woman I assessed washed her hands over 100 times per day to get rid of germs and contaminants. Here I diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. I did not instruct her on how to wash her hands more effectively.

In another case, an adult woman advised me that she was a 10-year-old girl with a different name. She described herself as having different hair color, height, and eye color from her friend who shared her apartment, who was actually the adult host personality. I made a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder. I did not call child protective services to tell them that a 10-year-old girl was living with an unrelated adult friend rather than with her parents, where she belonged.

On another occasion, a woman told me that she had been blind for the last three days. After a thorough workup, I made a diagnosis of conversion disorder. I did not refer her to the National Institute for the Blind.

A general problem with the DSM system is the fact that all these false beliefs about body and identity are scattered around in a variety of different diagnostic sections in an arbitrary fashion. If a person washes her hands 100 times a day she has an anxiety disorder (obsessive compulsive disorder), but if she plucks her hair out 100 times a day she has an impulse control disorder (trichotillomania). If she can’t move her hand at all, she has a somatoform disorder (conversion disorder). If she thinks her hand is grossly fat and starves herself to lose weight, she has an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa). If she was a child and used her hand to make rude hand gestures at her parents, teacher, and psychiatrist, she would have oppositional defiant disorder. However, if she used her hand to masturbate excessively, she would have a psychosexual disorder.

In all these cases, the abnormal behavior or belief is defined as a symptom of a mental disorder. Whether the abnormal belief, behavior, or identity is classified as a delusion, body image distortion, compulsion, conversion, dissociation, or impulse dyscontrol is immaterial: in all cases, the goal of treatment is to remove the symptom. The body is not fat, ugly, dirty, 10 years old, or under the control of a demon or ancestor spirit (trance possession disorder). The psychiatrist does not suggest to the possessed woman that she actually is a demon, or tell her that she has ego-dystonic identity disorder due to social demonophobia.

The psychiatrist does not send the possessed woman to a program that will help her come out of the closet as a demon to her friends, family, and employer. Only one delusion elicits that response from the psychiatrist: the belief that one is a man trapped in a woman’s body.

The psychiatrist tells the woman with gender identity disorder that she is biologically female. The woman agrees, which confirms that she is not delusional concerning her biological gender. She is only delusional about her psychological gender. However, the psychiatrist doesn’t then offer antipsychotic medication or behavioral therapy to rid the woman of her delusion. Instead, he refers her to a gender reassignment clinic.

In gender identity disorder, and in that diagnostic category alone, the psychiatrist agrees with the patient’s delusion. He tells her that she is correct, that she really is a man trapped in a woman’s body. He refers her to a clinic that will fix her mistaken body so that it agrees with her correct psychological gender identity.

The problem is not with the gender reassignment surgery: it is with the logic of the diagnosis.

If gender identity disorder is a mental disorder, then its core symptom is a symptom of mental disorder : the claim to be a man must be disordered, incorrect, mistaken, delusional, disturbed, or false. The psychiatrist cannot use the term delusional because that term will block the gender reassignment procedure. DSM-IV-TR gets around this problem by saying that, “Insistence by a person with a Gender Identity Disorder that he or she is of the other sex is not considered a delusion, because what is invariably meant is that the person feels like a member of the other sex rather than truly believes that he or she is a member of the other sex” (AMA, p. 581).

However, DSM-IV-TR contradicts itself five lines later on the same page in the diagnostic criteria by stating that “the disturbance is manifested by four (or more) of the following: (1) repeatedly stated desire to be, or insistence that he or she is, the other sex.”

If a woman told a psychiatrist that she was a gorilla, this would be classified as a “bizarre delusion” according to the text for schizophrenia. If she said she was the last Neanderthal left on earth, this also would be a bizarre delusion. But if she tells him she is a man trapped in a female body, the psychiatrist agrees to have her body fixed. DSM has to exclude the term delusion from the description of gender identity disorder in order to prevent its being reclassified as a psychosis, which would in turn block gender reassignment. That is fine, but the problem remains: the gender belief is still the basis for diagnosis of a mental disorder .

In order to proceed with gender reassignment, however, the psychiatrist must agree with the person’s mind. If the mind is correct and the body mistakenly doesn’t match the psychological gender, then it is the right of the person to request the appropriate plastic surgery. Gender reassignment is then no different, conceptually, from cosmetic breast augmentation surgery.

arrangementsIf this is true, however, then there is no mental disorder. Gender identity disorder should be removed from DSM-V just like homosexuality was removed from DSM-II. The only reason to retain gender identity disorder as a diagnosis is to maintain the control, power, and income derived from participation in gender reassignment by psychiatrists. Alternatively, if gender identity disorder is dropped from DSM-V (or shifted to egodystonic gender identity disorder in DSM-V, and then psychosexual disorder not otherwise specified in DSM-VI), and if psychiatrists are retained on the gender reassignment team, then they should also be added to the breast augmentation and liposuction teams.

Their role there would be to rule out other conditions such as delusional disorders and eating disorders.

All of these arrangements either happen or do not happen solely for political, power, and financial reasons. They have nothing to do with the rational classification of mental disorders. Treatment outcome data are irrelevant to the scientific validity of gender identity disorder as a DSM diagnosis: even though the overall treatment outcome for so-called surgical correction of psychogenic micromastia is excellent, that does not prove the surgery is medical rather than cosmetic.

Biologically normal women pay cash for cosmetic breast augmentation because they have high odds of good outcomes and of being satisfied with the procedure. Yet there is no lobby group arguing that such women suffer from a mental disorder. It would make no sense to tell biologically normal women seeking breast augmentation that they are mentally ill and suffer from psychogenic micromastia, and then go ahead and perform the procedure. This is exactly what happens when the diagnosis is gender identity disorder, however.


Two DSM-IV-TR diagnoses have three words in their name, with only one out of the three words being different: gender identity disorder (GID) and dissociative identity disorder (DID). However, there is no discussion of DID anywhere in the text or diagnostic criteria for GID. This makes no sense. In DID, by definition, there are different identities, who often have different genders. The outcomes of successful treatment, for a woman with DID, can include heterosexual or homosexual orientation, and, in principle, male or female gender identity. In practice, however, I have never heard of a person with DID treated to integration who did not have a psychological gender congruent with his or her biological gender. The opposite outcome is not impossible in principle, but it is exceedingly rare if it ever occurs. A homosexual orientation postintegration is quite common, however.

Why is thinking you are a male trapped in a female body a dissociative symptom treated with psychotherapy if there is a group of identities, but a gender identity disorder treated with surgical reassignment if there is only one identity? This is inconsistent. It is also a problem with great practical implications.

I have interviewed a small series of biological men with undiagnosed DID who have undergone surgical reassignment for GID. I have spoken directly with male alter personalities who are very upset about their genitals being removed and breasts being grown with hormones. In these cases, female alter personalities temporarily gained control of the internal system, presented to gender reassignment clinics, and won the internal war for control and gender identity. The male identities were further suppressed once hormone therapy was started, and disappeared altogether for years postsurgery, until some life stress destabilized the system, overt switching began again, and the diagnosis of DID was made.

The DSM text for gender identity disorder does not discuss dissociation for several reasons. If it did, the core dissociation between biological and psychological gender might be called a dissociative symptom. If this happened, the disorder could be reclassified as a dissociative disorder. This would threaten the turf control of specialists in gender identity disorder. It would necessitate careful evaluation of all GID cases for DID, and it would expose gender reassignment clinics to considerable legal liability for undiagnosed DID cases that have already been reassigned.

To protect the GID turf, then, DID must be discredited, not mentioned, or said to be extremely rare. This is what happens in gender reassignment clinics. However, 11 studies in seven countries show that previously undiagnosed DID affects, on average, 3.7% of general adult psychiatric inpatients (Ross, Duffy, & Ellason, 2002). There is abundant evidence that DID versus GID is a real differential diagnostic problem. It certainly has real consequences when there is a false positive diagnosis of GID and a false negative diagnosis of DID.

This is fundamentally an ethical problem. Either the diagnosis of gender identity disorder should be removed from DSM-V, or gender reassignment should be stopped. Having it both ways protects the financial interests of specialists in GID, but not society or the individuals who request gender reassignment. This violates the fundamental principle of “first do no harm.” Maintaining a logically self-contradictory diagnostic category in the DSM system in order to force third-party payers to pay for a cosmetic procedure is unethical. If gender reassignment is a reasonable and ethical procedure, then believing you are of the opposite gender from your biological gender cannot be a mental disorder. It is unethical to have it both ways at once.

Excerpt from: Ross CA. Ethics of Gender Identity Disorder. Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry 2009 11:3 (165-170)

SEE ALSO: World Health Organization proposed ICD-11 billing codes designed by trans activists to facilitate medical billing and insurance payments for transgenderism while still  somehow pretending that transgenderism is healthy and fine.

Is there such a thing as “autogynephilia”?

Yes, of course. The vast majority of men who claim to be “women” have a nasty case of it. And these men cooked up the phony alibi of “innate gender identity” to hide their embarrassment about living a lifestyle based on masturbation fantasies.

Transgender Reality

Is there such a thing as “autogynephilia”, that is, sexual arousal at the thought of being a woman? The transgender community online adamantly assures each other there is no such thing:

APG is a made up thing “a made-up thing from Ray Blanchard”

APG is bullshit “It is not APG, because APG does not exist”

Both screenshots above are from this thread, in which a poster wants to know why his therapist is asking questions about his desire to transition to a woman. Note how the second comment tells the original poster to ditch the therapist who is asking questions, and find someone who will go along with the desire to transition.

There is a great reluctance in the trans community towards the concept that some male people can feel arousal at the thought of themselves as being women. Considering that there are a plethora of different fetishes, people are aroused at pretty much anything from rubber boots to trees…

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The transgender agenda: forcing us to lie

Written by Dale O’Leary. Re-posted from Mercatornet (pictures added).

no-men-in-womens-spacesThe USA is in the midst of what has been called the “bathroom wars”; however, access to bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex for the so-called transgendered is only a means to an end. The real objective can be discerned from ACLU’s press release supporting U.S. Department of Education’s demand that the Palatine High School in Illinois (and by extension all schools receiving federal funds) allow a boy, who wants to be accepted as a girl, unrestricted access to the girls’ locker room.

The transgendered and their supporters claim that people are merely assigned a sex at birth, their gender identity (how they feel) may or may not match their assigned sex. The goal is to force everyone to accept that gender identity should take precedence over the biological reality of sexual identity and men who claim to be women should be treated as though they were women.

The ACLU complained that the school district challenged their “client’s identity as a girl,” which is true because their client is not a girl, but a boy. According to the ACLU, all “she wants to be accepted for who she is.” The problem is that he wants to be accepted for who he is not. Their client claims that not allowing him to change with the girls stigmatizes him, “making me feel like I was not a normal person.” The simple answer is that it is not normal for a male to want to be accepted as female.

The Bruce Jenner celebrity blitz and the battle over bathrooms, have brought the issue of gender to the fore and people are wondering how we got to the point where boys who think they are girls can use the girls’ locker room. What happened to common sense?

Unfortunately, many people thought that gender was just a synonym for sex, and could be substituted for it without causing any harm. However, for activists on the far left, sex and gender are not the same. Sex is biologically determined. Gender is socially constructed and does not have to correspond to sex. There are two sexes –male and female, but an unlimited number of genders. Once identity is divorced from reality, chaos ensues, fantasy rules.

The Obama administration is determined to force everyone to accept the demands of transgender activists. Girls would have to pretend that they are comfortable with a boy who wants to be a girl using the girls’ locker room, because if girls complain or show any sign of disapproval, they will be judged guilty of “transphobic discrimination”. Everyone would have to accept that wanting to be the other sex or believing that one can become the other sex is just normal diversity, when in fact it is a symptom of disordered thinking. Even if a person doesn’t believe that people can change their sex, he would have to pretend they do and call what is obviously a male a woman. The media has accepted this demand. using feminine pronouns for Bruce Jenner, who in spite of all the make-up, surgery, clothes and fancy photographers is still male.

Transgendered persons point to the psychological suffering they endure because people don’t accept them. Their suffering is real. They are engaged in a comprehensive denial of reality. Such a denial is hard to sustain as they must continually shut out the truth. The transgendered delight in “passing” – being accepted as the opposite sex in public. It hurts to be told that even if they can pass they are not and can never truly be the other sex.

The government does not have the right to force a citizen to say something he knows is a lie or to be silent in the face of evil. The people have a right to freedom of speech, which includes the right to speak the truth, even if the truth hurts another person’s feelings. So-called “hate speech” rules are unacceptable because they allow one group to veto the speech of another.

Some may argue that this is just about words, but as G. K. Chesterton said, words “are the only thing worth fighting about.” Careless use of language caused this mess and needs to be remedied, first by never saying gender when you mean sex.

The mass culture has been socially-ngineered.The school under attack tried to accommodate the boy who wanted to be a girl. This was a mistake. They should have told the parents that their son is a boy and must use the boys’ facilities. If this is not possible, he needs counseling. Halfway accommodation won’t work; the Department of Education demands total capitulation. The defenders of the reality of sex difference should learn from this mistake. They cannot compromise the truth. They should not force the other students to accept the lie that gender trumps sex, just to avoid hurting a troubled boy’s feelings.

The LGBTQ activists and their ACLU lawyers are not tolerant liberals who respect other people’s rights. They are pushing a type of political correctness which is a manifestation of a totalitarian, Marxist-influenced ideology. Theodore Dalrymple, an expert on totalitarian societies explains how activists triumph:

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.

The girls forced to accept a boy in their private space are being targeted for just this kind of humiliation. This is about much more than bathrooms.

Dale O’Leary is a US writer with a special interest in psychosexual issues and is the author of two books: One Man, One Woman and The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality. She blogs at What Does the Research Really Say?

Originally posted on Mercatornet, 12 May 2016.

Full book: Excellent analysis of male transgenderism

docterNo matter what you call it, transvestism, transgenderism, transsexualism, etc.; and no matter the “stage” at which / on which this sex role stereotyping is performed, this very interesting book by Richard F. Docter shows that in males it is part of a definable trajectory, a clinical course. Docter’s book was published when Blanchard’s research on autogynephilia was still in its early stages, but in my quick review it seems generally to complement his findings.

It is really quite a good analysis of “what makes these men tick.” One of the key points is that for most jocks-in-frocks, a “female gender identity” only develops after years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing. In other words, the notion of “innate gender identity” is a lie. We already knew this (because it is totally obvious) but here is some additional documentation.

small-town-transvestiteThe book is a bit “dated” (1988) and its several nomenclatures distinguishing various “types” of men who attempt to make people think they are women may seem old-fashioned. The tone of the research likely supports sex role stereotypes and may offend modern sensibilities.

As with Blanchard’s, Lawrence’s and Bailey’s work, Docter’s approach is more or less sympathetic to these men. Consistent with the other authors, however, he is honestly trying to understand what is going on in these men’s minds and what kinds of behaviors they manifest. He is not promoting their game-plan for a hostile take-over of women’s bodies and women’s spaces — which is what the vast majority of current researchers in male transgenderism are doing.

I haven’t fully read the book (who could possibly have the stomach for it? — I sure don’t) but I would only suggest that the clinical progression and volume of male transgenderism has accelerated very significantly in recent years.

This book shouldn’t be lost.


“Trans teen” Corey Maison being pimped out intensely as transgender toilet goblin propaganda

Corey Maison is being pimped out in support of tranny toliet goblins.
Corey Maison is being pimped out in support of tranny toliet goblins.

Young “trans teen” Corey Maison is currently being pimped out like mad in support of male transgender toilet goblins and their sleazy, delusional quest to occupy women’s spaces. He is being used as a propaganda tool to pierce the veil of women’s private spaces, so men with “feminine feelings” may thereby enter in.  I described Corey’s situation in an article about 8 months ago. My opinion, in short, is that his mom is a raging narcissist; his dad is a weak fucking clown and his doctors are sociopath opportunists. He has three or four sisters, who along with their mom really play up “femininity.” Corey himself appears to have some developmental problems. My impression is that Corey’s mom, overwhelmed with feelings of self-importance, seized upon his “problems” as a way to pump up some attention for herself at the same time as she pumps him up with estrogen like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Because they are super-sleazy, male trans activists long ago hit upon the idea of using children to promote the “gender identity” lie. By using children, it “takes the sex out” of the trans equation, according to one trans activist. And so, Corey is the current golden child to kick open those swingin’ bathroom doors and help advance a  key trans agenda goal. As feeble, bitterly resentful and desperately inferior simulacra of actual women, the next best victory for the bros-in-bras is the hostile takeover of women’s private spaces.

And the world’s pedophiles must be so grateful too! I have to believe they don’t realize this, but Corey’s parents are not just inadvertently pimping him out as fantasy material for the world’s pedos, but they also provide a fantasy scenario — “the bathroom encounter” — for their ultimate titillation.

I would like to see every adult in this young fellow’s life JAILED.

Millions of dollars in funding to put men in women’s restrooms

funding1Do you wonder who is funding all the insane promotion of transgender issues? I’m sure this barely scratches the surface. I have found a document called  “US Foundation Funding for Trans Communities,” published in February 2015  by “Funders for LGBTQ Issues.”

The document is very disturbing. It’s a good place to start in researching the recent socially-engineered “mainstreaming” of transgender delusion.

fundrs2There is likely lots more money “hidden” in donations for various social service programs. Also, the Gates Foundation is conspicuously absent from the list of funders. Very possibly, they donated to other agencies (e.g. the Arcus Foundation), which then donate money under their own names.

In December 2015, the Arcus Foundation and the Novo Foundation teamed up to fund a $20 million “Global Trans Initiative.” Ironically, the Novo Foundation purports to work in advancing women’s rights.

I have not done any research about these organizations, but it’s astonishing that they are putting $20 million dollars into this stupidity.

fundedAnd who benefits? Here’s the top US domestic grantees:

I have not yet read the whole document but it does seem to be informative. As I say, however, there is likely lots of other money hidden in other ways. In addition to the example I gave about Gates potentially funding Arcus, which then makes grants, there are numerous pharmaceutical companies, endocrinologists, surgical practices, and others involved in the transgenderism industry who are likely to have donated to any of the grantmaking organizations! They get a tax write-off for doing so; and then the organization (with a knowing smile and a wink to their industry pals) spends heaps of money on transgender fantasy fulfillment.

Naturally, this document has looped in “intersex issues,” as a way of pretending that maybe “gender identity” is real and the poor trans-ies have a little glitch in their brains.

CORRUPTION. Let’s not forget that even 13 years ago, the transgender activists received funding from this wide range of pharmaceutical companies and other organizations!

WPATH funders 2003
WPATH funders 2003

14 year old girl surgically mutilated for “gender” in California

samanthaI’m so angry I can barely see. I will keep it brief and just let you read. Samantha, a girl born with fetal alcohol syndrome and other issues, was adopted as a baby by a couple in San Diego. Now, at age 14, she insists she’s a boy. Today, Samantha’s double mastectomy was announced to the world.

He rose again at 4:30 for an early breakfast, his last meal before his 2 p.m. operation in a Thousand Oaks clinic. Going under the knife, the 14-year-old said later, “was kind of like a dream.”

“It was just pure excitement, just pure anticipation,” he said. “I was finally getting rid of something that had been bothering me for years.”

Sam, who was born female, got rid of his breasts.

Although it is not explicitly stated, it’s likely that notorious Dr. Johanna Olson has been shooting her up with testosterone — Samantha is shown shaving her face. Samantha’s “therapist,” the fake-male “husband” of Johanna Olson, is a stupid woman called Aydin Kennedy-Olson. Both Olson and her “husband” are paid consultants of Endo Pharmaceuticals, which makes “puberty blocking” hormone leuprolide as well as testosterone supplements.

A perfect set-up for Munchausen parents:

The Moehligs adopted Samantha from her homeless birth parents, tending the baby through fetal alcohol syndrome. Breathing was such a trial, her skin would turn blue. The infant needed nine medications and, from the age of six months until 3, feeding tubes.

And who was delighted to cut off this young girl’s breasts? A depraved team of plastic surgeon brothers from Israel who have set up shop in the Los Angeles area. This is where it becomes even more disturbing. Most people become doctors because they care about human life. Both of these guys are trained elite killers! Now they are making a killing in LA cutting the breasts off confused teenage girls.

Zol Kryger:

[Dr. Zol Kryger] grew up in Israel and after high school he served in an elite special forces unit of the Israeli Army specializing in reconnaissance.

Gil Kryger:

After high school [Dr. Gil Kryger] served in an elite combat unit of the Israeli Army for over three years.

It’s one thing to have served in your country’s military — especially when such service is mandatory. It’s quite another thing to boast about your “elite special forces” or “elite combat” status on a web site where you claim to help people with their health problems. “First, do no harm”? I don’t think they heard that one before.

Drastic, irreversible surgery as “treatment” for a girl’s psychological problem. I imagine that Samantha’s hysterectomy and other internal surgeries have already been scheduled.

Samantha’s adoptive “father” is a total fucking failure:

Sam’s double mastectomy was “the next step in our family as our family grows and gets closer,” said Ron, 62, a service adviser for a local automobile dealership. “God has plans for everybody, and this is how it develops.”

Yeah, what about God’s plan — the father is essentially saying that God  fucked up with Samantha, she was really supposed to be male, and now these idiots are going to set everything right.

All I can say is: What the fuck is the world coming to. Samantha’s “parents,” all of the vicious “doctors” involved and that perverted “therapist”  — all of them should be jailed for life. Immediately.

This is not technically “illegal.” The “World Professional Association for Transgender Health” (WPATH) is a gang of trans activists, billionaire “donors,” white-coated psychopaths and industry criminals whose “guidelines” for treating people with transgender delusions are about as permissive as you can imagine. Along with their cheerleaders in the mass media, WPATH has created a bizarro consensus reality in which millions of people apparently think this sort of thing is just delightful.

However, anyone whose brain still functions can see that surgically butchering a child for a psychological condition is unethical. If you would like to complain to the California Medical Board about the knife-happy Kryger twins and their debaucheries, it’s quite easy and takes about five minutes:

See also: Munchausen by proxy, medical child abuse and paraphilic fantasy in mainstream transgenderism


Hippocratic Oath

Language-policing, “human rights” and transgender sexualized violence

hulking bruisers
Two large, violent men (one a convicted rapist and the other an elite soldier), now fulfilling masturbation fantasies in women’s restrooms.

Transgender activists, especially the female impersonators, obsess about being addressed with the “right pronouns.” Language-policing is almost as important to the bros-in-bras as being allowed to traipse freely through women’s restrooms and other protected spaces. Distracted by politically-correct guilt-tripping about these so-called “human rights issues,” many normal people’s critical thinking shuts down and they lose sight of plain reality: The fact is that these are men with serious mental health problems. Just like these guys:


Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced Transgender “Colleen” Francis exposes himself to little girls in the locker room Rapist Christopher Hambrook
Man in women’s clothes peeps on women Man in women’s clothes assaults woman in restroom Woman killer Thomas “Michelle Renee” Lamb
Sex change killer Maddison Hall Child rapist “Paula” Witherspoon Pedophile Matthew Harks decides he is a woman
Woman killer “Lyralisa” Stevens Torture-rapist Richard “Sherry” Masbruch Rape charge for Twitter exec “Dana” McCallum
Autogynephile rapist Chris Wikels Autogynephile rapist Paul Williams jailed Tranny Sean Gossman, child porn user
Carlos Diaz dresses up & rapes Gavin Scott dresses up & gropes women in shop “Transwoman” child rapist
Angry transsexual murders his therapist Man dressed as Barbie doll assaults woman in restroom Cross-dresser arrested in bath house
Cross-dressing man arrested for exposure at Walmart Stalker sought to become his victims Man in dress exposing himself to kids
Autogynephile attempts to kill woman Child rapist James “Jennifer Katherine” Allard Transgenderist videos in women’s restroom
Rape kit made by male tranny Man in women’s clothes rapes woman Transvestite booked in massacre
Rapist in women’s clothes hunted by cops Man in women’s clothes tries to get women undressed Two men in dresses kill woman, steal her hair
Man in dress assaults women Man in high heels solicits sex from boy Have you seen this cross-dressing pedophile?
Cross-dressing sex offender arrested Man in dress throws concrete at cars Another cross-dressing sex offender jailed
Cross-dresser kills woman in Singapore Dennis “Allison” Woolbert repeatedly raped a young relative Cross-dressing Colonel Russel Williams pleads guilty to murders


The threat to women and girls presented by transgender “bathroom bills”

Child rapist James
Child rapist James “Jennifer Katherine” Allard, currently frequenting ladies’ restrooms in Lakeport, Calif.

This is a solid batch of evidence to show to trans cult “allies” and other useful idiots who say that male transgenderists  are merely sane, harmless, gentle souls who should be allowed to indulge their “identities” by obsessively invading women’s restrooms, locker rooms, shelters and other spaces where men shouldn’t go. Science shows that male-to-fake-female transgenderists maintain a male pattern of criminality, even after getting their balls cut off and penises inverted; their rate of violent crime convictions is 18 times higher than that of women. Should women regard these narcissistic, delusional cocks-in-frocks as though they were just “ordinary gals”, safe to be alone with, safe to let look after children etc.? Hell no! Should “non-discrimination laws” and “bathroom ordinances” be put into effect so that these characters can traipse freely through women’s restrooms and other such spaces? Of course not. That would be be really stupid and dangerous.

I didn’t write this but it’s very good. References are below the article.

1.      The story of biological male sexual predators who used nondiscrimination laws protecting gender identity to sexually assault women.

Christopher Hambrook pretended to be transgender to gain access to two different women’s shelters. He sexually assaulted a woman in each one.

Pursuant to a Canadian sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI) law, Hambrook used women’s attire to gain access to two women’s shelters in Toronto in January and February of 2012. Both times, he claimed to be a transgendered woman named Jessica. But he wasn’t. He was a dangerous sexual predator. Once accepted inside the women’s shelters as a resident, he sexually assaulted a woman in each of the shelters. One of the women was already a survivor of domestic violence. The other is deaf and homeless. Both were victimized and assaulted by Hambrook, who is not “transgender” but a sexual predator who, according to prosecutors, “simply cannot control his deviant sexual urges.” One of the victims awoke to find that her tights had been pulled down and her undergarment had been pulled to the side. Hambrook was assaulting her. She screamed. He giggled. The other woman Hambrook assaulted described how he grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch, where she could feel his erect penis. She also testified that she caught Hambrook peering at her through a gap in the door while she showered.

Remember: these events took place in a women’s shelter, where women are supposed to be safe and protected. Because of a SOGI, these women were anything but that.

Canadian law will not allow the release of the names of the women that Hambrook assaulted. But they are real people, who were really violated because of a law just like the proposed SOGI. Their story deserves to be heard. Their story should never be repeated.

Hambrook has a history of assaulting women and girls. In the past, he served time for sexually abusing a 5 year old girl and for raping a 27 year old woman. And a SOGI made it easy for him to target and violate his latest victims, allowing this predator easy access to his targets.[1]

Noel Crompton Hall is a prisoner in an Australian prison. He was sentenced to 22 years for the 1987 murder of a hitchhiker. Once in prison, Hall began claiming to be a woman. He demanded to be transferred to the women’s jail. The Australian authorities agreed that Hall was now a woman and moved him to the women’s prison in August 1999. Hall quickly gained a reputation as a sexual predator. He was only in the women’s prison three months but was charged with raping his cellmate. Numerous other female prisoners accused him of additional sexual assaults. He may even have impregnated one of the women prisoners.[2]

2.      The story of known sexual predators who assaulted women and girls, but now claim to be transgender and want access to the women’s facilities.

Child rapist Paul Witherspoon
Child rapist Paul Witherspoon

Paul Witherspoon is a biological male who was convicted in 1990 for sexually assaulting one teenage girl and indecency involving sexual contact with another teenage girl. He is a registered sex offender. In 2012, however, Witherspoon was spotted wearing women’s clothing going into the women’s bathroom in Dallas, where he would have access to young girls. He was ticketed by a Dallas policeman. But Witherspoon claims to be “transgender,” and says that he has every right to use the bathroom with women and girls. He says that it is discriminatory to deny him the right to use the women’s facilities.

Nothing new about this. 1930s.
Nothing new about this. 1930s.

Lambda Legal, which advocates for special rights for those engaging in homosexual behavior, agrees with him. To Witherspoon and Lambda Legal, it does not matter that he is a registered child sex offender who has abused young girls—because he now expresses himself as a woman, he should be able to freely enter the women’s restroom. Even more infuriating, Witherspoon—who was sentenced to 16 years for sexual assault and six years for indecency—is still on parole. But he says that he is the one being discriminated against because some do not want him to be able to go into the women’s restroom, where young girls are in various states of undress and “available” to him.[3]

Even if Paul Witherspoon really does now identify as female, that by itself does not mean that he would not assault women or girls if he has a predilection for doing so. Many men who identify as female have done so. And Witherspoon is not the only pedophile to decide to be transgender. Matthew Harks, of Calgary, Canada, has a strong preference for girls ages 5 to 8. He claimed that he had victimized some 60 girls and committed some 200 offenses with them. But he was convicted of sexual assault against only one—a 7 year old girl in British Columbia. He is on probation now, and in 2012 he changed his name to Madilyn, announcing that he was a transgendered woman.[4] Harks would be able to go into any public women’s facility—even if little girls were inside—in any community with a nondiscrimination ordinance that prohibits segregating public bathrooms according to biological sex.

Richard “Sherry” Masbruch

Richard J. Masbruch today identifies as transgendered. But in 1991, Masbruch brutally attacked the female manager of an apartment complex. He pulled a gun on her, hogtied her, and blindfolded her. Then he used a makeshift electrical device to deliver painful electrical shocks up and down her leg as well as to her arm, warning her that this was an example of how badly he could hurt her. Masbruch then unzipped the woman’s pants and vaginally raped her. After that, he sodomized her. Masbruch was convicted of rape, sodomy, and torture, along with other counts, and was sentenced to two life terms in prison.[5]

That might have been the end of the matter except that Masbruch decided he is transgender. It is not clear from any of the news articles, nor from the court opinion, when Masbruch decided he was transgender. It might have been prior to his raping a woman. It might have been afterwards. Regardless, the State of California decided he is a woman, because he says he is transgendered. So California moved Masbruch to a prison for women and placed him with the female population. The female inmates, however, are terrified to have a male sexual predator, convicted of violent rape and sodomy, housed among them. And who can blame them? Should they have to be jailed with a biological male who committed a horrible rape?[6]

3. The numerous stories of biological males, identifying as female and/or preferring to wear female clothing, who have sexually assaulted women and girls or otherwise sexually victimized them.

Female impersonator assaults woman in restroom, may have killed another in a restroom two years earlier.

Many people wrongly think that there is no danger to women and girls from those biological males who wear women’s clothing. That simply is not true. There are numerous cases of males who identify as transgender females but who have been charged or convicted with raping women, as well as cases of transvestite (cross-dressing) men who have likewise been charged or convicted.

None of the examples listed below used a nondiscrimination ordinance to gain access to their victims. But they all wore women’s clothing when victimizing their victims. In fact, many male sexual predators, who prey on women and girls, enjoy wearing women’s clothing. And nondiscrimination ordinances protecting gender identity will give those who are like them easy access to women, teens, and young girls when they are most vulnerable. Consider the following:

Austin Christopher Wikels, from Dauphin County in central Pennsylvania, is a cross-dresser who regularly presents himself as “Gina Gessner.” In May 2014 he was accused of taking part in the sexual assault of a woman in her 20s. Wikels and the woman were in a hotel room together when a man and another woman arrived. The other woman had brought various BDSM items. When the victim saw these items, she apparently tried to flee the hotel room. She was forced down on a bed, stripped naked, and handcuffed to the headboard. The victim was then sexually assaulted, and then forced to perform a sex act on the other woman. During the attack, Wikels was wearing a padded bra and fluorescent-colored thong panty. He beat the victim with a wooden rod.[7]

Paul Williams is a cross-dresser from Liverpool, England, who is on probation stemming from a plot to sexually assault a woman in 2006. As part of his probation, he is prohibited from associating with minors and having pictures of girls or women. During a search of his home, police found pictures of young girls in violation of the terms of his parole. In February 2014 he was sentenced to jail for violating parole, with the sentencing judge saying that Williams is “a sexual predator who is potentially a very dangerous individual.”[8]

Senior Twitter engineer Dana McCallum, an advocate for transgender rights who identifies as a transgender woman and is transitioning to female, was arrested in January 2014 and charged with raping his wife after they filed for divorce. The charges against McCallum include three counts of spousal rape.[9]

Christopher Todd Gard is a cross-dresser who, in September 2013, assaulted an 8 year old girl inside a bathroom at a convenience store in Oklahoma City. The little girl had to go to the bathroom. A family member walked her to the bathroom, and the little girl went in by herself. Unbeknownst to the family member or the girl, Gard was waiting inside. He locked the door. Gard was wearing nothing but women’s underwear. He grabbed the girl, put a shirt around her neck, and began choking her. She began screaming. The family member frantically tried to get into the bathroom but could not because the door was locked. An employee quickly opened the door with a key and the girl ran out. Gard followed, carrying a BB gun. He was subdued by the family and arrested by the police. Gard faces charges including aggravated assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, indecent exposure and possession of a firearm during a felony.[10]

Richard Boule is a transvestite from Marlborough, Massachusetts, who is accused of groping an 18 year old woman at a gas station in September 2013. Boule allegedly walked over to the young woman, pulled down his pants to reveal he was wearing woman’s thong underwear, and said “Let’s play.” He then allegedly reached down the front of the young woman’s skirt and groped her through her underwear.[11]

Carl Dahn was arrested in August 2013 by police in Bergman, Arkansas for computer child pornography and internet stalking of a child. He had sent explicit messages to an undercover investigator, who Dahn believed to be a 14 year old girl. When the undercover officer arrived, Dahn was dressed in women’s clothing.[12]

Tyler Holder is a cross-dressing biological teenage male who abducted, raped, and murdered a six year old girl in Dallas, Texas, in July 2013. After he raped little Alanna Gallagher, he wrapped her head in plastic bags and smothered her.[13]

Donald Stuart was arrested in Effingham, Illinois, in May 2013 for child pornography. He had numerous images of young children on his computer, and it is believed that he traded images online. Stuart was also a cross-dresser.[14]

Trangenderite rapist sought, 1940s.

Sean Gossman is a biological male who considers himself a transgendered woman and lives in Onsted, Michigan. In May 2013, he showed up in court for his arraignment on child pornography charges dressed in feminine attire complete with a wig, makeup, stuffed bra, and halter top. Those who know him relate that he dressed like that all the time. They say that he told them he hoped Michigan would pay for his sex change operation.

It is not a crime to be transgendered. It is a crime, however, to possess thousands of pictures and movies of children being sexually assaulted. And that is what Gossman is charged with. Some of the pictures depicted children being tortured. One picture was of a baby girl with a noose around her neck and a bag over her head. Some news outlets report the baby was dead.

Gossman’s attorney pled for leniency, stating that ““The idea of being placed in a male facility is somewhat frightening for Sean Gossman, as he has been taunted and made to feel like a freak by other inmates.” One can only imagine how terrifying it was for the children he victimized. [15]

Also in May 2013, police in Falls Church, Virginia, arrested Carlos Guillermo Suarez Diaz for sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl. Diaz was dressed as a woman when he approached the girl. He asked to take her picture, and she consented. Diaz then began touching the girl sexually. She told him to stop and he fled the scene.[16]

Gavin Scott is a cross-dressing Australian who, in January 2013, sexually assaulted three female workers in clothing stores. The first victim was a 17 year old girl. He entered the store dressed as a woman, approached her, and asked for her help while trying on clothing. He asked her to assist him zipping dresses, which she did. But she began to be uncomfortable, and her intuition was correct: Scott pinched her on her bottom, then left the store. In another store, Scott crabbed a female employee’s bottom and said, “You have a nice bottom.” Sometime later he returned to that store and groped a female assistant’s bottom and groin. Scott ultimately pled guilty to sexually assaulting these women.[17]

Dean Williams, a biological male who claims to be female, was accused in 2012 of luring a woman into a sex dungeon, pinning her down on a bed, and raping her. Williams, who goes by “Nadine,” admitted he had sexual intercourse with the woman but denied raping her. The woman had 49 distinct scratches and other injuries on her body. Williams admitted he caused some of the scratching on her body, including scratches on her left breast, but claimed everything that happened was consensual. A jury ultimately acquitted Williams of rape.[18] Still, the fact that he had consensual sex with a woman, while claiming to identify as female, is troubling.

Mark Lazarus has been described as “an extremely dangerous cross- dressing sex attacker.” In 2012, he waited outside a public bathroom for over an hour until a 71 year old woman went inside. Lazarus followed her, grabbed her, and tried to rape her. She only escaped because she screamed and Lazarus panicked and fled. He was ultimately arrested and convicted of attempted rape and sentenced to jail. Sadly, he had also previously assaulted an 11 year old girl while wearing female clothing.[19]

Aaron L. LaGrand posed as a woman for several years while gaining the trust of a Lisbon, Ohio family. Believing Aaron to be a woman, the parents invited him into their home to care for their four young children, ages 6 to 13. He used this opportunity to molest them. He was arrested in 2012, but the molestation occurred between 2004 and that year. It is not clear from the news articles whether Aaron actually identifies as transgender, but it seems likely. For many years he has lived as a woman and convinced everyone that he was a woman. He went by the name “Erin.”[20]

In 2012, Steven Shepard, who identifies as a cross-dresser, attacked a woman in her apartment complex laundry room in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and tried to rape her. Thankfully, she was able to fight him off.[21]

Also in 2012, Javier Cortez was arrested for raping and abusing a young girl in Temecula, California, for more than a decade. It was discovered that he had photographs of himself in the girl’s underwear and skirt. The victim was 13 when Cortez was arrested. He had forced her to touch his penis beginning when she was 3, and he sodomized her for the first time when she was 9.[22]

Renell Thorpe is a cross-dressing biological male who allegedly broke into a woman’s home in Sacramento, California, in 2011. He restrained her, raped her, and tried on her clothing before fleeing. He was subsequently arrested.[23]

Russell Williams
Russell Williams

Cross-dressing Russell Williams, a highly decorated Canadian Air Force colonel, was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for 88 sex crimes including 2 counts of murder and 2 counts of sexual assault. After each of these crimes, he photographed himself in his victims’ underwear and bras. One victim who survived was subjected to a three and half hour sexual assault.[24]

In 2011 in Canberra, Australia, a biological male wearing a blond shoulder-length wig, dress, bra, and high heels approached a 14 year old girl. He tried to remove her clothing. He had previously exposed himself to another teenager and committed a sexual act.[25]

Qasim Anwar of Manchester, England, is a transvestite man who was convicted in 2010 of raping a female passenger in his taxi cab. He carried out the sexual assault while wearing make-up, a wig, women’s clothing and high heels. He also filmed the rape with his phone. Anwar was sentenced to five years in prison.[26]

Also in 2010, cross-dresser Gavin Boyd, who calls himself “Joyce,” was convicted in Scotland of murdering 20 year old Vikki McGrand. Boyd was afraid she would reveal that he was a cross-dresser, so he killed her. This was not Boyd’s first serious offense. In 1999, “Joyce” was sentenced to 20 years for sexually assaulting a 19 year old girl.

News accounts describe this sexual assault as “terrifying,” and say that the attack left the teen girl permanently disfigured.[27]

Gordon Murray Waite, a cross-dresser, was convicted in 2010 of raping a woman in Rotorua, New Zealand. This was not a stranger- rape; she was his sexual partner. But on this occasion, he overpowered her and raped her.[28]

In 2009, cross-dresser Phillip John Ortega was arrested for exposing himself to a woman. Ortega was dressed at the time in a women’s pink one-piece swimming suit, a sweater, and make-up. He approached the woman, pulled out his genitals, and said, “Look at this.” In 2008, this cross-dressing biological male was convicted of kidnapping a 12 year old girl.[29]

The English prisoner, known only as “A,” is serving a life sentence for the manslaughter of his boyfriend and the attempted rape of a woman. He tied the woman up with a suspender belt, took her into a back room, and tried—but failed—to rape her. At the time, he was already identifying as a transgendered woman. Amazingly—despite this attempted rape of a woman—a judge ruled that housing “A” in a male prison was a violation of his human rights, and ordered him transferred to a female prison.[30]

Wesley Francis Cox, of Boulder, Colorado, is a transvestite voyeur. He was arrested in 2008 after he was caught peeping at, and videotaping, a Boulder couple having sexual intercourse inside their home. He had videos not only of that couple, but also of three women getting dressed or stepping out of showers. Cox also filmed himself in the bedrooms of two women, sexually gratifying himself with their garments. When Cox was arrested, he was wearing a woman’s bra.

According to the police, Cox would break into women’s homes, steal their underwear, then return and videotape the women. Police recovered numerous women’s undergarments from Cox’s house, including about 10 pieces from Boulder High School cheerleader outfits.[31]

In 2008, a petite 24 year old woman living in Beaverton, Oregon, got out of her shower, wrapped herself in a towel, and sat down on her bed to apply lotion to her legs. She soon became aware that a man was standing in her closet looking at her. Eric Triton Kincaid was dressed in a lacy negligee with fishnet stockings open at the crotch. He also wore a miniskirt, sheer blouse and long wig. The woman thought she was about to be raped. She screamed and Kincaid ran out of her apartment.

Kincaid was charged with first-degree sexual abuse. At trial, he admitted to being in the woman’s apartment but said he had been invited by another woman to come to her apartment for sex. He was high on meth, which had him confused, and it was only when he saw the half-naked 24 year old woman that he realized she was the wrong woman and he must be in the wrong apartment. The jury believed him and acquitted him of all charges, taking this for an honest mistake. It must have been a very frightening mistake for the 24 year old woman.[32]

In 2006, Joseph Greenquist, of Londonberry, New Hampshire, allegedly broke into college women’s apartments on the University of New Hampshire campus. Once inside, he would steal their underwear. Only one time, he did more. He saw a young college coed sleeping in her bed. Greenquist allegedly climbed on top of her and attempted to assault her. When he was arrested a short time later, Greenquist was wearing nothing but a pair of women’s underwear.[33]

Marcus Hance was a 32 year old cross-dresser when, in 2000, he assembled a “rape kit” to help him subdue and rape a 21 year old female student. His kit included a knife, mask, gloves, tights to tie up and gag the young woman, and condoms. Hance hid along a pathway near Exeter University where he knew women student often walked alone. He grabbed his victim as she was walking home from classes. She screamed, however, and a passing teacher ran to her aid. Hance tried to escape but was apprehended, wearing women’s clothing, and sentenced to 10 years in prison.[34]

In 1984, a male transvestite prisoner in a prison in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, allegedly raped a female prisoner while she was taking a shower. According to the woman, a man dressed like a woman, with “some feminine features,” entered the shower with her, held a sharp object to her neck, and raped her. It was not clear why the biological male was in the women’s unit of the prison.[35]

As these examples demonstrate, the fact that a biological male identifies as female does not mean he cannot harm women and children, including sexually assaulting them. While most do not, some do. In addition to the examples already cited, there are many other examples of biological males who identify as female, or who are cross-dressers, raping, sexually assaulting, or otherwise injuring women and girls.

In addition to sexual violence, some men wearing women’s clothing have murdered and physically assaulted women. For instance, police in Hawaii believe that Vernon Baker, a transgender, transvestite, or cross-dressing man, may have murdered Mary Beth San Juan in 2013. Prior to Baker’s arrest, the best lead was a surveillance video that captured a man in a dress and high heels using the murdered woman’s ATM card. Baker appears to be the man in the video.[36]

In December 2012, John Maatsch, a Fort Myers, Florida man, broke into a Tracey Marazzi’s home and began stabbing her as she slept. He punctured her lung, but she fought back and he fled. The victim did not know Maatsch. When Maatsch was arrested, he was wearing women’s clothing. There is no known motive for the attack.[37]

In November 2012, transvestite or cross-dresser Kristopher Lawless was charged in Bakersfield, California, with attempted murder and torture, among other things, for beating his girlfriend unconscious, tying her up, and keeping her captive for days against her will. Lawless had been arrested in June of 2012 by an anti- prostitution task force. He was dressed as a woman, with makeup, a black and red lace top, black lace women’s underwear, earrings, necklaces, and knee-high boots. He offered to perform a sex act on the policeman.[38]

Allowing biological males into women’s bathrooms, shower rooms and locker rooms places women and children in danger, even if the biological males are wearing women’s clothing.

4.      Stories of biological male voyeurs who dressed as women to gain access to women’s facilities, where they leered at, photographed, and/or videotaped unsuspecting women and girls.

These guys probably wanted her hair to make wigs. So they killed her.
1890s. These guys probably wanted her hair to make wigs.

Jason Pomare pretended to be transgender to gain access to women’s bathrooms and record hours of video of women and girls using the toilet. Pomare was a 33 year old voyeur when, in 2013, he victimized women in Los Angeles. He donned bra, wig and female clothing to gain access to a women’s bathroom at a Los Angeles Macy’s Department Store so he could secretly video-record the women and girls inside. He had a video camera in a bag, which he slid underneath stalls in order to secretly video-record women and girls as they were using the toilet. When he was caught, he had hours of video of women and girls he recorded by pointing his camera under restroom stalls.[39] Who knows whether he had made other, previous recordings that we do not know about? Who knows how many women and girls were victimized?

In 2013, Rodney Kenneth Petersen was arrested for dressing as a woman to enter a woman’s dormitory and take pictures of the coeds at Loma Linda University in California. An investigation revealed that Peterson had previously dressed as a woman and entered other female-only facilities, trying to take photos of women and girls with a cell phone he had hidden in his purse.[40]

In 2012, Taylor J. Buehler was arrested in Everett, Washington for voyeurism. He donned a bra and wig to appear as a woman so he could go into the women’s bathroom at Everett Community College. Only, he is not transgender; and, he is sexually attracted to women. Once inside the bathroom, he began leering at the two women who were using the facilities. After his arrest, he admitted that he had previously taken a shower in a girls’ locker room for “sexual gratification.” Buehler was convicted of voyeurism.[41]

Even 100 years ago, male transgender crime was rampant.
Even 100 years ago, men in dresses were assaulting women.

In 2011, Joel Hardman, a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham in England, disguised himself with a women’s rubber mask and wig in order to gain access to women’s restrooms, where he spied on women using the toilets. After being arrested, he explained that he got sexual gratification from listening to women using toilets. While in the bathrooms, he not only listened—he also made audio recordings of the women urinating.[42] And he admitted to, on at least one occasion, “performing a sex act” while listening to the women. He also took pictures of women’s feet under the stall doors with his phone.[43]

Also in 2011, transgender Thomas Lee Benson, a convicted sex offender for having sexual contact with a minor girl, dressed as a woman so he could go into the women’s locker room at a swimming pool in North Clackamas, Oregon. There were young girls present in the locker room changing into their swimsuits while Benson was inside. Previously, Benson had dressed as a woman to enter a women’s dressing room at a pool in Portland, Oregon. Young girls where changing into their swimsuits in that dressing room, too.

Benson says that he now wants to live life as a woman and he is not a threat to girls.[44] The spokesman for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office disagrees. He had this to say about Benson:

Mr. Benson has been known to dress as a female to gain access to undressed minor females by frequenting restrooms, dressing rooms, changing rooms, aquatic centers and pool locker rooms. Mr. Benson has been known to use money, candy and threats to gain access to his victims.[45]

According to the University of California at Berkeley police department, a man dressed as a woman was spotted peeping at women and photographing them in a UC Berkeley locker room. During the fall semester of 2010, he was spotted on numerous occasions, dressed in women’s attire, peeping at women as they changed clothes in a locker room and photographing them in locker rooms and bathrooms. He used his cell phone to snap pictures of the unsuspecting coeds.[46]

In 2003, Eichi Yamamoto of Matsuyama, Japan, was charged with dressing as a woman so he could enter public bath houses in order to see naked women. When he entered the bath houses, Yamamoto would wear a wig, blouse, skirt, bra, and lipstick. He told investigators, “I wanted to see women naked. Dressing up as a woman was a step to do that.” Once inside the bath houses,

Yamamoto would stare at the naked women as they soaked in the water.[47]

5. Stories of biological males wearing women’s clothing exposing themselves to women and girls.

A high school swim team was subjected to a 45 year old biological male who identifies as a transgender woman sprawling naked in their locker room, exposing his genitals to them. Because of a SOGI, Washington’s Evergreen State College has allowed a 45 year old anatomical male who calls himself Colleen Francis to use its women’s restrooms and locker rooms. The college shares its swimming pool and adjacent locker rooms with the local high school and a children’s swim club. On several occasions in 2012, Francis exposed his genitalia to young girls—some as young as six—in the locker room. The mother of a 17 year old girl even filed a police report detailing what her daughter saw. A swim coach also filed a police report. She described seeing Francis sitting in the sauna with his legs open and his genitalia plainly exposed. Despite numerous complaints and the police reports, Evergreen State College continues to let Francis use the women’s facilities. Their spokesperson has said that they must “protect the rights of everyone.”[48]

This leads to the obvious question: what about the rights of the girls who use these locker rooms? Do their rights not matter? Do they not have the right not to have to be exposed to an exhibitionist biological male in the locker room supposedly for females?

In 2013, a man who dresses in high heels, stockings, and women’s underwear exposed himself at least 11 times in Leicester, Great Britain. On one occasion, he chased two terrified teenage girls before exposing himself to them.[49]

In 2012, a man dressed as a woman approached several children playing near their apartment complex in Thousand Oaks, California. He began talking to them and then exposed himself to them. He was described as wearing a skirt, women’s underwear, and fishnet stockings.[50]

In 2010, Norwood Smith Burnes of Rome, Georgia, wore a short skirt and jacket, thong underwear, and high heels to Walmart. He allegedly undressed in the store in front of young girls.[51]


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  44. Clackamas County Community Corrections Predatory Sex Offender Notification, May 2, 2012, available at ; Police: Sex offender posed as woman, went into women’s locker room,, July 6, 2011, available at ; Rick Bella, Sex offender caught dressed as woman in girls dressing room at Milwaukie-area swim park, OregonLive, July 6, 2011, available at ; Teresa Blackman, Clackamas Co. child sex offender out on parole,, May 4, 2012, available at ; Patrick Preston, Man sentenced after going into women’s locker room,, Oct. 27, 2011, available at .
  45. Rick Bella, Cross-dressing sex offender released to community supervision, Oregon Live, May 3, 2012, available at .
  46. Jeffrey Butterfield, Man Disguised as Woman Allegedly Sneaks into RSF Women’s Locker Room, Takes Pictures, The Daily Californian, October 13, 2010, available at ; Jessica Green, Cross-Dressing Peeping Tom Lurking on Cal Campus, NBC Bay Area, Oct. 13, 2010, available at ; Anneli Rufus, Cross-dressing Peeper Infiltrates Cal Women’s Locker Room, East Bay Express, October 12, 2010, available at .
  47. Cross-dresser arrested in bath house, UPI, Nov. 27, 2003, available at
  48. Wash. college OK’s exposure of young girls to naked man, Alliance Defending Freedom News Release, Nov. 1, 2012, available at ; Alliance Defending Freedom letter to Evergreen College officials, Nov. 1, 2012, available at ; Transgender woman told to leave women’s locker room,, Oct. 5, 2012, available at ; Oliver Darcy, College officials cite ‘non-discrimination’ law to admit biological males into women’s locker rooms on campus, Campus Reform, Nov. 2, 2012, available at ; Matt Driscoll, Transgender Student in Evergreen’s Locker Room Draws Ire of Arizona Religious Group, Seattle Weekly News, Nov. 5, 2012, available at ; Nina Golgowski, Parents’ outrage as transgendered woman is permitted to use the women’s locker room ‘exposing himself to little girls,’ Mail Online, Nov. 3, 2012, available at ; Eric Owens, College OKs transgender man’s full monty to underage girls in womens’ locker room, The Daily Caller, Nov. 6, 2012, available at ; Todd Starnes, College Allows Transgender Man to Expose Himself to Young Girls, n.d., available at .
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  50. Indecent Exposure, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department via Ventura edhat, n.d. available at
  51. Police: Man Undresses in Front of Children in Walmart Restroom, WSB-TV Atlanta, March 24, 2010, available at ; Larry Hartstein, Cross-dressing man arrested for exposure at Walmart, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 25, 2010, available at

Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced Transgender “Colleen” Francis exposes himself to little girls Rapist Christopher Hambrook
Man in women’s clothes peeps on women Man in women’s clothes assaults woman in restroom Woman killer Thomas “Michelle Renee” Lamb
Sex change killer Maddison Hall Child rapist “Paula” Witherspoon Pedophile Matthew Harks decides he is a woman
Woman killer “Lyralisa” Stevens Torture-rapist Richard “Sherry” Masbruch Rape charge for Twitter exec “Dana” McCallum
Autogynephile rapist Chris Wikels Autogynephile rapist Paul Williams jailed Tranny Sean Gossman, child porn user
Carlos Diaz dresses up & rapes Gavin Scott dresses up & gropes women in shop “Transwoman” child rapist
Angry transsexual murders his therapist Man dressed as Barbie doll assaults woman in restroom Cross-dresser arrested in bath house
Cross-dressing man arrested for exposure at Walmart Stalker sought to become his victims Man in dress exposing himself to kids
Autogynephile attempts to kill woman Child rapist James “Jennifer Katherine” Allard Transgenderist videos in women’s restroom
Rape kit made by male tranny Man in women’s clothes rapes woman Transvestite booked in massacre
Rapist in women’s clothes hunted by cops Man in women’s clothes tries to get women undressed Two men in dresses kill woman, steal her hair
Man in dress assaults women Man in high heels solicits sex from boy Have you seen this cross-dressing pedophile?
Cross-dressing sex offender arrested Man in dress throws concrete at cars Another cross-dressing sex offender jailed
Cross-dresser kills woman in Singapore Dennis “Allison” Woolbert repeatedly raped a young relative Cross-dressing Colonel Russel Williams pleads guilty to murders

transgender bathroom violence statistics, bathroom assault statistics, transgender bathroom assault, transgender attacks woman in bathroom, transgender bathroom attack, transgender assault statistics, trans bathroom myth

Newest Munchausen “trans child,” already hyper-sexualized, thrills the stupid masses and pedophiles everywhere

The mother is already training the boy in hyper-sexualized
The mother is already training the boy in hyper-sexualized “femininity.”

These people have lost their fucking minds.This is the latest so-called “transgender child” to be paraded before the world on the “transgender chicken circuit,” which is a way for narcissistic Munchausen by proxy parents to get their 15 minutes of fame and make some cash — the “patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances that savvy parents can weave together into a modest cottage industry of transgender child celebrity.”

They pimp out these children through the global and local media, generating delighted applause from the socially-engineered masses and of course from the world’s pedophiles. (Note that male transgenderism and pedophilia are both paraphilias, and these types of perversions often occur in clusters. If a man has one, he likely has another.)

The weak father is silent in the articles but he appears in a family photo. The mother is named Erica Maison, and my impression is that she is highly narcissistic. Her Twitter page, unused for a while, is not remarkable, apart from some photos of her son in happier times, before his parents began gaslighting him into thinking he’s a girl. It appears that in addition to her now-“transgender” son Corey the family has three daughters.

Corey, in more sane times.
Corey, in less insane times.

The family is trying to raise $50,000 via “GoFundMe” * for their son’s completely unnecessary “medical expenses”! In other words, for his normal male genitals to be surgically mutilated and mangled to crudely, superficially resemble female genitalia. In reality, however, this will just be a gaping surgical hole that never properly heals throughout his lifetime.

Autogynephile activists have sold this family the lie that boys who display “feminine” stereotypes are really girls. The article says that they take the boy to one of the worst places imaginable for “care” — the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. This hospital includes a debauched “clinic,” funded by billionaire autogynephile porn addict James “Jennifer” Pritzker, cousin to Obama’s Secretary of Commerce, that is dedicated to fast-tracking children who don’t comply with sex role stereotypes for traumatized lives as sterile, medically maimed “transsexuals.”

Now it seems that these problems existed because
Now they probably say that these problems existed because “he’s really a girl” and had “dysphoria.”

In addition to liking “girly stuff” (most likely because with three sisters, an apparently narcissistic mother and a completely useless father, hyper-“feminine” stereotypic behaviors are highly valued in his home), Erica’s son Corey may have some developmental problems. According to his mother, he has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), mood disorders, anxiety disorders, probably Asperger syndrome and God knows what-all. He was also doing very poorly in school.

How the hell can these idiot parents sleep at night? CHILD ABUSE.
How the hell can these idiot parents sleep at night? 

In view of the supposed mental maladies (which may have been entirely Munchausen-related, but which were apparently “diagnosed” at some point) WHY would any doctor suggest that this child should become a Frankenstein-ian permanent patient?  Pump him full of estrogen now, get him ready soon for drastic surgeries and a life under medical surveillance? If the boy actually has anxiety or Asperger’s or any of the other stuff, this should *exclude* him from being a transgender agenda guinea pig! If it was parent-orchestrated attention-seeking Munchausen fakery, that should exclude him too. My opinion is that the parents of this boy are greedy, empty-hearted, empty-headed failures as parents. Any doctors involved in his “care” are even worse excuses for human beings, as they must know full well that “transgender medicine” is based entirely on obsessed trans activist propaganda and pop culture lies — not scientific evidence.

UPDATE: SEE ALSO: “Trans teen” Corey Maison being pimped out intensely as transgender toilet goblin propaganda

*Note: They have taken down their “Go Fund Me” page. I noticed after it had been up for more than a month they had only raised a couple hundred dollars.

Top pediatricians REJECT puberty-blockers, “ideology-driven social experiment on vulnerable children and their families”

“Puberty blocking” drugs = medical child abuse.

Some leading pediatricians have recently written a great letter to the important medical journal Pediatrics. They objected to a recent article in that journal recommending incredibly toxic and dangerous “care” for children who don’t follow “gender” stereotypes. The article was pushing the usual trans-medical industry line that these children should be put on puberty blockers and fast-tracked for transsexualism and a lifetime under clinical surveillance. It is encouraging that there is some serious scientific resistance to the horrible things being done to children. There is no such thing as a “transgender child. “Innate gender identity” is a lie.

Here is the full text of the letter in response to that insane article.

Puberty is not a disorder

We vigorously object to the normalization of childhood gender identity disorder (GID) promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in the article “Psychological and Medical Care of Gender Nonconforming Youth,”1 published in the December issue of Pediatrics. The recommendations of the authors to reinforce the delusions of gender identity–confused children, and to prescribe puberty-blocking hormones as though puberty were a disorder, are outrageous. This approach violates the oath physicians take to “do no harm.”

Although some affected children and their parents may report being happier when health professionals, families, friends, and schools affirm their false beliefs, “happiness” is not always consistent with good health. It can also be short-lived.

A recent 30-year study in transgendered adults in Sweden, unquestionably a transgender-affirming culture, should give the AAP and American Psychiatric Association (APA) pause: it showed that individuals who underwent sex reassignment surgery suffered significantly greater morbidity and mortality when compared with matched controls. Shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable nontransgender population. The authors concluded, “Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism . . . [emphasis added].”2

There is no adequate body of research on the long-term use of puberty blockers in early adolescence followed by lifelong administration of exogenous testosterone to biological girls or of exogenous estrogen to biological boys. However, there is significant evidence indicating stunted growth and infertility from puberty-blocking hormones, and possible malignancies from chronic use of synthetic hormones.3 Yet, this is what the AAP and APA recommend.

We submit that children who dread the development of secondary sex characteristics are emotionally troubled; puberty is not a disease. In fact, puberty brings relief for the vast majority of children receiving therapy for GID, because hormone surges propel the development of their brains as well as their bodies and they come to identify with their biological sex.4,5 Science and ethics trump the current recommendations of the AAP and APA, which amount to conducting an ideology-driven social experiment on vulnerable children and their families. All physicians must work for the reinstatement of the diagnosis and sound treatment of childhood GID.

Den Trumbull, MD, FCP
President of the American College of Pediatricians

Michelle A. Cretella, MD, FCP
Vice President of the American College of

Miriam Grossman, MD
Psychiatric consultant to the American College of

1. Vance SR Jr, Ehrensaft D, Rosenthal SM. Psychological and medical care of gender nonconforming youth. Pediatrics. 2014;134(6):1184–1192
2. Dhejne C, Lichtenstein P, Boman M, et al. Long-term follow-up of transsexual persons undergoing sex reassignment surgery: cohort study in Sweden. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e16885
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5. Vigil P, Orellana R, Cortes M, et al. Endocrine Modulation of the Adolescent Brain: A Review. North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology; 2011

Library page of PDF articles about “gender identity” fakeness and autogynephilia reality

Male transgenderists hate knowing what science clearly shows: that an obsessive masturbation fantasy is the root of their “gender identity.”

Contrary to what transgenderite cult members and their crooked enablers say, there is a ton of science to show that “innate gender identity” is fake and that autogynephilia is real. I have previously posted most of these articles and books on various pages of this site but to make them more accessible, I’m going to post them all here on one page. You can download the PDFs from the links.

This is far from “all” the research — there’s plenty more. If there are other articles you’d like to see, I can probably get hold of them and could post them here.



Most important papers:

Other interesting papers:



Narcissistic Pathology and Personality Factors in “Gender Dysphoric” Men

This research could never be published today. It would be seen as extremely “transphobic.” It was actually published in first issue of the “International Journal of Transgenderism” in 1997. It’s just a small cohort study (n=20) but I’ll tell you what, it’s way more solid than any evidence brought forward to date by pro-transgenderism researchers for the existence of an innate “gender identity.” The article is not available in PDF and I’m surprised it is even still up on the journal’s rinky-dink web site. I have added emphases here & there throughout the article. Edit: I just noticed that Stop Trans Chauvinism recently posted this article too!

Hartmann U, Becker H, Rueffer-Hesse C (1997) Self and Gender: Narcissistic Pathology and Personality Factors in Gender Dysphoric Patients. Preliminary Results of a Prospective Study. International Journal of Transgenderism, Volume 1, Number 1, July – September 1997.

Abstract: This paper presents preliminary results concerning the relationship of self and gender in patients requesting or seriously considering sex change. Specific attention is paid on pathological features in regulatory processes of the self-system as well as on personality factors associated with different types of gender disorders. Based on the results of retrospective analyses a prospective study was designed to identify subtypes of gender dysphoric patients based on a scrupulous psychiatric and psychpathological evaluation. The evaluation procedure consists of (i) clinical interviews, (ii) a structural interview according to concepts of Kernberg, and (iii) a set of self-developed and standardized questionnaires. The results indicate significant psychopathological aspects and narcissistic dysregulation in a substantial proportion of patients. Different subtypes of self-(dys)regulation seem to emerge which are discussed with special reference to differential diagnosis and prognostic factors.

Introduction: The two intriguing concepts of self and gender are of major importance for the field of gender dysphoria, but at the same time both are complex and controversial. In recent years, the clinical, etiological, and psychopathological diversity of gender dysphoric patients had to be increasingly recognized by professionals. Looking at the remarkably different gender and developmental backgrounds of individuals with gender problems, many – including DSM-IV – have done away with the term ‘transsexualism’ as a distinct diagnostic category. This nosological shift, however, should be accompanied by improvements in the precision of differential diagnoses and clinical subtyping allowing a better fine-tuning of clinical managment. Existing approaches have mainly been restricted to gender and sexual orientation variables whereas personality and psychopathological factors associated with gender disorders have rather been neglected.

Based on the results of a retrospective analysis of all patients that have consulted our gender dysphoria team at the psychiatric outpatient clinic of Hannover Medical School during a one-year period, a prospective study was designed to identify subtypes of gender dysphoric patients by means of a scrupulous psychiatric and psychological evaluation (Becker & Hartmann 1994). This contribution will concentrate on pathological features in the regulation of the self-system and on some associated personality factors. A number of preliminary empirical results of the first 25 consecutive patients of our prospective study will be presented with a special focus on the results of the psychometric instruments we have employed. Since the number of 5 biological females is too small for statistical comparisons, the data presented here only refer to biological males.

Our preliminary results indicate significant psychopathological aspects and narcissistic dysregulation in most of our gender dysphoric patients. Among biological males different subtypes of self-(dys-) regulation and corresponding MMPI-profiles seem to emerge. Results of the narcissism inventory indicate that of the 4 main dimensions (the threatened self, the traditional narcissistic self, the ideal self, the hypochondriac self) scales covering aspects of the ‘threatened self’ show the most significant deviations while a number of patients do not have a negative body-self. The implications of these results should be considered when thinking about differential diagnoses and prognostic factors.

Materials and Methods

Table 1: ‘Components of evaluation procedure’

Thorough clinical interviews by different team members
Structural interview according to concepts of Kernberg
A set of self-developed and standardized psychometric questionnaires including the MMPI, 16PF, Rosenzweig PFT, Narcissism Inventory, and AGI and CGF by Blanchard.

The main components of our evaluation procedure are summarized in table 1. All patients were interviewed, usually independently by different team members. After that, all patients went through a structured interview – based on concepts of Kernberg (1984) for severe personality disorders – addressing relevant aspects of self-pathology, narcissistic regulation and object-relations. In addition, all patients were asked to fill out a set of both self developed and standardized questionnaires including the MMPI in its short version, the 16PF, the Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration-Study, the Narcissism Inventory (Deneke & Hilgenstock 1989), the Androphilia-Gynephilia-Index and the Cross-Gender-Fetishism scale, both designed by Blanchard (1985, 1989).

Table 2: ‘Sociodemographic data’

All Male-Female
Androphilics(N=10) Gynephilics(N=10)
Mean age (years) 29,9 29,8 29,9
Education years 10,5 10,0 11,0
Marital status all unmarried all unmarried all unmarried
Unemployed (%) 44,0 33,0 56,0

The sociodemographic data show that the mean age of 30 years (range 17 – 45) does not differ in the androphilic and gynephilic groups, which will be compared in most of the following analyses. In the same way educational level and marital status are equal in both groups whereas the vocational situation of gynephilic patients is significantly worse.

Results The results of the other three standardized psychometric instruments will only be touched upon before concentrating on the ‘narcissism inventory’.


Figure 1
Figure 1: The MMPI-Scales

A quick look at the clinical scales of the MMPI shows that overall most scores are above the normal T-value-range of 40 to 60 indicating pronounced psychopathological features for the whole group of our patients. On the other hand, only the MF-scale has values above 70 which of course is no surprise in a sample like this, which also applies to the PD-scale. Looking at the two subgroups, one can see that the scores of the gynephilic patients are clearly higher for the so-called ‘neurotic trias’ of Hypochondria, Depression and Hysteria, the most valid scales of the German version of the MMPI. This suggests that the gynephilic patients of our sample have more neurotic symptoms, especially of the somatization and psychosomatic type and it also shows that emotional problems are expressed in a body language.

Scales of the ’16PF’

Figure 2: The scales of the '16PF'
Figure 2: The scales of the ’16PF’

In the 16PF significant deviations from the normal range – which is marked by the two horizontal lines in figure 2 – can be found in the primary factors C, H, I, O and Q3. This suggests that our gender disordered patients have a significantly lower ego strength, are more emotionally disturbed and have problems in coping with disappointments. The markedly deviant scores in primary factor ‘I’ describe our patients as highly sensitive, with rich inner lives, but also as impatient, demanding, with high expectations and a tendency to avoid responsibilities. Primary factor ‘H’ indicates that the patients of our sample are low in their self-confidence and rather inihibited, cautious and socially introverted. Looking at the differences between our subgroups, one can see that they are of minor importance in this test. The only statistically significant differences or trends are in primary factors ‘L’ (F1,17 = 10.89; p < 0.01) and ‘Q3’ (F1,17 = 3.29; p = 0.08), suggesting that the androphilics have a more sceptical attitude towards other people, try to rely more on their own opinion and have a tendency to be disputatious and resentful. The gynephilics are more spontaneous and guided by momentary impulses and ideas without clearcut future conceptions.

Scales of the ‘PFT’

Figure 3: The scales of the 'PFT'
Figure 3: The scales of the ‘PFT’

The Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration-Test is a well-known semiprojective instrument designed to measure the ways of coping with frustration and aggression. The six main categories of the PFT are depicted on figure 3. Again, the two lines mark the normal range between stanines 4 and 6. Figure 3 shows that for both the whole sample and the gynephilic subgroup all scores are well within the normal range while the androphilics do show some deviations. They are relatively low on category ‘Extrapunitivity’ and high on ‘Impunitivity’ suggesting a strong inclination to evade conflicts and to delude themselves about obstacles or the frustrational character of a given situation. Looking at the three reaction types one can see that androphilics are low on obstacle-dominance and very high on need-persistence which confirms the impression that their need-persistence i.e. their emotional pressure to reach a specific goal is so predominant that the obstacles encountered tend to be denied. The low scores on category ‘Extrapunitivity’ inidicate that their assertiveness, their ability to get their way in a constructive manner is below average. The gynephilic group is significantly lower in need-persistence (F1,16 = 3.87; p = 0.06) and higher in obstacle-dominance (F1,16 = 4.02; p = 0.06). Thus, compared to the androphilics they are well aware of the obstacles in their way and even tend to be blocked by them without feeling the intense urge for a quick solution.

The results of the Narcissism Inventory

The ‘Narcissism Inventory’ (NI) is a questionnaire developed at the Hamburg University Medical School in the 1980ies. It was designed to assess a number of theoretically and clinically relevant aspects of the organization and regulation of the narcissistic personality system. It consists of 163 items belonging to 18 scales which cover a wide range of different modes of narcissistic autoregulation. These 18 scales are grouped into 4 main dimensions according to the results of a factor analysis.

4 dimensions of the ‘Narcissism inventory’

Figure 4: The 4 dimensions of the 'Narcissism inventory'
Figure 4: The 4 dimensions of the ‘Narcissism inventory’

These 4 dimenions are called the ‘threatened self’, the ‘classic narcissistic self’, the ‘idealistic self’ and the ‘hypochondriac self’. On figure 4 the results of these 4 dimensions are depicted for our sample. In interpreting the t-values it must be taken into account that we do not yet possess norms for a normal, non-clinical sample but only for a clinical sample consisting of individuals with diagnoses ranging from psychosomatic disorders and neurotic depression to narcissistic personality. Naturally, this circumstance erects narrow limits to an interpretation referring to the normal population. For the inspection of the scores in this diagram it implies that a t-score of 50 is average compared to a patient sample and scores above 50 can be viewed in our preliminary analysis as a clinically substantial finding.

Figure 4 shows that overall the highest scores can be found in the dimensions ‘the threatened self’ and ‘the idealistic self’, the first indicating a marked instability of the self-system with fluent transitions between an arduously maintained and a progressive decompensation. An analysis of the single scales of the ‘threatened self’ shows high scores in ‘derealization/depersonalisation’, ‘archaic retreat’ and – expectedly – ‘negative body image’. This dimension has significant correlations up to .7 to a number of MMPI-scales such as depression, psychopathic deviate, paranoia and psychasthenia and also to the 16PF-scales emotional disturbance and sensitivity. The value of the dimension ‘the idealistic self’ goes back to high scores in the scales ‘object-devaluation’ and ‘symbiotic self-protection’.

schoolLooking once more at differences between the subgroups the diagram shows that androphilic patients are higher in ‘the threatened self’ and especially ‘the idealistic self’. Among the single scales statistically significant differences can be found in ‘derealisation/depersonalisation’ (F1,18 = 7.23; p < 0.05), ‘archaic retreat’ (F1,18 = 3.39; p = 0.08) and ‘symbiotic self-protection’ (F1,18 = 6.85; p < 0.05), all with higher scores for the androphilics. Gynephilic patients are higher (but not statistically significant) in the dimensions ‘the hypochondriac self’ and the ‘classic narcissistic self’ which is largely due to high scores in the scale ‘narcissistic rage’.

Subgroups of patients according to self-regulatory mechanisms

Using the 4 dimensions of the Narcissism Inventory we have performed a cluster analysis of our cases to see how this statistical procedure groups our patients and to compare this solution to our clinical impression. We have used the Ward algorithm and after a careful analysis of the cluster agglomeration schedule have decided for the 4-cluster-solution. The main features of these clusters were then determined by univariate and multivariate statistical procedures. The main cluster characteristics relating to narcissism are summarized in table 4. The number of cases is small, especially in clusters 3 and 4, allowing only a tentative interpretation but on the other hand all clusters have a good correspondence to our clinical opinion.

Table 3: ‘Main characteristics of clusters’

Cluster 1
Cluster 2
Cluster 3
Cluster 4
Narcissistic pathology primarily in object relations. Severe narcissistic pathology in all 4 dimensions of NI. No narcissistic pathology. Narcissistic pathology only in dimension ‘The hypochondriac self’.
No significant psychopathology. Significant psychophatology and emotional disorders. Marked social isolation and introversion. Tendency for somatization.
Strong need-persistence, denial of obstacles. Strong need-persistence, high impunitivity. Obstacle-dominance high, ego-defense and need-persistence low.

The 9 cases combined in cluster 1 have high scores only in ‘the idealistic self’ which means they have a marked narcissistic pathology primarily in their object-relations. Their prevailing self-regulation patterns indicate that they have a profound fear of being disappointed and hurt by others. To protect themselves against this they tend to emphasize their autonomy and their moral superiority. There is a strong ambivalence between a longing for another person and impulses to avoid and escape any close relationship. The cases of cluster 1 also have a strong tendency to identify themselves with specific highly valued personal ideas, a self-regulation mode serving the purpose to stabilize and protect the self. As you can see from the second slide, they do not show significant psychopathology in the MMPI or 16PF, but in the PFT have a strong need-persistence and tend to deny any obstacles in their way.

The 5 cases grouped into the second cluster have by far the most significant psychopathology, emotional disorders and severe narcissistic dysregulation in all 4 dimensions. In these individuals their auto-regulation-modes are always on the edge of decompensation and the gender dysphoria appears as only one facet in a profoundly disturbed personality.

The two small clusters 3 and 4 differ from the larger clusters in a respectively particular manner. The cases in cluster 3 have no narcissistic and general psychopathology but are socially isolated and introverted, they feel socially unattractive and live more or less in disguise. They have a strong need-persistence, tend to play obstacles or frustrations down and hope that the desired sex change will turn their lives to the better.

The patients in cluster 4 do not seem to have a true gender dysphoria but rather a disturbed body-relation which is more of the hypochondriac, dysmorphophobic or somatization type. Accordingly, they do not reject their body and do not have a negative body-self in the NI. They feel easily blocked by conflicts or frustrations, which seem to be expressed in a body-language.

Conclusion: At this stage, the provisional status of our data only permits some few conclusions. The central findings of this questionnaire analysis support the view of a great heterogeneity of gender disordered males which not only extends to the already well known gender and sexuality variables but also to general personality pathology and especially the different modes of self-regulation. We could identify a significant narcissistic pathology in most of our patients, but the regulation-modes afflicted by this pathology differ widely. The cluster analysis has yielded an interesting and clinically reasonable subtyping of our patients with two larger subgroups of which one is marked by severe narcissistic and personality pathology where the gender dysphoria appears as only one facet in this profound pathology, as a rather desperate attempt at stabilizing a fragmented self. In the other larger cluster there is no substantial personality pathology, but one might speculate that the gender dysphoria is part of a deeper problem in object-relations, for which the transsexual wish probably serves as an imagined solution. The data analysis has indicated that the sexual orientation does account for some variance in our sample, but in a multivariate view it does not seem to be a significant predictor. Thus, by our preliminary analysis the notion that gynephilics have more substantial personality and gender pathology could not be confirmed. However, the complete analysis of our data including the developmental and biographic variables as well as the results of the structured interview appears to be promising and may change this impression.

trannyIn closing, the cumulative evidence of our study so far is consistent with the view that gender dysphoria is a disorder of the sense of self as has been proposed by Beitel (1985) or Pfäfflin (1993). The central problem in our patients is about identity and the self in general and the transsexual wish seems to be an attempt at reassuring and stabilizing the self-coherence which in turn can lead to a further destabilization if the self is already too fragile. In this view the body is instrumentalized to create a sense of identity and the splitting symbolized in the hiatus between the rejected body-self and other parts of the self is more between good and bad objects than between masculine and feminine. The results obtained so far confirm the conviction that we have to maintain a clinical perspective in the field of gender dysphoria and must continue to improve our understanding of this enigmatic and fascinating problems.


Becker H, Hartmann U. (1994): Geschlechtsidentitätsstörungen und die Notwendigkeit der klinischen Perspektive. Ein Beitrag aus der psychiatrischen Praxis. Fortschritte der Neurologie Psychiatrie 62: 290 – 305.

Kernberg O. (1984): Severe Personality Disorders. Yale University Press: New York.

Deneke FW, Hilgenstock, B. (1989): Das Narzißmus-Inventar. Huber:Bern.

Blanchard R. (1985); Research methodes for the typological study of gender disorders in males. In: Gender Dysphoria. Development, Research, Managment. Steiner, BW ed. Plenum: New York.

Blanchard R. (1989): The concept of autogynephilia and the typology of male gender dysphoria. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 177: 616 – 623.

Beitel A. (1985): The spectrum of gender identity disturbances. An intrapsychic model. In: Gender Dysphoria. Development, Research, Managment. Steiner, BW ed. Plenum: New York.

Pfäfflin F. (1993): Transsexualität. Beiträge zur Psychopathologie, Psychodynamik und zum Verlauf. Enke: Stuttgart 1993.

How the “gender identity” lie harms children’s bodies and minds

Boy wearing purple dress, his siblings and their Munchausen parents

As we know, an embarrassing sexual fantasy and secret shame of male transgenderists to “become women” is the reason we see so many reports of young children being coercively fast-tracked by narcissistic / ignorant parents and crooked doctors into a life of medicalized transsexualism.

Experimental and irreversible “puberty blocking” drugs (specifically “Lupron”), cross-sex hormones and even surgeries are now being pushed on these children at younger and younger ages. The official rationale for starting kids on this destructive path is that “it will save them from so much hardship in life” if girls can segue directly into “manhood” without growing breasts or having menstrual cycles, and boys can simply merge into “women” without deep voices, tall height or facial hair. Doctors and trans activists insist that the effects of Lupron are “reversible.” They aren’t! It’s a lie. For starters, these kids would be forever infertile.

Lots of attention for parents of
Lots of attention for parents of “transgender children.”

The dirty doctors and crazed transgender activists make it seem as though: it would just be super easy! If the kids want go “back” to their actual sex, they can just do it!

But it won’t be that easy. Can you imagine that at age 16, a young woman who has been programmed as “male,” having missed out on menstruation, other female body changes, female socialization etc, not to mention being infertile, will simply put on the brakes and accept her life as a woman? Even if she did, her body and mind would be completely out of synch with where they would have been, had she just been allowed to “be herself,” sans Lupron. She will be scarred on many levels. Similarly, a boy of 16, programmed “female,” lacking male socialization and several inches shorter than he would have been, voice much higher, also infertile: Will he be able to simply abandon this process? Again, even if he did, his emotional and physical scars would be deep.

If the kids keep on with the process (as they are pressured to do, and as nearly all are reported to have done), the trans activist party line declares:

On the red carpet
Living it up on the red carpet with a “trans child”

The young “women” can easily just have “the surgery” to create a “neovagina,” no big deal! Then they’ll be “women,” and life will be awesome, right? They can just carry on and be “women”!

Everyone involved omits to mention that this is a massively invasive and completely unnecessary surgery, requiring two months of bed rest afterward, another year of low activity and then “dilation” of that fake vagina every day for the rest of the man’s life. They also omit to mention the necessity of taking dangerous hormones every day for the rest of his life, which brings a greatly increased risk of stroke and other adverse effects. He will not be a normal “woman” at all.

For the young “men,” nothing is ever really said about the inevitable surgeries — it is made to seem as though:  these girls will just start being “men,” and everything will somehow work out after that!

Awards ceremonies and glamor for parents of
Awards ceremonies and glamor for parents of “trans kids”

They omit to mention the immense negative health impact of surgically removing a woman’s uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. They omit to mention that this too is a massively invasive and unnecessary surgery. They omit to mention that these women won’t have penises, and that doctors can only cobble together something that sort of resembles a penis. They omit to mention that these women will need to take testosterone for the rest of their lives, which brings a greatly increased risk of cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke.

For both women and men, they omit to mention that sooner or later, these victims will likely experience significant physical and mental health problems. It doesn’t matter that they “transitioned while young” — the entire process, starting from the Munchausen parents and ending up with life under permanent medical supervision, is going to mess up the bodies and minds of most of them. Their lives will likely be impaired significantly.

What would happen if these kids were NOT coercively fast-tracked into a medicalized “transsexual” life? Terrible things, according to trans activists, dirty doctors and pro-trans pseudo-“ethicists”:

 Specters of violence and suicide among transgender youth and adults, as inevitable consequences of puberty, are frequently mobilized to achieve a compelling narrative about the necessity of medically treating children. … One of the major bioethicists engaged in the debates over the “puberty suppression” treatment of children … argues that the distress caused by the unwanted physical changes of puberty threatens transgender children with suicide and violence and should be prevented by the “revolutionary instrument” offered by endocrinology: suspending puberty … The author argues that puberty suppression will prevent drug abuse, HIV, hepatitis, and criminal behaviors such as prostitution and illegal immigration (resulting from desperate efforts to raise money for transition and, if necessary, crossing borders to countries where treatment is more available) and imprisonment. The author concludes her article with the story of a murdered transgender prostitute, warning healthcare professionals that by withholding the treatment, they are complicit in such a horrid future, while by offering children the treatment, they can save their lives.

To pathologize their refusal of and discomfort with the social expectations of their natal sex and locate the source of the problem within the child ignores the conditions in which the suffering has developed. … The moral imperative for puberty suppression … has the power to downplay or make invisible the harms that the intervention might cause to these physically healthy children, breaching the primary medical ethics principle of “do no harm.”

Currently, the health consequences of the treatment are relatively unexplored. The treatment is being implemented, however, under the pressure of the emergency of saving the child from the devastation assumed to follow the onset of puberty. It must be remembered that puberty suppression as the first step to medical transition, if followed by cross-sex hormones, which has been the case for almost all reported cases, leads to infertility due to the permanent immaturity of the gonads and the reproductive tract. The absence of the discussion of sterilization of children as a major ethical challenge … is striking. For any other group of children, such an intervention would be discussed extensively with ethics review boards … Needless to say, children are not legally capable of consent, and 9–10 year olds are not capable of understanding all the health consequences of the treatment. Parents are asked to make life decisions on issues as critical as fertility for young children. Can they make an informed decision and evaluate benefits vis a vis risks when confronted with such horrendous forecasts for their children?

Question: IN REAL LIFE, left unmolested, without Lupron, without parental and medical “confirmation” that their non-compliance with sex role stereotypes means they “really are” the opposite sex: What would happen to these children?

Answer: Only a tiny proportion of kids would end up with “gender dysphoria.”  Some would grow up to be gay men and lesbians.

Transgenderism is erasing these normal, physically intact women and men of the future and creating instead a Frankenstein-ian cohort of permanent patients.

When boys insist they are really girls and girls insist they are really boys, an honest doctor would consider a range of possibilities to determine what’s really happening with this child. Deciding that the child “really is” the opposite sex shouldn’t even be on the list of options, let alone condemning the child to a complicated, difficult life under permanent medical scrutiny.

All of this has come to pass because male autogynephiliacs are too embarrassed to acknowledge that their own “gender identities” are based on masturbation fantasies. They invented “gender dysphoria” in children to validate their own lifestyles.

A closely related tragedy: it’s apparently OK in society now that many confused adolescents and young adults are being steered down the transgenderite path by adult transgenderists lurking on message boards. Even without Munchausen parents, naive young people who are merely exploring their personalities and learning about the world can be snagged by trans activists on these message boards and convinced that they’re also transgenderites.


Munchausen by proxy, medical child abuse and paraphilic fantasy in mainstream transgenderism

Phrenology. This is what transgenderists actually believe.

You have probably seen many news stories in recent years about young children who are supposedly “transgender” — little girls who want to have short hair and play with trucks; little boys who want to have long hair and play with dolls. Instead of just letting them do this, parents of such children these days coercively program them with the belief that they “really are” the other sex.

The parents take their increasingly-confused kids to specialized “gender clinics” where depraved “doctors” confirm a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” — the little boy supposedly has a “female gender identity,” or vice-versa. Together, and without the child’s mature consent, the parents and doctors begin planning out the child’s “puberty suppression” with experimental drugs, soon to be followed by a range of major surgeries and a lifelong regimen of dangerous hormones.

The mass culture has been socially-ngineered.
The mass culture has been socially-engineered.

In other words, a shattered body and a whole life (though probably shortened) under close surveillance by the medical industry. The child’s parents then begin a publicity campaign with appearances on TV talk shows, magazine articles and YouTube videos.

Instead of reacting in a normal way to this blatant child abuse, i.e. with outrage and horror, the mainstream public has now been conditioned simply to smile and say how wonderful these parents and doctors are, how wonderful that science can now fix this “mistake.” Poor child, “born in the wrong body.”

from GenderTrender:

The “Transgender Chicken Circuit”, for the uninformed, is a patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances that savvy parents can weave together into a modest cottage industry of transgender child celebrity. Think of it as a Munchausen-marinated transgender version of “Toddlers and Tiaras” whose fans are aging cross-dressing male autogynephiles in possession of both a wistful longing for an unexperienced girlhood, and a generous disposable income. These men are the funders of the agencies and lobbying groups promoting the medicalization of childhood gender nonconformity. The best known example is billionaire financeer and lifelong closeted crossdresser (and father of three) James “Jennifer Natalya” Pritzker whose Tawani Foundation single-handedly funds the experimental pediatric transgender drug clinic at Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

What is really going on here?

There is no such thing as a “transgender child.”  The concept of an innate “gender identity” is completely fake. It was invented by male transvestites (with autogynephilia, the sexual kink of imagining themselves as “women,” taking synthetic “female” hormones and having drastic surgeries to superficially resemble real women) in order to justify their fetish and make it seem like it’s something people have innately, even before they are born.

It is crucial to the agenda of organized transgenderism that many examples of children with “gender dysphoria” be exhibited to the world. Only with “early examples” of “trans kids” can the “gender identity” lie be made to seem legitimate. Meanwhile, the adult female impersonators try desperately to suppress the evidence that their “gender identity” is based entirely on masturbation fantasies. Charming.

trannyThe male transgenderites, aided and abetted by crooked physicians, activist “researchers,” pharmaceutical and psychiatric industry donors, “civil society,” government and the mass media, have, for the moment, been wildly successful with their plan. New “adorable” child victims are trotted out every week, their “brave” parents celebrated, their “courageous” doctors applauded.

“Gender identity” is still a crock of shit. Remember “phrenology”? Gender identity is a throw-back to phrenology. There is nothing going on in the brain that would make a male child want to replicate stereotypes of “femininity” in his appearance and behavior, or vice-versa. Children sometimes don’t conform to sex role stereotypes.  It’s also important to consider the very strong likelihood that children’s parents are actually coaching them from a very early age to begin saying they are the opposite sex. These toddlers obviously don’t know any better, and such behaviors elicit smiles and praise from all the grown-ups — so they submit to this parental mind control.

In many of the videos presented of these children, it is easy to perceive a pedophilic subtext to the whole enterprise. Think of what is happening: The children are being manipulated to “change sex,” the dearest sexual fantasy of  male autogynephiles pushing the “gender identity” lie.

Paraphilias [like autogynephilia] tend to cluster or co-occur: Men with one paraphilia have an increased likelihood of having one or more other paraphilias as well. Because autogynephilia is conceptualized as a paraphilic phenomenon, it is not surprising that many informants described other paraphilias as well. These included sexual masochism and forced feminization, gynemimetophilia and gynandromorphophilia (attraction to feminized men), pedophilia, autonepiophilia (infantilism or adult baby syndrome), abasiophilia and autoabasiophilia (leg brace paraphilia), and unspecified paraphilias.

Not only are the male transvestites achieving their agenda, but the “home videos” of young boys being forcibly feminized turns them on too.

from GenderTrender again:

There is a disturbing element of pedophilia exhibited by many “fans” of the “Transgender Chicken Circuit,” as evidenced by plentiful transgender adult male YouTube channels featuring dozens of videos of these children, creepy-ass fetishized “fan sites”, and expensive glossy coffee table photography books of the sort that would get Calvin Klein into trouble. Add the transgender pornography sites which track the children’s “progress” and it’s pretty clear that sexualizing these children is a large part of their marketability.

Beyond the overt pedophilia, and the marketing of a fetishized version of “girlhood” to adult male fantasists, the transgender movement “needs” to create transgender children (as activist Autumn Sandeen has explained) to “take the sex out” of the transgender equation whose most dominant practitioners are adult male sexual fetishists. But perhaps the most important reason to impose transgender labels onto children is to publicize a “born this way” narrative like the one the gay liberation movement used to pacify critics.

Narcissistic parents who pimp out their children as “transgender” have a form of Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP). Some may just be extremely stupid, but I think most are well aware of what they’re doing.

MSP is defined by the following characteristics:

  1. a child’s illness is fictitious or induced by a caregiver;
  2. interaction with the health care system results in multiple medical tests and procedures;
  3. denial by the caregiver as to the real cause of the child’s illness; and
  4. symptoms abate following separation of the child from the caregiver.

These characteristics are found in most forms of child abuse.

Sounds accurate so far. There are different sub-types of MSP. Here’s one:

Factitious Disorder by Proxy

A psychiatric diagnosis in the perpetrating caregiver who falsifies or fabricates the child’s signs and symptoms to meet an underlying, self-serving psychological need to have or be associated with a chronically or seriously ill child, is diagnosed with factitious disorder by proxy (FDP). The emphasis is on the pathology of the adult.

That sounds right too.

"Coy" Mathis, his siblings and their Munchausen parents
“Coy” Mathis, his siblings and their Munchausen parents

Let’s look at the question in a different way, for a moment. What do we actually know about the psychopathology of parents who pimp out their “trans kids”? As early as 1991, Susan Coates and Sonia Marantz found that in mothers of boys with supposed “gender identity disorder,” more than half met diagnostic criteria for borderline personality disorder — they themselves had profound and psychotic problems with their “identities.” Only 6% of mothers of normal boys met the criteria. A much larger proportion of the “gender identity” mothers were also clinically depressed. This type of research is no longer permitted — it’s “transphobic.” You might as well say you wanted to replicate some of Dr. Mengele’s “experiments.”

But even putting aside any “psychiatric diagnoses” — and just looking at what they do — their publicity-seeking and extreme willingness to push their children into massive harms and multilations — it’s obvious that if they aren’t just totally stupid, these parents are completely disturbed and spiritually bankrupt individuals.

And now let’s look at the doctor’s role in perpetrating medical child abuse.

What makes MSP a unique form of child abuse is the active role health care professionals play in the initiation and perpetuation of the syndrome.

True enough. In the most “charitable” view, these poor doctors are also victims, guilty only of a failure to think critically.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy … evolves as a product of the relationship between a parent who has both the capacity for abuse and the potential to be gratified by the medical system and a medical system that is specialized, investigation-oriented, fascinated by rare conditions, often ignorant of abusive behaviors, and too accepting of reported histories.

However, that’s bullshit. One of a physician’s most important skills is a refined ability to figure out what’s really happening (i.e. differential diagnosis). There are so many other possibilities to explain why a boy may insist he’s a girl — most likely parental programming, as we’ve discussed, but they could also consider autism, dissociative disorders,  or even schizophrenia and other kinds of psychological problems — and they choose to move forward with the worst, fakest, most trendy and most destructive option: that he “really is” a girl and should be hormonally and surgically transformed into a simulacrum of “femininity.”

Given the nonsensicality of the diagnosis, the correct procedure would be to help the child get back in touch with reality, and if necessary, straighten out the idiot parents. Until just a few years ago, that was what they normally did.

goldThere is no question that the doctors and other “professionals” involved in this debauchery should be condemned for medical child abuse. Filthy perverts like Dr. Norman Spack — who was “salivating” at the prospect of sexually mutilating children’s bodies. Psychotic criminals like Dr. Johanna Olson (possibly a female impersonator) — who is happy to skip the “puberty blocking” drugs and just start the kids on hormones immediately, even at age 12. Other vicious child abusers like Dr. Sherman Leis and Dr. Michelle Forcier, who will get the sex-change party started as soon as the kids are 16. An actual autogynephiliac doctor, a very sick man called “Madeline” “Maddie” Deutsch, who also thinks it’s fine to start kids early on the hormones. “Jenn” Burleton isn’t a doctor, just a crazed male trans activist from Oregon who runs an organization dedicated to sexually mutilating children and teenagers.  He may be largely to blame for that state’s shocking new law.

All this despite plenty of evidence that left unmolested, very few so-called “transgender children” will have such inclinations when they grow up. (This essay analyzes the scare tactics used by trans activists to suggest that “trans kids” will have horrible lives and die young if they aren’t fast-tracked for hormones and surgery).

OK, so what about medical ethics? Surely these doctors must follow accepted principles of bioethics? Respect for autonomy, nonmaleficence (i.e. “first, do no harm”), beneficence? Nope. They follow only the “bible” of trans activists, the “World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standard of Care,” guidelines based mainly on wishful thinking, men’s sexual fantasies and women’s self-hatred.  Indeed, they often leave this document in the dust as they constantly remove more varieties of recommended “gatekeeping” — so insistent and determined they are to “get their hands dirty” with younger and younger children.

In an article called “How Young is Too Young: Ethical Concerns in Genital Surgery of the Transgender MTF Adolescent,” a pseudo-ethicist admits that these doctors have had to cook up new “ethical” principles as they went along: “A new set of ethical guidelines was created in order to support treatment professionals in their decision making process.”

It is the official standard of WPATH to defer genital surgery until the transitioning individual has reached 18 years of age. This position is also shared by The Endocrine Society, a worldwide organization dedicated to the education and practice advancement of endocrinology. In 2009, the Clinical Guidelines Subcommittee of the Society appointed a task force to formulate evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of transgender individuals [30]. By using the GRADE system (Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation), members of this and various other European endocrinological societies jointly issued a summary of recommendations concerning the treatment of adolescents, in which they suggested that surgery be deferred until the individual has reached the age of 18. In terms of grading, the recommendation itself is acknowledged by the Endocrine Society as “weak” and the quality of evidence “very low.” This is mainly because the evidence comes from unsystematic observations provided by the panelists whose principal source of evidentiary contributions consists of opinions, values, and preferences, with remarks subsumed under “suggestions.”

Although the Standards of Care recognize that the legal age of majority varies from nation to nation, the age of majority is currently 18 in both the United States and Germany; hence, the procedure performed on a 16-year old girl [sic] was clearly not in accordance with the WPATH Standards of Care— neither the current nor the previous version, valid during 2005–2011. In addition, anecdotal reports and personal communication with surgeons in the United States who wish to remain anonymous confirm that genital surgeries in female-affirmed patients under 18 have been performed, thereby contravening the Standards of Care and thus prompting physicians, therapists, and other clinical professionals who otherwise adhere to the WPATH criteria to maintain official silence in the matter. From a treatment perspective, this is no surprise—if social transitioning and administration of hormones are sliding toward younger ages, the request for surgical procedures among younger individuals will follow.

The murder of Rita Powers and a male transgenderist’s narcissistic rage

Walter Miller killed Rita Powers
Walter Miller killed Rita Powers

San Diego, California, 10 June 1998. In a frenzy of narcissistic rage, a man named Walter Miller, age 26, killed a woman named Rita Powers.

Rita, age 41, mother of two sons, was a psychotherapist in training. She was a kind and compassionate woman.

Walter was a typical male transgenderite, a man who got very sexually aroused by the thought of “being a woman” and “having women’s body parts.” He believed that he could actually become a “woman” through drastic “sex change” surgeries and taking synthetic “female” hormones. These feelings and beliefs are very consistent with a sexual perversion called autogynephilia. It is a paraphilia. Around 90% of male transgenderites, including Bruce Jenner, also have this condition. It is actually the reason they become trannies.

Walter was furious with Rita because she wouldn’t write a letter saying that he was an appropriate candidate for the “sex change” surgery that he so desperately craved, a complex series of butcheries to make his male genitals resemble an imitation “vagina.” Rita refused to write the letter because it was obvious that Walter was just a tranny autogynephiliac, a transvestite masturbator whose life was obsessively fixated on “transitioning” to being a fake “woman.” Rita had too much integrity to yield to his bullying and badgering about “the letter.” (By now, of course, it’s much, much easier for transgenderists in the USA to receive the horrific surgeries they desire. The government may even cover much of the expense.)

Walter came into Rita’s office with a pistol blazing. He killed Rita with extreme “over-kill” violence, 17 bullets from a big 9 mm gun. Then Walter killed himself.

It only took a week until other male trannies like Richard “Riki” Wilchins and “Nancy” Nangeroni rushed to blame Rita for provoking Walter to kill her. How dare anyone prevent a crazed male fetishist from going under the knife! The nerve of that bitch! Outrageous that there are rules, checks & balances, that sort of thing. Give the male trannies what they want, now! Or face the consequences!1!!

Murder-Suicide Raises Questions About Therapist’s Role in Sex Change Surgery
June 19, 1998
By Marian Jones

NEW YORK Last Wednesday, Rita Powers’ patient showed up for a therapy session with a 9 mm handgun.

In a burst of gunfire, the patient fatally shot Powers, a San Diego therapist, then turned the gun around and committed suicide. The motive? Powers had apparently refused to grant her client who dressed as a woman and preferred to be called “Julia” written approval for sex change surgery.

The incident highlights the unique and powerful role the mental health establishment plays in deciding who can get a sex change operation a role that is increasingly being called into question.

International guidelines followed by the medical community require two written letters of approval from licensed therapists specializing in this area, one with a doctorate-level degree, before medical professionals will perform the surgery.

The therapists must find that the patient meets the criteria for Gender Identity Disorder. This is defined in the DSM-IV, the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual, as a persistent discomfort with one’s assigned sex and a feeling that this sex is inappropriate. This must be coupled with a preoccupation for at least two years with changing one’s primary and secondary sex characteristics to that of the other sex.

Those diagnosed with the disorder, according to the guidelines, must also have dressed and lived as the preferred sex for at least one year, and must complete a minimum of six months of psychological counseling before being certified for sex reassignment.

The difficulty in obtaining approval under these guidelines can lead a person to become desperate, say advocates for transsexuals.

“When you deprive a person of medical services they feel they need, this can take the form of extreme actions toward themselves and even others,” commented Riki Wilchins, executive director of GenderPAC, a national advocacy group for gender-related issues.

Violence such as the San Diego murder-suicide is almost unheard of, Wilchins added, noting that self-destructive behavior such as substance abuse are more common.

Wilchins, who had sex reassignment surgery in 1980, does not believe that approval from a therapist should be required at all.

“When I went to get a nose job, they didn’t say, ‘You have rhino identity disorder.’ When I went to get my breasts done, they didn’t say, ‘You are a large-breasted woman trapped in a small-breasted woman’s body.’ Yet when I had the genital surgery, there was this arcane structure that says you must spend thousands of dollars getting psychiatrists and psychologists to say this is okay,” Wilchins said.

Sheila Dicks-on, Ph.D., a Phoenix psychologist specializing in gender identity, partly agrees. “For many, many people, this psychological certification is not a necessity.” But such an approval process is necessary in many cases, Dickson says, to ensure that the patient understands the implications of the procedure.

The guidelines safeguard against disastrous outcomes, according to Robert Segraves, M.D., a psychiatry professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. “People have enough trouble moving from one part of the country to another, in becoming parents, or in getting married. When you talk about changing gender, this is a huge adjustment.”

The psychiatric approval process also weeds out people who are mentally unstable, added Paul Tobias, Ph.D., a Los Angeles psychologist who has been working with transsexuals for 25 years. “There have always been a certain number of people with severe psychological problems who believe that if they change their body, they can resolve their emotional difficulties.”

“We want to make sure that a person is not suffering from multiple personality disorder,” added Mildred Brown, Ph.D., a Santa Clara, Calif., sexologist and author of a book on transsexualism. “If we did the surgery and then another personality of a different gender came out and found that body parts were missing or added, there would be a severe problem.”

A person seeking this surgery can also be “a homosexual in denial, who thinks that if they have the body of the opposite sex, they can relate (sexually) to the people they want to relate to, and society won’t stigmatize them for being gay,” Brown explained.

But Wilchins dismisses these concerns as overblown, noting that a very small percentage of people who have the surgery actually believe they made a mistake in doing so.

Wilchins and other transsexual advocates also take issue with the diagnostic category of Gender Identity Disorder.

There is no question that a transsexual who would murder a therapist and commit suicide is emotionally disturbed, and that many transsexuals could benefit from some therapy given that their situation can often lead to emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression, asserted Nancy Nangeroni, a male-to-female transsexual and the executive director of the Boston-based International Foundation for Gender Education.

“But the [general category of] Gender Identity Disorder stigmatizes gender diversity by making it a disorder of the individual rather than a product of a culture that has a narrow concept of gender,” Nangeroni said.

Wilchins’ group has organized demonstrations challenging this diagnostic category, the latest of which took place outside the American Psychiatric Association’s headquarters. She compares these efforts to the successful campaign that gays and lesbians mounted to get homosexuality declassified as a mental disorder 26 years ago.

“We would like to see this as a non-stigmatizing physical condition regarded as similar to pregnancy. [!!!] The only disorder here is a disorder in the minds of people who are uncomfortable with certain types of gender behavior,” Wilchins said.

Dickson, however, noted that while gender identity disorder can be unfairly stigmatizing, it is a necessary prerequisite for insurance coverage, which can be obtained for the expensive procedure if it is deemed medically essential.

The killer’s male tranny clique continued to blame Rita for her own murder. A couple of months later, the Fall 1998 edition of the transgenderist magazine “Transgender Tapestry” ran an article by “Gwendolyn Ann” Smith making excuses for Walter Miller and calling him by his “female” alias.

Soon, the January 1999 issue of the feminist magazine “Off Our Backs” provided excellent analysis of the male tranny write-up:

Transgender Magazine Blames Woman for Her Own Murder

The male tranny write-up about Walter Miller.
The male tranny write-up about Walter Miller. This guy “honestly cannot say” that he wouldn’t also have killed Rita for blocking his fetishized surgeries!

The front cover of Transgender Tapestry claims the magazine is dedicated to “Celebrating the Diversity of Gender Expression” – but the Fall 1998 issue of the magazine was nothing to celebrate. Inside, a full-page article explained that a female therapist named Rita Powers was murdered because she balked at issuing a letter recommending sex-reassignment surgery for her murderer, Walter Miller. The article consistently referred to Miller with female pronouns despite the fact that he held a job as a man.

“She was receiving some negativity from her therapist”, the article explained, “suicide being the only other course of action that she saw, she–violently took the life of the one person that was standing in the way”.

Nowhere in the article was there any sense of outrage at the crime or expression of sympathy for the victim of this indefensible act of male violence. Instead there was the attitude typically expressed by rapist and their defenders that the woman somehow brought it on herself because of her own actions. Not content with portraying the murderer as a victim, however, the author of the article attempted to further mitigate the severity of the crime by blaming society as a whole because of the discrimination perpetrated against transgenders in general.

The absurdity of this exculpation for murder is evident based upon facts contained in the article itself — for example, the fact that the murderer still lived and worked as a man and the fact that his legal name was still Walter Miller. Nevertheless, in homage to the “social construct” of gender embraced by Transgender Tapestry and its writers, the magazine consistently employed female pronouns and repeatedly referred to Miller with his alias of Julia Morgan.

The same magazine contained another column — entitled “Ethics and Transgender Care” — which exploited the murder of Rita Powers to open a critique of therapists and therapy in general.

Neither column bothered to provide any information about Powers. Did she have a family – a lesbian partner, a husband, a child or a pet? Is she mourned by loved-ones or did she lead a lonely existence? Readers won’t find the answers to those sorts of questions in the pages of Tapestry because the magazine is too busy celebrating “the diversity of gender expression” – and lamenting the subsequent suicide of Walter Miller – to waste any space on Miller’s victim.

Raging tranny narcissist Walter Miller didn’t just kill Rita Powers on an impulse or by accident. He murdered her with extreme, vicious, pre-meditated psychotic violence. He shot her 17 times “all over her body” with a high-powered semi-automatic handgun. Miller’s goal with those 17 bullets was to shred and mutilate the body of a 41-year old single mother, simply because she refused to participate in his deviant sexual fantasy.

Double-standard: Mass media reports conceal rampant crime by male transgenderites

This one was a few years ago. By now, tranny rights organizations would be outraged at the
This one was a few years ago. By now, tranny rights organizations would be outraged at the “misgendering.”

We now know that male transgenderists (i.e. men who claim to have a “female gender identity”) maintain a male pattern of criminality, and are convicted of violent crime at 18 times the rate of real women. Why, then, don’t we see news reports about these men’s arrests? It’s because the media wants only to report “positive,” “happy,” “inspiring” stories about them. If you type “transgender” into “Google News,” your results will mostly be stories about “transgender rights,” or the latest child to be told that he or she is “transgender,” or the latest celebrity to support  transgenderism, or the latest lawsuit launched by a female impersonator so he can play dress-up at work. You will never find stories about crimes committed by male transgenderites.

Two things happen in the media when these crimes occur.

1. The media report these crimes as having been committed by “women.” For example, this guy wanted to have sex with a horse. The headline reads “Woman arrested on bestiality charges.” It does say in the article that he is a transvestite named Donald, but the whole article continues with “she,” “her,” “the woman.” In another example, this male transgenderist was convicted of murder for injecting silicone in the butts of other male transgenderists, one of whom died. The article doesn’t even mention that this is a female impersonator, and simply describes the man (and the other female impersonators he injected) as “she,” “her,” “woman.” etc. The effect of this fakery is that the average reader begins to believe that real women are doing these violent, usually disgusting crimes far more than they actually are. They rarely pick up on the fact that these criminals are men in dresses, not actual women. There are many other examples of this kind of journalistic lying.

2. The media report these crimes as having been committed by a “man dressed as a woman,” a “cross-dresser” etc. In the current atmosphere of political correctness and language policing, the impression conveyed is that “these are not transgender people,” of course not, they are just the usual sickos and fetishists who, as one would expect, are out committing crimes. The reality is that we are talking about the same people. It’s actually FACTUAL and correct to describe these criminals as men in dresses — but if the story is “negative,” the media goes out of its way to pretend that this criminality has nothing to do with “authentic” female impersonation.

When the media mixes it up — saying “transgender,” but referring to the perpetrator as “he” and “him,” the male transgenderites fly into a narcissistic rage on the pedophile child molester’s behalf! This is consistent with other efforts by male trannies such as famous actor “Laverne” Cocks to defend other female impersonators who are locked up for raping and murdering children.

Here are some news stories about male transgenderists committing crimes, often violent ones.

Male transgenderites are 18 times more likely than real women to be convicted of violent crime

Any one of these hulking bruisers is liable to fly into a fit of transgender narcissistic rage at being
Any one of these hulking bruisers is liable to fly into a fit of transgender narcissistic rage at being “misgendered”

It is dangerous for women and girls if female impersonators are allowed into women’s restrooms, changing rooms or any other kind of space designed for women’s exclusive use. Nearly all men pretending to be “women” are walking around continuously all jacked up in high sexual arousal or at the very least, in the “thrill” of forbidden boundary-crossing. Despite the angry denials by male trannies and their enablers in the transgenderism industry, there is actually a huge amount of evidence that these transvestite masturbators are as much a danger to women as normal men.

Sure, some individual man might be a “really nice guy” and “wouldn’t hurt anyone” but that’s not the point. If nice male trannies are allowed in women’s spaces, all the dangerous cocks-in-frocks are also allowed in there.

  • Question: How can women tell the difference between the “nice” female impersonators and the psychopaths?
  • Answer: They can’t.

Also, when you get down to it there really is no difference! Both are psychotically acting out an obsessive sexual fantasy in which real women are erased (because “woman” is just a sexy feeling in a man’s head) and the men “become women.” Both launch into actual rage when they are “misgendered” or if their “womanhood” is brought into question. They are deeply disturbed, very confused and very male.

And what is a woman to these men, whether nice man or no? Just a collection of the “right body parts” and the mimicry of “feminine” stereotypes. Like strange sexual parasites, male trannies obsessively crave to “own” and occupy a woman’s body. Men in dresses are not actually women, not even when they’re all hopped up on estrogen and don’t have very much testosterone. Not even when they’ve had “facial feminization surgery” or are talking in fake voices! They are still men! Same guy, different outfit! Nearly all of these men claim to be “lesbians,” whether or not they’ve had their penises inverted to form fantasy fake “vaginas” — many now insist that their “penises are female.” And guess what, real women: they (still) expect you to desire sex with them. Real women and girls have every reason to believe, just as with any strange man seen in the ladies’ room, that these male trannies are dangerous.

Here’s some science. Researchers in Sweden followed up on the outcomes of all people receiving “transsexual” surgery in that country between 1973-2003. This included 191 male-to-fake-females.

Regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.

In other words, male trannies were nearly 7 times more likely than real women to have been convicted of a crime. They were just as likely as any normal man to have been convicted of a crime.

The article doesn’t spell out violent crime comparisons in the main text, only saying “the same was true regarding violent crime,” but they provide some tables with additional data. It turns out that male trannies were over 18 times more likely than real women to have been convicted of a violent crime (aHR 18.1, 95% CI 5.4 to 61.2). They were just as likely as normal men to be convicted of violent crime.

How about some examples of male tranny violence? It’s a myth, right? Doesn’t happen? Actually, it happens a LOT. Here’s just a few examples:

It’s not even really about “using the restroom.” Part of the male tranny sexual fantasy is to violate women’s space, to be “accepted as a woman” in places reserved for women. When a woman sees a male transgenderite in the rest-room, she may not say anything, she may even smile, and then she just tries to leave as quickly as possible. Why? Because she knows he is a man, and men are dangerous to women. For his part, the male tranny takes her silence and smile as an indication that he is “passing as a woman,” or that at least he is “fully accepted in women’s spaces.” This “validation” (as he sees it) gives him a huge rush of sexual excitement. This is how they operate.

There is a lot of disinformation being put out by transgenderists that these femininity-fetishizers are gentle sweet souls who are completely safe and trustworthy in women’s restrooms and other places where men shouldn’t go. It’s not true. Male transgenderites are not women. They commit crime (including violent crime) at the same rate as other men. They commit more than 18 times the violent crime of real women. It doesn’t mean that every female impersonator is a rapist, but it definitely does mean that women cannot afford to believe they’re safe to be alone with these men. Don’t believe the media bullshit about how harmless the male trannies are; all they want to do is “be themselves,” etc. “Gender identity” is a scam developed to conceal an embarrassing truth.

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Autogynephile Robert
Autogynephile Robert “Michelle” Kosilek, doing life in prison for killing a woman

Autogynephile Jeff Norsworthy, doing life in prison for killing a man
Autogynephile Jeff Norsworthy, doing life in prison for killing a man

Autogynephile Richard “Sherry” Masbruch, doing life in prison for torturing and raping many women

Autogynephile Douglas “Donna” Perry admits to killing three women, awaits trial

Autogynephile Dennis “Allison” Woolbert served six years in prison for sexually repeatedly raping a child. Became a tranny when he got out of prison, in part to conceal his past.

Autogynephile Boyd
Autogynephile Boyd “Fallon” Fox gets his jollies from beating the shit out of women

Autogynephile “Colleen” Francis is an ex-military man who exposed his genitals to young girls in a women’s locker room, and blamed them for daring to complain

Autogynephile James
Autogynephile James “Andrea James” Mead made pornographic, violent threats to the young children of a university professor
Autogynephile murderer Paul Luckman
Autogynephile murderer Paul Luckman
Autogynephile child rapist Paul Witherspoon
Autogynephile child rapist Paul Witherspoon

Australo-autogynephile Paul Denyer, who killed three women and expressly admitted that he hates women.
Australian autogynephile Paul Denyer, in prison for killing three women. He expressly admits that he killed them because he hates women.

“Gender identity” — Children sacrificed on an altar of male sexual perversion

Gender identity

These days we often see news stories or blogs about “transgender children.” Isn’t this proof that “gender identity” is real, and biological in nature?

Nope. There is no such thing as a “transgender child.” “Gender identity” is a completely fake and bogus idea, invented by male sexual fetishists who have thrown normal life away, and often destroyed their families, in order to pursue their strange addiction. Parents who pimp out their children as “transgender” may have serious personality disorders or they may just be really stupid. Because the male trannies are so passionately delusional as well as well-connected in media, government and academia, they have successfully promoted “gender identity” as if it existed.

There is nothing going on in the brain or anywhere else that would make a male child want to replicate stereotypes of “femininity” (e.g. liking the color pink, wishing to wear dresses, wanting to play with dolls, etc.), or a girl replicate stereotyped “masculinity.” Children sometimes don’t conform to sex role stereotypes. Little girls may want to have short hair, build tree-forts, play football and hang out with the boys. It doesn’t mean these girls are actually boys. Little boys may want to have long hair, try on sister’s clothes, play with dolls, hang out with the girls. It doesn’t mean these boys are actually girls. Children have their own individual personalities.

Nowadays, however, out of some hellish combo of stupidity, greed and mental illness, many parents are jumping on the transwagon and coercively transsexualizing these kids.

These children who don’t comply with sex role stereotypes and are being pushed into medicalized transgenderism by their parents and crooked doctors are really being sacrificed on an altar of male tranny sexual perversion.

Gender identity

This will bring them a lifetime under medical surveillance, coping with lifelong recovery from drastic surgeries, remaining at high risk of cardiovascular and other health problems due to “hormone” treatment.

Before “gender identity,” nearly all children who didn’t comply with sex role stereotypes simply grew out of desiring to be or insisting they were the opposite sex. Nowadays, almost none of them do — they are fast-tracked for medical transsexualism.

The reality is that the vast majority of cocks in frocks  (including Bruce Jenner and around 90% of other men in dresses) are what we used to call transvestites — they get sexually turned on from the fantasy of “being a woman.” They dress-up and pretend to be women (or daydream about doing so), or watch pornography about transgenderism, and then they masturbate. It is a sexual fetish that takes over their lives. It becomes a narcissistic addiction, after years of ritualistic and highly-charged sexualized cross-dressing. Even if estrogen has reduced their sex drive somewhat, which is very debatable, their keen narcissistic desire for “validation” (e.g. through being “accepted” in women’s restrooms) keeps them very hopped up and excited. If normal people do not comply with their insistence on “the right pronouns,” or with being fully “accepted” in women’s private spaces, they are likely to fly into a towering tizzy of transgender narcissistic rage.

Researchers call this condition “autogynephilia,” and because a lifestyle based on masturbation fantasies is embarrassing the men are deadly afraid for this to become known. Indeed, it is practically forbidden to even mention autogynephilia, and although a rare few are honest enough to admit it, nearly all of the female impersonators will deny it until the cows come home.

For this reason, the male trannies have invented the notion of an innate “gender identity.” They retroactively invent or exaggerate incidents from their own childhoods that would suggest a “female gender identity.” It is extremely important to organized transgenderism for the masses of people to believe that “gender identity” is something that children are born with.

(Women who take medical measures to become fake “men” and who insist they are men have a completely different situation from the men who pretend to be “women.” In our culture, females are taught almost from infancy that their bodies are highly problematic. Women who try to be men are dealing with internalized misogyny and often internalized homophobia. GenderTrender has some excellent articles concerning these “FTM” women. The mens’ “gender identity”  lie has hooked some women into it, particularly young women.)

A female impersonator called “Autumn” Sandeen has admitted that if children can be seen to have opposite sex “gender identity,” it “takes the sex out of the equation” in regard to the male trannies.  If the world believes in “gender identity,” these men reckon, they won’t ever have to admit the embarrassing truth about why they chose to become trannies.

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Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

Bruce Jenner, porn addict and autogynephile
Bruce Jenner, porn addict and blatant autogynephile

The idea that one’s sex is a “feeling,” not a fact, has permeated our culture and is leaving casualties in its wake. “Gender dysphoria” should be treated with psychotherapy, not surgery. This is a new article by Dr. Paul McHugh, re-blogged from the Witherspoon Institute’s “Public Discourse.”

For forty years as the University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School—twenty-six of which were also spent as Psychiatrist in Chief of Johns Hopkins Hospital—I’ve been studying people who claim to be transgender. Over that time, I’ve watched the phenomenon change and expand in remarkable ways.

A rare issue of a few men—both homosexual and heterosexual men, including some who sought sex-change surgery because they were erotically aroused by the thought or image of themselves as women—has spread to include women as well as men. Even young boys and girls have begun to present themselves as of the opposite sex. Over the last ten or fifteen years, this phenomenon has increased in prevalence, seemingly exponentially. Now, almost everyone has heard of or met such a person.

Publicity, especially from early examples such as “Christine” Jorgenson, “Jan” Morris, and “Renee” Richards, has promoted the idea that one’s biological sex is a choice, leading to widespread cultural acceptance of the concept. And, that idea, quickly accepted in the 1980s, has since run through the American public like a revelation or “meme” affecting much of our thought about sex.

The champions of this meme, encouraged by their alliance with the broader LGBT movement, claim that whether you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, is more of a disposition or feeling about yourself than a fact of nature. And, much like any other feeling, it can change at any time, and for all sorts of reasons. Therefore, no one could predict who would swap this fact of their makeup, nor could one justifiably criticize such a decision.

At Johns Hopkins, after pioneering sex-change surgery, we demonstrated that the practice brought no important benefits. As a result, we stopped offering that form of treatment in the 1970s. Our efforts, though, had little influence on the emergence of this new idea about sex, or upon the expansion of the number of “transgendered” among young and old.

Olympic Athlete Turned “Pin-Up” Girl

This history may clarify some aspects of the latest high-profile transgender claimant. Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic decathlon champion, is turning away from his titular identity as one of the “world’s greatest male athletes.” Jenner announced recently that he “identifies as a woman” and, with medical and surgical help, is busy reconstructing his physique.

I have not met or examined Jenner, but his behavior resembles that of some of the transgender males we have studied over the years. These men wanted to display themselves in sexy ways, wearing provocative female garb. More often than not, while claiming to be a woman in a man’s body, they declared themselves to be “lesbians” (attracted to other women). The photograph of the posed, corseted, breast-boosted Bruce Jenner (a man in his mid-sixties, but flaunting himself as if a “pin-up” girl in her twenties or thirties) on the cover of Vanity Fair suggests that he may fit the behavioral mold that Ray Blanchard has dubbed an expression of “autogynephilia”—from gynephilia (attracted to women) and auto (in the form of oneself).

The Emperor’s New Clothes

But the meme—that your sex is a feeling, not a biological fact, and can change at any time—marches on through our society. In a way, it’s reminiscent of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. In that tale, the Emperor, believing that he wore an outfit of special beauty imperceptible to the rude or uncultured, paraded naked through his town to the huzzahs of courtiers and citizens anxious about their reputations. Many onlookers to the contemporary transgender parade, knowing that a disfavored opinion is worse than bad taste today, similarly fear to identify it as a misapprehension.

I am ever trying to be the boy among the bystanders who points to what’s real. I do so not only because truth matters, but also because overlooked amid the hoopla—enhanced now by Bruce Jenner’s celebrity and Annie Leibovitz’s photography—stand many victims. Think, for example, of the parents whom no one—not doctors, schools, nor even churches—will help to rescue their children from these strange notions of being transgendered and the problematic lives these notions herald. These youngsters now far outnumber the Bruce Jenner type of transgender. Although they may be encouraged by his public reception, these children generally come to their ideas about their sex not through erotic interests but through a variety of youthful psychosocial conflicts and concerns.

First, though, let us address the basic assumption of the contemporary parade: the idea that exchange of one’s sex is possible. It, like the storied Emperor, is starkly, nakedly false. Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they “identify.” In that lies their problematic future.

When “the tumult and shouting dies,” it proves not easy nor wise to live in a counterfeit sexual garb. The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people—extending over thirty years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered—documents their lifelong mental unrest. Ten to fifteen years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to twenty times that of comparable peers.

How to Treat Gender Dysphoria

So how should we make sense of this matter today? As with any mental phenomenon, what’s crucial is noting its fundamental characteristic and then identifying the many ways in which that characteristic can manifest itself.

The central issue with all transgender subjects is one of assumption—the assumption that one’s sexual nature is misaligned with one’s biological sex. This problematic assumption comes about in several different ways, and these distinctions in its generation determine how to manage and treat it.

Based on the photographic evidence one might guess Bruce Jenner falls into the group of men who come to their disordered assumption through being sexually aroused by the image of themselves as women. He could have been treated for this misaligned arousal with psychotherapy and medication. Instead, he found his way to surgeons who worked him over as he wished. Others have already commented on his stereotypic caricature of women as decorative “babes” (“I look forward to wearing nail polish until it chips off,” he said to Diane Sawyer)—a view that understandably infuriates feminists—and his odd sense that only feelings, not facts, matter here.

For his sake, however, I do hope that he receives regular, attentive follow-up care, as his psychological serenity in the future is doubtful. Future men with similar feelings and intentions should be treated for those feelings rather than being encouraged to undergo bodily changes. Group therapies are now available for them.

Most young boys and girls who come seeking sex-reassignment are utterly different from Jenner. They have no erotic interest driving their quest. Rather, they come with psychosocial issues—conflicts over the prospects, expectations, and roles that they sense are attached to their given sex—and presume that sex-reassignment will ease or resolve them.

The grim fact is that most of these youngsters do not find therapists willing to assess and guide them in ways that permit them to work out their conflicts and correct their assumptions. Rather, they and their families find only “gender counselors” who encourage them in their sexual misassumptions.

Those with Gender Dysphoria Need Evidence-Based Care

There are several reasons for this absence of coherence in our mental health system. Important among them is the fact that both the state and federal governments are actively seeking to block any treatments that can be construed as challenging the assumptions and choices of transgendered youngsters. “As part of our dedication to protecting America’s youth, this administration supports efforts to ban the use of conversion therapy for minors,” said Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to President Obama.

In two states, a doctor who would look into the psychological history of a transgendered boy or girl in search of a resolvable conflict could lose his or her license to practice medicine. By contrast, such a physician would not be penalized if he or she started such a patient on hormones that would block puberty and might stunt growth.

What is needed now is public clamor for coherent science—biological and therapeutic science—examining the real effects of these efforts to “support” transgendering. Although much is made of a rare “intersex” individual, no evidence supports the claim that people such as Bruce Jenner have a biological source for their transgender assumptions. Plenty of evidence demonstrates that with him and most others, transgendering is a psychological rather than a biological matter.

In fact, gender dysphoria—the official psychiatric term for feeling oneself to be of the opposite sex—belongs in the family of similarly disordered assumptions about the body, such as anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder. Its treatment should not be directed at the body as with surgery and hormones any more than one treats obesity-fearing anorexic patients with liposuction. The treatment should strive to correct the false, problematic nature of the assumption and to resolve the psychosocial conflicts provoking it. With youngsters, this is best done in family therapy.

The larger issue is the meme itself. The idea that one’s sex is fluid and a matter open to choice runs unquestioned through our culture and is reflected everywhere in the media, the theater, the classroom, and in many medical clinics. It has taken on cult-like features: its own special lingo, internet chat rooms providing slick answers to new recruits, and clubs for easy access to dresses and styles supporting the sex change. It is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges.

But gird your loins if you would confront this matter. Hell hath no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.

Paul McHugh, MD, is University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is the author of The Mind Has Mountains: Reflections on Society and Psychiatry.

Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner and transgenderism: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner and his desire to become a fake “woman.”

Q: Is Bruce Jenner a woman now? Can a man become a woman?

A: No. Bruce Jenner is and always will be a man. A man cannot become a woman. It doesn’t matter if he takes synthetic “female” hormones or has “facial feminization surgery” or has surgery to make his genitals resemble “female” genitals. It doesn’t matter if he has large breasts. None of that matters at all. “Woman” is more than a grab-bag of “body parts” that a man can buy from surgeons and other doctors. Bruce Jenner is male. As everyone knows, competing against a bunch of other males 40 years ago he beat them all with his athleticism. He’s also the father of six children. Additional proof of Jenner’s 100% maleness, and the maleness of all other men who want to be “women,” includes the following:

“Gender identity” is complete nonsense

Q: Bruce Jenner says that he has a “female brain” and “knew he was a woman since age five.” Is there some kind of innate “gender identity”? Do male transgenderites really have a “female brain” that gives them some claim to being “women”?

A: No. Around 90% of female impersonators, including Bruce Jenner, have a condition called autogynephilia. It is a sexual paraphilia, an intense and narcissistic sexual desire to “become a woman” and also to insist that the rest of society play along with their fantasy and interact with them as though they actually were “women.” It is a condition found only in men. These men are sexually attracted to women and for the most part seem to live normal, “masculine” lives until adulthood. Often husbands and fathers, they eventually feel ready to “throw it all away” and begin clowning themselves to the world as fake “ladies.”

In the old days, before the internet, men with this condition were called transvestites. After dressing up in women’s clothes, or at least fantasizing about “being women,” they masturbate. These men mostly kept their erotic antics to themselves (though many wives suffered through them), or at least didn’t try to force society to comply with their delusions. Only rarely would you ever hear about a man “becoming a transsexual,” taking hormones, having surgeries. Since the internet came along, however, many, many more of these men — including teenagers who are simply confused — are being encouraged by other male transgenderists to “take it all the way.” On top of that, it seems that there’s lots of money to be made by mainstreaming transgenderism, so nowadays the mass media, government and the medical/transgenderism “industry” are relentlessly pushing it.

In male transgenderites with autogynephilia, a “female gender identity” only comes along after many years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing. In other words, Bruce Jenner knows he’s a man, has always enjoyed being a man and has a complete identity as a man. However, he also knows that he has daydreamed and had sexual fantasies about “being a woman” for most of his life. Until recently, those fantasies stayed in fantasy-world and if he secretly played dress-up sometimes, it was nobody’s business. He was still just Bruce, a manly man who enjoyed his life. In recent years, however, the temptation to push past the fantasy’s old limits became too strong. Society now encourages that sexy pleasure, so why not get lost in it — soak up the stereotypes of “femininity” — feel that formerly-forbidden “high.” And this is what Jenner has done in cultivating his “female gender identity.”

The masses have been conditioned to believe that transsexualizing children is
The masses have been conditioned to believe that transsexualizing children is “wonderful.” It’s not.

Q: What about “transgender children”? Isn’t that proof that “gender identity” is real, and biological in nature?

A: There is no such thing as a “transgender child.” And no, “gender identity” is completely fake. There is nothing going on in the brain or anywhere else that would make a male child want to replicate stereotypes of “femininity” (e.g. liking the color pink, wishing to wear dresses, wanting to play with dolls, etc.), or vice-versa. Children sometimes don’t conform to sex role stereotypes. Little girls may want to have short hair, build tree-forts, play football and hang out with the boys. It doesn’t mean these girls are actually boys. Little boys may want to have long hair, try on sister’s clothes, play with dolls, hang out with the girls. It doesn’t mean these boys are actually girls. Children have their own individual personalities. Nowadays, however, out of stupidity, Munchausen by proxy or just plain greed, many parents and doctors are jumping on the tranny bandwagon and forcibly transsexualizing these kids.

These children who don’t comply with sex role stereotypes and are being transsexualized by their parents and crooked doctors are really being sacrificed on the altar of Bruce Jenner’s (and other male transgenderists’) sexual perversion.

The reality is that the vast majority of men who claim to be “women” have autogynephilia, and because it is embarrassing they are deadly afraid for this to become known. Indeed, it is practically forbidden to even mention autogynephilia, and although a rare few are honest enough to admit it, nearly all of the female impersonators will deny it until the cows come home. For this reason, they have invented the notion of an innate “gender identity.” They retroactively invent or exaggerate incidents from their own childhoods that would suggest a “gender identity.” It is extremely important to organized transgenderism for the masses of people to believe that “gender identity” is something that children are born with. Indeed, transgenderites also begin to believe their own propaganda. If the world believes it too, then these men won’t ever have to admit the embarrassing truth about why they turned their secret sexual fantasies into a lifestyle.

Meanwhile, science has shown that any evidence used by transgenderists to try to prove “gender identity” is completely ridiculous. Even if there were any differences between the brains of transgenderists and normal people, it would likely just indicate the presence of neurosis or psychological trauma — not “gender identity.”

It is not “normal” or healthy to disfigure and surgically mutilate one’s healthy male body in order to match up with a sexualized fantasy image of “femininity.” Bruce Jenner is a very sick and disturbed man.

And last but not least: Everyone should know that Bruce Jenner killed a woman just a few months ago. He acts like nothing ever happened.

Jenner’s first Twitter post was a picture of his crotch. That should tell you something. Meanwhile, it’s almost as though Kim Howe never existed. Bruce’s fantasy life and money-making opportunities are much more important, of course.

New scale for diagnosing autogynephilia is very telling

Bruce Jenner and most all the other dress-up boys
Bruce Jenner and most all the other dress-up boys

This article is sort of specialized to research methodology, but it tells a lot about the different manifestations of autogynephilia and what’s going through these guys’ heads.

Autogynephilia is a man’s paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman (Blanchard, 1989a). Autogynephilia can be conceptualized as an erotic target location error, which involves mislocating a preferred erotic target within one’s own body or internalizing an external erotic target (Blanchard, 1991; Freund & Blanchard, 1993; Lawrence, 2009). In the case of autogynephilia, a man who is otherwise sexually attracted to women mislocates them within himself and is thus sexually attracted to the act or the fantasy of resembling or impersonating women (e.g., by cross-dressing). In other words, autogynephilia can be understood as a kind of erotic target location error that occurs in men who are sexually attracted to women or whose preferred erotic targets are women.

Consistent with the idea that autogynephilia is a misdirected type of heterosexual attraction, Blanchard (1992) demonstrated that autogynephilia tends to compete with typical sexual interest in women. In addition to cross-dressing, which is the most familiar way in which autogynephilia manifests, there are other behaviors and fantasies related to the idea of being a woman that autogynephilic men find sexually arousing. Blanchard (1991) described four aspects of being a woman that manifest in the sexual behaviors and fantasies of autogynephilic men: exhibiting female physiologic functions, engaging in stereotypically feminine behavior, possessing female anatomic structures, and dressing in women’s clothing. He labeled these different ways in which autogynephilia manifests as types of autogynephilia and called them physiologic autogynephilia, behavioral autogynephilia, anatomic autogynephilia, and transvestic autogynephilia, respectively.

Examples of physiologic autogynephilia include sexual fantasies of lactating, breastfeeding, and menstruating (Blanchard, 1991). Some autogynephilic men also find the idea of being pregnant to be sexually arousing. Behavioral autogynephilia involves behaving in a stereotypically feminine way or performing activities that symbolize femininity. For instance, some autogynephilic men report sexual arousal at the idea of speaking and walking in a feminine manner or of being with other women in a locker room or in a hair salon (Blanchard, 1991;Lawrence, 2013). Others report sexual excitement from seemingly trivial or mundane feminine activities, such as knitting in a circle with other women, owning a girl’s bike, or taking birth control pills. Men who experience the anatomic type of autogynephilia may be sexually aroused by the mere idea of having a woman’s body or they may focus on specific female anatomic features, such as the breasts or the vulva. Sexual arousal at the thought or image of having a woman’s hairless legs, buttocks, or face also constitutes anatomic autogynephilia. Blanchard (1993a,b) found that the anatomic type of autogynephilia was closely associated with gender dysphoria,or feelings of discontent with one’s biological sex, among autogynephilic men. Specifically, Blanchard showed that autogynephilic men who reported the most arousal at the thought or image of themselves as nude rather than partially or fully clothed women were more gender dysphoric (Blanchard, 1993b) and that those specifically aroused by the idea of having a vulva were also more gender dysphoric (Blanchard, 1993a). Transvestic autogynephilia is generally considered synonymous with erotic cross-dressing, or transvestic fetishism, and it is one very unambiguous and behavioral way in which an autogynephilic man can make himself more like a woman. It is also considered the most frequent manifestation of autogynephilia (Lawrence, 2013).

A fifth putative type of autogynephilia that has important theoretical and clinical relevance is interpersonal autogynephilia, or sexual interest in interacting with or being admired by other people as a woman (also called autogynephilic interpersonal fantasy) (Blanchard, 1989b). Most commonly, such behaviors and fantasies involve sexual intercourse or activity with other people (either real or imagined) while cross-dressed or thinking of oneself as a woman (Blanchard, 1991). Blanchard subsumed the autogynephilic behaviors and fantasies of this variety under behavioral autogynephilia, but he noted their particular significance relative to other behaviors and fantasies of the behavioral type. For example, Blanchard found that self-reported autogynephilic interpersonal fantasy was more highly endorsed among autogynephilic men identifying as bisexual compared with those identifying as heterosexual (Blanchard, 1989b). Blanchard speculated that bisexual behavior and identity among autogynephilic men reflects interpersonal autogynephilia—specifically, their sexual interest in the idea of having sex with men as a woman—rather than genuine attraction to male bodies in addition to female bodies. Thus, a distinction between interpersonal autogynephilia and the more broadly defined behavioral autogynephilia seems conceptually useful.

Although there is value in categorizing the various ways in which autogynephilia manifests, it is not clear how the different types of autogynephilia are organized. For example, it is conceivable that autogynephilic men focus on one type or a few types of autogynephilia at the expense of others. Alternatively, there might be only one general dimension of autogynephilia, with the most autogynephilic men especially likely to exhibit multiple types of autogynephilia. From numerous case reports (Blanchard, 1991; Lawrence, 2013), it seems common for different types of autogynephilia to co-occur within an individual. In addition, a particular autogynephilic behavior or fantasy may include elements from more than one type. For example, simulating a pregnant woman may involve cross-dressing in maternity clothes and could be considered both physiologic and transvestic autogynephilia. Wearing a female cheerleader’s outfit may be a form of transvestic autogynephilia, behavioral autogynephilia, or both, depending on the meaning that an autogynephilic man ascribes to the act. If he is aroused by wearing feminine clothing, then he is manifesting transvestic autogynephilia, but if he is aroused by enacting the female-typical role of a cheerleader, then he is manifesting behavioral autogynephilia. It is often the case, however, that an autogynephilic man is aroused by the variety of ways in which a behavior or fantasy is feminine. Because types usually refer to discrete categories, referring to the different manifestations of autogynephilia as types might be less than ideal, as they appear dimensional (i.e., they overlap and can be expressed to different degrees).

The present study attempted to clarify the structure of autogynephilia psychometrically. Specifically, we focused on the extent to which the different types of autogynephilia manifest in autogynephilic men, their relations among each other, and their relations to a more broadly construed construct of autogynephilia. Although previous researchers (e.g., Blanchard, 1991; Lawrence, 2013) have speculated about the differential prevalences of the various types of autogynephilia, there is no strong or empirically supported evidence to suggest what these might be. We assembled 22 items to assess five types of autogynephilia in a sample of autogynephilic men and subjected the items to exploratory factor analysis, which attempted to explain the variability and correlations among the items by reducing them to reflect latent factors. We then examined the evidence for five group factors and a general factor of autogynephilia that underlies them. In order to test construct validity, we compared the autogynephilic sample with heterosexual men from a control sample who were unlikely to be autogynephilic. Finally, we created factor derived scales and subscales from the 22 items and tested their psychometric properties and concurrent validity with variables related to autogynephilia (e.g., gender dysphoria).


DOWNLOAD ARTICLE: Hsu KJ, Rosenthal AM, Bailey JM. The Psychometric Structure of Items Assessing Autogynephilia. Arch Sex Behav. 2014 Oct 3.

DOWNLOAD whining (about “misgendering”) riposte by male tranny researcher Jamie Veale

Male “transgender” sexual perversion is a money-maker for many

Because male trannies hide an embarrassing secret, everything you see in this picture is supposed to be
Because male trannies hide an embarrassing secret, everything you see in this picture is supposed to be “normal” now.

Transgenderism is all the rage these days, as celebrities, mass media, government, academia, and official psychiatric planners fall all over themselves pushing the lie that the intense desire of apparently normal heterosexual males to start wearing pink satin underwear and carve up their bodies to match “feminine” stereotypes is based on some kind of inborn “female gender identity.” What do you think would would happen if it became widely known that an out-of-control sexual fantasy was really the motivating factor in the overwhelming majority of male-to-fake-“female” transgenderists? If people knew that the “gender identity” myth was merely an alibi to protect men from an embarrassing truth, we would be arresting people who forcibly transsexualized their children and we sure wouldn’t be talking about changing laws so that men can use the ladies’ room.

This man’s embarrassment about his sexual perversion is one reason we now see an increasing number of media stories about “transgender children.

Lots of people and organizations are making good money as the mass public is socially engineered to believe in “gender identity,” and “acceptance” of transgenderism into all aspects of everyday life is manufactured. Almost every week we read a new report of a child who doesn’t conform to sex role stereotypes being coercively mainstreamed into a medicalized life of drastic surgeries and lifelong faking of biological reality. Instead of reacting to this medical experimentation in a healthy way, i.e. with astonishment, shock and anger, the public has now been conditioned to accept such news as a “feel good story,” a sign of society’s progress. Little girls who prefer stereotypic “boy” clothes and games, who we used to call “tomboys,” are now actively being pushed by narcissistic greedy parents into taking “puberty suppression” drugs and soon beginning enormous lifelong hormonal and surgical manipulations. Little boys who like stereotypic “girl” activities and behaviors are now told they actually are girls and are channeled into a similar one-way process. Meanwhile, multiple studies have shown that nearly all children who claim they are really the other sex will actually outgrow that belief by adulthood; too late for those nowadays who have forcibly been fast-tracked to transsexualism.

As transgenderism has become more “visible” in society, some adolescents with common kinds of immature confusion about their personalities, sexual attractions and so on, are being told that they are definitely “transgender” and that they should “transition” to the other sex as soon as possible. Without mature consideration, and with the medical transgenderism industry’s complete and happy support, many are now attempting to do so.

All of these children and young people are being sacrificed on an obscene altar of male sexual desire.

Male trannies hanging out in the women's rest-room
Male trannies hanging out in the women’s rest-room. “Gender identity”? Nope. They get off on it.

The reality of men’s insane craving to “become women” is much simpler than the official story about some hypothesized brain glitch or genetic difference. Around 90% of male transgenderists have autogynephilia, a sexual perversion in which men experience intense sexual arousal at the idea of themselves “being women” and being treated in society “as women.” There is no such thing as an innate “gender identity.” A “female gender identity” emerges in male transgenderists only after years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing. They are often quite “normal” heterosexual men, having “masculine” interests, having wives & girlfriends, fathering children, and seeming like regular straight guys. Men like this used to be called “transvestites,” but since the internet came along the majority of transvestites are progressing to full-blown transsexualism. Because sexual perversions like autogynephilia are embarrassing and tend to invalidate any rationale for destroying their families, men have cooked up the notion of an innate “gender identity.”

Indeed, it is completely forbidden to speak of autogynephilia! Autogynephiliac male trannies fly into “transgender narcissistic rage” and will try to destroy anyone daring to mention the word. Male trannies all over the internet try to insist that autogynephilia is “disproven,” but there is actually lots of evidence that it’s completely real.

“Gender identity” is a money-maker.

For whom?

1. The medical transgenderism industry (including psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, surgeons, academic researchers, activist groups, “trans” celebrities, drug companies).

This is what organized transgenderism calls “the basic healthcare they need to survive”:

Men trying to become fake “women”:

  • Breast implants
  • Carve out a fake vagina (with no function except to put a penis inside)
  • Electrolysis and laser hair removal
  • “Facial feminization” surgery
  • Labiaplasty (make fake vagina look more “realistic”)
  • Orchiectomy (remove testicles)
  • Voice lessons

Women trying to become fake “men”:

  • Completely carve off healthy breasts
  • Cobble together a fake penis
  • Fake testicles
  • Hysterectomy (remove uterus)
  • Oophorectomy (remove ovaries)

It’s really outrageous.

Courtesy of GenderTrender, here is the list of drug companies contributing to the “World Professional Association for Transgender Health” (WPATH) for 2003 — i.e. 12 years ago! Do you think they’re supporting organized tranny-ism any less these days? Nope. Much more, I’m sure. They contribute to WPATH because the more confused people take the leap into modifying their bodies with hormones, the more loot they will rake in.


2. Parents of “transgender children” (from GenderTrender):

The “Transgender Chicken Circuit”, for the uninformed, is a patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances that savvy parents can weave together into a modest cottage industry of transgender child celebrity. Think of it as a Munchausen-marinated transgender version of “Toddlers and Tiaras” whose fans are aging cross-dressing male autogynephiles in possession of both a wistful longing for an unexperienced girlhood, and a generous disposable income. These men are the funders of the agencies and lobbying groups promoting the medicalization of childhood gender nonconformity. The best known example is billionaire financeer and lifelong closeted crossdresser (and father of three) James “Jennifer Natalya” Pritzker whose Tawani Foundation single-handedly funds the experimental pediatric transgender drug clinic at Children’s Hospital of Chicago.


This is how autogynephiles kill women

Autogynephilic narcissist checking out his own butt
Autogynephilic narcissist checking out his own butt

I want to show you a case study of how a man’s autogynephilic narcissism helped to kill off his wife so that he could be the “mom,” and then boosted him into the lying crime-light of male transgenderite activism. It is quite a disturbing story. For the benefit of those just learning about autogynephilia, a few words first to introduce the topic.

Around 90% of male transgenderists have autogynephilia. Growing up, they seem like ordinary heterosexual boys and men, just regular guys, but they hide an embarrassing secret — these men have an obsessive sexual fantasy image of themselves “as women,” wearing women’s clothes, having breasts and other “female body parts,” and mimicking “feminine” stereotypes of behavior & appearance. Crucially, these men crave “validation as women” through their unchallenged “trans-aggressive” violations of women’s space (rest-rooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms etc.) and through having normal people mirror back to them such “feminine” social expectations as being called “ma’am” or “miss,” having a real woman compliment their outfit, having a man hold the door open etc.  Most autogynephilic men “transition” (to become fake “women”) after many years or decades of cultivating their fantasy to the point of neurotic dissociation, when a new “female gender identity” takes over. Unfortunately, this often happens when the man is married to a woman, and usually with young children in the home. The consequences of this break from reality are devastating, mostly to the man’s family, as the husband and father they once loved and respected, and who once seemingly cared for them more than anything, begins to obsess about his “transition,” first just “exploring the idea” with “support groups” and “shopping en femme” but very soon going whole-hog for massive hormone manipulations and drastic surgeries. It is a toxic nightmare for the women married to these men and a traumatic disappointment for their children.

“Devin” (probably Kevin) Payne (AKA “Pain”) is a man from Kansas, USA. He was married to a woman, and together they had four children.

Growing up in Kansas, Payne remembers trying on her mother’s clothes and dressing as a girl every year for Halloween. She dreamt of having another life after this one, as a girl. But Payne said she mostly suppressed her feelings and tried to live up to the expectations for a male.

“I put it out of my head,” she said.

She married a woman she met at work and they had four children, now ages 7 to 22. But she never felt comfortable in the traditional role of father and provider.

So far, 100% classic autogynephilia,. Bonus points for making up a retroactive justification for his transgenderism — “dressing as a girl every year for Halloween.” That sounds like a lie — he may have done  it once. Also bonus points for blaming his un-named wife and his children for “dysphoria” in what should be the most important role and responsibility of a heterosexual male’s life: being a solid, reliable and loving husband and father.

“I was just horrible at it because it wasn’t who I was,” she said. So Payne became the primary caretaker, playing the “mommy role” as she worked from home doing software development for pharmaceutical companies.

She felt increasingly anxious, and in late 2012, a therapist helped her to realize that she was meant to live as a woman. Payne said her entire outlook on life changed when she started taking female hormones.

“It wasn’t who I was” — despite having made his wife pregnant at least four times, he wasn’t  keen to take responsibility. Then come even more lies — he became “mommy,” already stealing his nameless wife’s identity, as she apparently had to go out and get a job to support the family. But he was actually raking in a lot of money as he worked from home: “doing software development for pharmaceutical companies” tends to pay much better than most work-from-home gigs. In fact, it pays extremely well. Why did nameless wife have to work? Could Kevin have been concealing a big chunk of his income from her? His “outlook on life changed” when he began taking estrogen — because when males take estrogen, it fulfills autogynephilic fantasy and provides a mild general euphoria.

But then we learn:

Devin Payne had gone years without health insurance – having little need and not much money to pay for it.

“Little need” — again, with a wife and four children. “Not much money.” Remember this for a few moments.

Payne told her wife, who was upset. She told Payne: I married a man, not a woman—but she also admitted that she wasn’t entirely surprised. With mixed feelings, Payne’s wife stayed in the marriage, and the family moved from Kansas to California, in part so Payne could be more comfortable living as a transgender woman. They rented a small house in a middle-class neighborhood on the outskirts of Palm Springs and sent their children to the public school.

Late last year, Payne’s wife, who had battled alcoholism for years, died of liver disease.

Emphases added. These two paragraphs tell the story of how this man’s sexual fantasies helped to kill off a good woman, a mother of four,  and then spit on her grave. His wife was “upset” (i.e. “unwilling to accept his bullshit”) but then “admitted” (i.e. as though she had been unreasonable but was now conceding) that she wasn’t surprised (i.e. “that somehow she always knew that Kevin was actually a laydee”). “With mixed feelings” (i.e. “it really wasn’t so difficult, she actually kind of loved the idea”) she “stayed in the marriage” (i.e. “she didn’t recklessly bail out on the marriage” — as Kevin was actually doing). Then, “in part” (yeah right) so Kevin/Devin could feel more comfy flaunting his autogynephilic fantasy-self, she moved 2,000 miles away from her family and friends to a small rented house in the shitty suburban desert of Riverside County, California.

We’re talking about the mother of four children. Much more likely, she wanted to stay in Kansas with the kids and try to rebuild their lives, close to loved ones — but no longer had the strength to fight against Kevin’s incessant demand.

Within a year or two, as Kevin glammed it up downtown, uptown and all around town, the

Taking “selfie” #47558478339838384646

woman without a name suddenly died. Presumably, dying of liver disease for some little while, probably a few years, she’d had had poor health, with nausea, vomiting, esophageal bleeding and other symptoms. However, the family had “little need” for health insurance — did she receive any medical care before she died?  Could she have received care sooner than she did? As you’ll see later in this post, she did not have health insurance before she died.

It’s not that often you hear about a young-ish woman, probably in her early 40s, mother of four, dying from the effects of too much booze. I am skeptical that she “battled alcoholism for years” — that’s just another stigmatizing disparagement. (Even if she did drink a lot, this asshole’s antics and her lonely & isolated new life in the suburban California desert may have pushed her to it.) But think about the liver’s role in the human body: It processes toxins. If indeed this woman died of “liver disease,” it was because of Kevin/Devin’s malignant narcissism and the toxic environment he created. I don’t mean that he was spraying insecticide everywhere — I mean the gaslighting, toxic stress and emotional blackmail that he perpetrated against his family for several years, until the woman died. She may have had a pre-existing health condition, and with some conditions chronic stress can lead to liver failure. Undoubtedly she was in sorrow and distress, yet took care of the house and kids in a strange new city while Kevin painted the town red and obsessed over his bra size. In any case, it’s clear that she was in poor health, it’s clear that Kevin didn’t bother getting health insurance for his family; and it’s clear that the woman probably shouldn’t be dead.

While the nameless wife was dying:

In her early 40s, she [Kevin] changed her name, began wearing long skirts and grew out her sandy blond hair. And she started taking female hormones, which caused her breasts to develop and the muscle mass on her 6-foot one-inch frame to shrink.

The next step was gender reassignment surgery. For that, Payne, who is now 44, said she needed health coverage. “It is not a simple, easy, magical surgery,” said Payne, a photographer who lives in Palm Springs. “Trying to do this without insurance is a big risk. Things can go wrong … not having the money to pay for it would be awful.”

Payne learned in the fall that she might qualify for subsidies through the state’s new insurance marketplace, Covered California, because her income fell under the limit of $46,000 a year. She eagerly signed up in March for a Blue Shield plan for about $230 a month, and began making preparations for the surgery that would change her life.

Mind you, the article I’m quoting is from August 2014. Kevin’s wife died in “late 2013.” Now that she’s out of the way, hey, how about getting some health insurance to pay for that fake “vagina”, with no proper function except to put a penis inside! Great idea — these insane surgeries are now covered by “Obamacare.” (You can’t get eyeglasses, birth control, and a bunch of other useful stuff, but you can get one of these things carved out.) So tra-la-la, with wife dead and the children traumatized & motherless the new “mommy,” now a glamorous “photographer,” minces his way immediately to the surgeons. In late May, he went under the knife.

But did he really need this health insurance bonanza? In the following disgusting video, Payne makes this statement about funding “the operation”:

I had enough money to pay cash, out of pocket for it.

By the scheduled date, Blue Shield had authorized the operation but hadn’t determined exactly how much it would pay for an out-of-network provider. Payne got a cashier’s check for nearly all her savings, $27,000, to pay the doctor, hoping her insurance plan would reimburse most of it.

But Payne decides to let American taxpayers and the insurance company pay for it. So he has $27,000 cash laying around — and probably more. He likely concealed these funds from his wife while she lived; secret savings from his lucrative software development years. Whatever happened to “little need and not much money” for health insurance? He never felt a “need” for health insurance until he learned that using it he could save a ton of money on that long-fantasized fake “vagina.” The $230/month policy is just for himself. With tens of thousands of dollars under his mattress, nameless wife died needlessly, likely with insufficient medical care or even without care. Payne says in the video that his children are now on Medi-Cal, the extreme low-budget, bare-bones health care option made available to welfare recipients. He probably gets food stamps for them too. Payne sends the bereft children back to their grandparents. They’re probably still with their grandparents — though on the other hand, being a “single mom” is tremendously validating for some of these men (they are among the most vicious when it comes to child custody court fights in divorce cases), and he may have them in his clutches again. (Oh, I see that he puts pictures of the kids in his blog — the 2,831 pedos of Riverside County will be pleased.)

And then: let’s get the party started.

On a boiling afternoon in early July, about six weeks after the operation, Payne and her friends sat outside on the patio next to a pool. Misters sprayed above them, and Payne’s cat and two dogs wandered beneath their feet.

Yeah I’ll bet that some “Misters” are spraying above.

But he’s mad because the government & health insurance company don’t want to pay for the whole thing. They might have paid, but the insurance company was still sorting out their paperwork & costing. However, Kevin couldn’t wait another minute!!! So he just went ahead with an “out-of-network” surgeon.

Payne said she believes the lab work, pathology, anesthesiology services and follow-up doctor’s visits were all covered. But recently she got a statement saying she was on the hook for $17,000 of the total cost of the surgery.

Payne believes that the government and insurance companies should help cover such operations.  The population of transgender patients who want surgery is small, and she said they are less likely to suffer mental health problems once they have it.

Um, actually, how about just dealing with these men’s mental health problems in the first place! Nowadays (and by the tone of this article) we are supposed to think this guy is a normal, healthy, not insane “woman.” He’s a fucking psychotic poster-boy for out of control paraphilic sexual fantasies.

That’s the story of how a typical autogynephile’s selfishness, depravity and irresponsibility played a role in a woman’s death. But there’s more.

Executive autogynephile.
Executive autogynephile.

A few months have passed, and “Devin Payne” is a transgenderite activist. The August 2014 article was widely read, and Kevin is now one of the most famous male trannies in all of Riverside County. Wife, what wife? He considers himself a “feminist” and “lesbian” but he’s also into tall dark & handsome strangers. He’s a socialite and party animal. His photographs of other men are not particularly interesting. He attended the “GLAAD” Awards and networked with a bunch of other well-known delusional perverts. What else has he got going on? How about Twittering and blogging to the world the details of his latest surgeries? Making “things” more “natural” he says.

pAyneAnyway, this is more than enough information about this clown.  Autogynephilia destroys families and harms all women, especially those who are close to the autogynephiles. It harms children by gaslighting them at a time when they’re just trying to make sense of the world. And these men are not “safe,” just because they pretend to be women. I guess that’s a topic for another day.

Payne articles (similar but slightly different):






Autogynephiles CULTIVATE their “gender identity” over years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing

transgender woman
“Gender identity”

What does it mean when Bruce Jenner and other heterosexual males, often (though not always) quite “manly” men with solid “masculine” personae, suddenly announce to the world that they are actually “women”; that they have always felt deeply “feminine” inside; that they are now going to “transition” to living as their “real female selves,” and that in fact their “gender identity” is “female”? It means that they have autogynephilia, a male’s propensity to feel sexually turned on by the thought of himself “as a woman” or “becoming a woman.” They are classic autogynephiles.“Gender identity” for them is just an excuse. Here’s how they got themselves a “female gender identity.”

For many years, they have been sexually aroused by the thought of “being women” and impersonating women. Intermittently or occasionally, from a very young age, most of them have secretly put on various articles of women’s clothing, became sexually aroused and then masturbated in response to this dressing-up. Many men collect several pieces of women’s clothing, a “complete outfit” perhaps. Most eventually begin secretly to venture out “en femme,” perhaps to a neighboring town for shopping or a “make-over” at the department store’s cosmetics counter. These expeditions also lead to heavy masturbation, and if any store clerk happens to say “ma’am,” or if no-one throws them out of the women’s restroom, it really puts the icing on the cake. Many of these men enjoy pornography and pornographic writing centered around “forced feminization” fantasies, in which a dominant woman forces a manly man to become a submissive sissy, sometimes even a simpering fellatio expert. The men feel deeply conflicted and guilty about all these antics, and periodically will “purge” all artifacts of transvestism, and vow never to do such things again.

However, because they seldom try to work out what’s really going on in their minds, they come back to it again and again. Since the internet emerged, with all its possibilities for “support” and “networking,” the garden-variety transvestite of yesteryear is gone. A few of these men eventually moved on to full-blown transsexualism. Nowadays, it has become a flood. In many if not most cases, these men are willing to destroy their marriages and shatter their families in pursuit of the paraphilic dream. Dr. Anne Lawrence (himself an autogynephiliac) has written extensively on autogynephilia. In one article, he summarizes some important research findings:

Based on his research with non-homosexual MtF transsexuals and other non-homosexual cross-dressing men, many of whom also develop cross-gender identities of some strength (Docter & Prince, 1997), Docter observed that:

Among our subjects, 79% did not appear in public cross dressed prior to age 20; at that time, most of the subjects had already had several years of experience with cross dressing. The average number of years of practice with cross dressing prior to owning a full feminine outfit was 15. The average number of years of practice with cross dressing prior to adoption of a feminine name was 21. Again, we have factual evidence indicative of the considerable time required for the development of the cross-gender identity.

In short, autogynephilic eroticism, as evidenced by erotic cross-dressing, precedes cross-gender identity by years or decades in non-homosexual MtF transsexuals. These transsexuals do not have female core gender identities nor do they have well developed cross-gender identities that precede and act as the driving force behind their desires to turn their bodies into facsimiles of women’s bodies. Rather, non-homosexual MtF transsexuals gradually develop cross-gender identities after years or decades of erotic cross-dressing, accompanied by the autogynephilic wish to turn their bodies into facsimiles of women’s bodies.

In the past few years, “transgenderism” has become very popular. It is widely celebrated. With all the “support” they find on the web from other hardcore autogynephiles and other transgenderism activists, not to mention the mass media, secretive male transvestites are “coming out” in droves and being put on the fast-track to synthetic “estrogen” prescriptions and possibly gender mutliation surgery. Every aspect of this “transition” is also exciting, and not just sexually — every “ma’am” and every reciprocation of “feminine” gestures by others feels tremendously “validating.” They also DEMAND such validation from everyone else — ESPECIALLY from women.

Question: But how do autogynephiles reconcile this reality: they have enjoyed their lives as men and despite a troubling concern for “femininity” have generally had a coherent and often strong “male” identity. Yet in order to proceed with transsexualization, they are required to claim a lifelong “female gender identity.”

“Gender identity”

Answer: they brood about it endlessly, and cherry-pick various aspects of their lives as clear evidence of actually being “women.” Their period of “questioning” — “should I really transition?” — has much more to do with rationalizing “why they should transition” than why they should not. Their life-narratives inflate the importance of all potential lady-brain indicators — “I had several female friends in childhood!  Cooking is fun! A girl 30 years ago told me I was like a ‘lesbian’ trapped in a man’s body! I once had a pink polo shirt! I enjoy silky fabrics! I love shopping!”

They retroactively invent or exaggerate incidents from their own childhoods that would suggest a “female gender identity.” They are talking themselves into this “identity.” It feels good. It is like self-hypnosis. Let’s call it autogynephilic auto-suggestion.

After a while, with the encouragement of online transgender “friends,” psychological therapists and others with a vested interest in promoting the “gender identity” lie, they begin to exaggerate the depth and intensity of the emotional pain that they have felt through life at “being the wrong gender” — but that’s not really what the pain was about. Everyone has problems, and everyone feels a little or a lot depressed at some points in life. In this process of cultivating their “female gender identities,” the autogynephiles retroactively attribute all painful emotions and hard times they’ve ever experienced to the cruel joke of having been “assigned male at birth.”

This excerpt from a male transgenderist’s blog post is from January 2015. It may serve as a case study in “gender identity.” This is from the blog of a married man, a father of two.

My quandry comes from the fact that unlike a subset of the TG population, I did not know from birth that I felt female—at least not consciously.  I always envied girls in dresses and skirts.  In high school, I secretly slept in my mom’s old slips and altered an old wedding dress by hand to fit me for a Halloween costume.  I sympathized with women and their unique issues.  Most of my friends were girls.  It was a natural fit.  One high school friend once called me a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.  At the time, I thought nothing of it.  Now, it rings in my head.  What did she see that I didn’t?

Over the years, I feel I have suppressed my femininity.  I identified as male, but I secretly felt jealous of women.  I am envious of the ability to have multiple orgasms in a single session.  I want to carry and bear a child despite the 10 months of discomfort and excruciating labor pains at the end.  I love the feel of silk and lace against my skin.  I want to wear dresses and skirts.

Delusional, disturbing. His goal is to “transition”; his wife is unhappy. You can get a sense from this excerpt of how he hypnotically cultivates a “female gender identity” based on the most blatantly paraphilic superficialities you can imagine. [Update, 2016: He has now “transitioned.”]

“Gender identity”

Transgenderism in non-homosexual males as a paraphilic phenomenon

Lawrence AA. Transgenderism in non-homosexual males as a paraphilic phenomenon: Implications for case conceptualization and treatment. Sexual and Relationship Therapy 2009: 24 (2), pp. 188-206.

The concept of autogynephilia provides a theory of motivation for MTF sex reassignment, in that it proposes that nonhomosexual MTF transsexuals seek sex reassignment primarily because they are sexually aroused by (and love) the idea of having women’s bodies and living as women. They want to actualize their autogynephilic fantasies by acquiring women’s bodies (or, more accurately, facsimiles of women’s bodies) through hormone therapy and genital surgery (Blanchard, 1993a, 1993b, 1993c) and by living as women. This theory can be seen as the logical extension of the widely accepted idea that transvestic fetishists cross-dress primarily because they are sexually aroused by (and love) the idea of wearing women’s clothing and impersonating women and want to actualize their transvestic fantasies through crossdressing. The concept of autogynephilia thus provides an answer to the question posed earlier: if the gender dysphoria that nonhomosexual MTF transsexuals experience cannot be attributed to the presence of female- typical behaviors, attitudes or interests, what can it be attributed to? The answer is: the desire of these transsexuals to actualize their autogynephilic feelings and ‘‘become what they love’’ and lust for.

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FULL BOOK: The Man Who Would be Queen

Dr. J. Michael Bailey has very kindly offered to us, free of charge, the full text of his book, The Man Who Would be Queen. You may already be aware of the tremendous towering tizzy of transgender narcissistic rage that ensued upon the book’s publication in 2003. An army of anxious angry autogynephiles set out to UTTERLY DESTROY Dr. Bailey, not only in his professional life as chair of the psychology department at Northwestern University but even harassing his children and family with sexually-violent imagery and words. This book conveyed the notion of autogynephilia to the mainstream mass consciousness for the first time. Needless to say, an obsessed goon-squad of well-to-do middle-aged males (i.e. the cultish clique of paraphilic femininity fantasists) could not tolerate this book’s existence, and tried to kill it with fire.

FORTUNATELY, you can now download and read the whole book for free: The Man Who Would be Queen

See especially Part III, beginning page 141.

Bailey, J M. The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. Washington, D.C: Joseph Henry Press, 2003.

About the absurd male transgenderite claim that “women have autogynephilia too” (LOL no)

trannyAgitated autogynephiliac “transwomen” desperately don’t want normal people to realize that all this talk about “gender identity” is just a sexualized fantasy persona developed after many years or decades of obsessive masturbatory transvestism. Notwithstanding their completely normal XY heterosexual male biological and social status, these men and their enablers in academia and the medical industry are gaslighting the whole world with the bizarre and rather stupid lie that they were born with “female brains” and have “always been women.” This is just nonsense, an alibi designed to divert attention from the embarrassing fetishistic reality.

It’s interesting to see how harshly the male transgenderites try to discredit autogynephilia, make it seem like a “bigoted” dirty joke. At the same time, you need only to read their own writings to see that autogynephilia is totally their driving force. Indeed, the vast majority of male transgenderites are hardcore autogynephiliacs. They cultivate their “female gender identity” and only develop it after endless sexualized cross-dressing. In other words, they are classic transvestite fetishists who in many cases have taken things too far.

A transgenderite sympathizer in San Francisco called Charles Moser decided to discredit autogynephilia by trying to show that real women have autogynephilia too. He also wanted to suggest that even if the cocks-in-frocks do have autogynephilia, it only means OMG they really are women!!1!!

Of course, women don’t have autogynephilia. This hasn’t stopped the male trans bros from squealing with delighted “feminine” giggles over Moser’s “findings” that “93% of women have autogynephilia.” They treat this study as though it were a proven scientific reality. However, it is about the weakest scientific evidence I’ve seen in a damn long time. It’s joke science, worthless!

Moser worked at a major hospital in San Francisco. He thought it would be a good idea to approach various women at the hospital to see what turned them on sexually.

“A convenience sample of female professional employees of an urban hospital was obtained. On two successive days in June, 2005, the questionnaire was distributed by the author, female staff members were approached in either the nurse’s station or staff lounge on several different floors during either day or evening shifts (weekdays).”

Convenience sampling” is a methodology considered to be at extremely high risk of bias, and it would be absurd to generalize the responses of 29 female hospital employees in San Francisco to the general population. Moser approached and creepily handed out 51 intrusive questionnaires to women passing by, and got 29 back. The high 43% non-response rate makes it unlikely the responses even reflected the hospital’s female population. (Moser also admits: “Many individuals entered and left during the discussion of the project, so the exact number of individuals who heard the announcement of the study cannot be determined.”)

A crap and meaningless study! In addition to the high sampling bias, Moser’s questionnaire was designed really poorly:

Anne Lawrence wrote a critique in response to Moser’s study. Lawrence’s key points were as follows:

“Moser claimed to have documented at least occasional autogynephilic sexual arousal in 27 (93%) of 29 female hospital employees he surveyed, and frequent autogynephilic arousal in 8 (28%). However, many of the items in Moser’s scale bear little resemblance to the items Blanchard used to assess autogynephilia, and even those items that do bear some resemblance to Blanchard’s do not adequately assess the essential element of autogynephilia—sexual arousal simply to the thought of being a female — because they do not emphasize that element. Consequently, although Moser may have found something superficially resembling autogynephilia in women, there is little reason to think that he documented genuine autogynephilic arousal in women.”

If you see Lawrence’s comparison of the two scales (article below), you can get a sense of how crooked and/or stupid Moser must be. The dress-up boys sure love him, though.


  1. Moser C. Autogynephilia in women. J Homosex. 2009;56(5):539-47.
  2. Lawrence AA. Something resembling autogynephilia in women: comment on Moser (2009). J Homosex. 2010;57(1):1-4.

“Gender identity” is just an ALIBI to hide men’s embarrassment about their autogynephilia!

transwomanThe overwhelming majority of male-to-fake-“female” transgenderists, probably around 90%, are “late-transitioning” men who are sexually attracted to women. Most of the time, these men report a history of secret cross-dressing since childhood. They usually lead stereotypically “normal” male lives, having “masculine” interests, having wives & girlfriends, fathering children, and seeming like regular heterosexual guys. You would never imagine that they got erotic thrills from dressing up in women’s clothes or fantasizing that they had breasts and vaginas or fantasizing that they were going on a date “en femme” with a handsome (male) stranger. Meanwhile, that’s exactly what’s happening: they’re dressing up in women’s clothes and then masturbating about various “feminine” fantasies.

Men like this used to be called “transvestites.” However, ever since “sex change operations” came along in the mid-20th century, researchers have noticed that a large proportion of men requesting estrogenic hormones and genital mutilation surgery have been these seemingly-normal straight dudes. This tendency has become even more pronounced since the internet appeared around 20 years ago.

These men have autogynephilia. This term was coined by Toronto clinician Ray Blanchard after many years’ experience working with male transgenderite patients. A man with autogynephilia becomes sexually aroused and totally obsessed by the thought of himself “being a woman.” It is an obsessive sexual kink called erotic target identity inversion,” in which men desire to impersonate or turn their bodies into facsimiles of the persons or things to which they are sexually attracted.

The “theory” of autogynephilia is a “theory” in the sense that “gravity” is a theory. It’s not some wild idea cooked up by one guy; it’s a phenomenon that’s been documented extensively by many clinicians, in the stories of men who have come for help about their “gender” confusion.

Although autogynephiles report longtime cross-dressing, nearly all of them will DENY, totally and forever, until the cows come home, that sexual kinks & thrills have ANYTHING to do with their “transition” to their “true feminine selves.”

NO WAY MAN! It’s all about “gender identity”! A woman trapped in a man’s body! You must disregard my apparently happy and successful male life, forget about all those kids I fathered and the women I got pregnant, forget about my male childhood and many decades of male socialization, forget about my normal male reproductive system and other normal male secondary sex characteristics, forget about my XY chromosomes, forget about my utter disregard throughout life for women’s rights or health or safety or well-being (and of course forget my physical, sexual, emotional, economic and other violence toward women!); forget about all of that stuff! No!!1!!1!! In reality I have always actually been a woman! I like the color pink!  I have always enjoyed shopping! Imagine how I have suffered since I was “assigned male at birth” by evil doctors. And don’t you DARE suggest there is anything abnormal or kinky or erotic about me being a woman! I will DESTROY you if you even suggest such a thing! I’m a completely normal woman, and quite a good-looking one at that! You had better not “mis-gender” me either, or I’ll kick your ass and then sue you!

22743951406_6bf5114f4d_oThat about summarizes what most male transgenderites will say if you have the temerity to suggest they have autogynephilia. They also deny that the autogynephilia even exists, or if it does exist, it’s only in a few fetishists — not “women” like themselves. They dismissively say that the notion of autogynephilia was “disproven long ago,” or that it’s just some crackpot idea that “harms transwomen.” They are like cult members. They RAAGGGEEE and make death threats. And they do in fact try to destroy the lives and careers of anyone who dares to say the obvious, that dressing up as fake “ladies” turns these guys on sexually.

“Gender identity” is just an ALIBI these men use to hide an embarrassing sexual obsession! Science shows that a “female gender identity” only develops in these men after many years or decades of sexualized cross-dressing! Indeed, this “gender identity” is really just a type of self-hypnosis: Auto-erotic auto-suggestion.

But: Let’s see what these men actually say about their own experience and behavior. In public, male trangender activists will deny that this is autogynephilia or that it has anything to do with their mimicry of “feminine” stereotypes, drastic genital mutilations and dangerous hormone intoxication.

From Anne Lawrence’s book, reporting narratives of anonymous transgenderite men who admit they get turned on by imaging themselves “as women”  — these are just a few of the several hundred men interviewed:

  1. I am 58 years old and a preoperative MtF transsexual. I began crossdressing when I was about age 7. I was especially sexually aroused wearing girdles and nylon stockings. By my mid-20s, I had very strong desires to dress as a female on a full-time basis and to attract attention as a sexy, feminine woman. I have worn sexy feminine fashions, especially bras, lingerie, pantyhose, short dresses, lace fashions, mini-skirts, high heels, etc., at home since my mid-20s. Wearing sexy lingerie, a bra, a girdle with nylon stockings or sensuous sheer pantyhose, and high heels, imagining myself as a female, still often sexually arouses me, leading to an erection, masturbation, and orgasm.
  2. I am a transgender woman currently undergoing estrogen treatment. The fact that my body is feminizing is both a source of arousal and joy. My earlier “closet” phase involved the ritual of dressing as a normal woman: lingerie, nylons, dresses, shoes, etc., and applying full makeup and perfume and becoming so turned-on by my femme image in the mirror that the ritual often terminated in masturbation.
  3. I began cross-dressing shortly after puberty in my older sister’s clothes. Later, I would occasionally borrow one of my wife’s dresses when she was out of town. I would always fantasize about women and assuming the role myself when dressed. And it was always an erotic experience. I have come to realize that for me, being a cross-dresser has not merely been the activity of a transvestite, but of a transsexual. The clothes themselves are but an adornment that allow me to take on the intended role. Just as “clothes make the man,” I feel they make the woman as well. A skirt or dress, because of its very construction, makes a woman vulnerable, which is a female attribute.
  4. Wearing women’s clothing and feminizing my body has always been sexually exciting for me. Also, it was and still is sexually exciting for me to have female body functions. Before my sex reassignment surgery, I would pretend to menstruate by urinating in sanitary pads. I particularly enjoyed wearing the old-fashioned belted pads with long tabs.

Sound like someone you’ve heard about? Remember the part when Bruce describes being “caught” in his daughter’s bedroom? Disgusting, isn’t it.

These kinds of experiences are COMMON to all heterosexual men who claim to have “gender dysphoria” or to “identify as a woman” (sic). Yes, Bruce Jenner and all the rest. If you have a strong stomach, check out some of this disturbing autogynephilic insanity!

There are thousands of videos like these on the internet.

There is an epidemic of autogynephilia going on. It is completely real and nearly all male transgenderites have it, no matter how angrily they deny it, no matter how many internet posts they make saying “it was de-bunked long ago” (sic). A huge amount of evidence shows that most male transgenderists get a sexual thrill out of dressing up, out of being “perceived as a woman,” out of using women’s toilet facilities, out of replicating every kind of “feminine” stereotype and then insisting that everyone else play along. But they are deadly embarrassed to admit it!

Only in RARE cases will they ever admit it. An example of one honest autogynephile who admits it: Dr. Anne Lawrence is a male transgenderist autogynephile who lives “as a woman.” Dr. Lawrence has done much to keep autogynephilia in the public eye and in scientific discourse. This is really great and is a real service to people who are interested in reality. However, he is also part of the transgenderism/medical industry and believes wholeheartedly in the medicalized (surgically and hormonally mutilated) transgenderist lifestyle. I am glad for his work, but I hope he snaps out of it and sees the complete insanity of the autogynephile-driven research agenda, autogynephile-driven health policy-setting efforts and autogynephile-driven clinical practice.

Autogynephilic transgenderism is an example of men thinking that by obtaining “female body parts” and by replicating patriarchal stereotypes of “feminine” appearance and mannerisms, they can actually become women. The obsessive sexual thrill they get makes them believe the fantasy is real. It’s just men violating women’s bodies and boundaries as usual, same shit, different day. It has nothing to do with “gender identity.” That’s just the alibi.

Why do most male transgenderists LIE about their erotic fantasies of “femininity” and being fake “females”?

Excerpt from the book,  “The Man Who Would be Queen” (2003) by Dr. J. Michael Bailey (Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University, Chicago).

“Most gender patients lie,” says Maxine Petersen, the ace gender clinician at the Clarke Psychiatric Institute. . . .

The most common way that autogynephiles mislead others is by denying the erotic component of their gender bending. For example, when “Stephanie” Braverman lectures to my human sexuality class, she does not even mention her history of masturbating while cross-dressed. When I spoke at a meeting of Chicago cross-dressers, the men became clearly uncomfortable when I brought up the erotic component of their activity, preferring instead to attribute it to their inner femininity. When I pointed this out, one cross-dresser said “I wear feminine clothing because I feel feminine, and I can’t help getting aroused because the clothes are sexy. Any man would.”

I don’t think so. But you can judge. Here is one of the passages that aroused the cross-dressers in Blanchard’s study. See if you think it is sexy.

“You have plenty of time to dress this evening. You slip your panties over your ankles and pull them up too your waist. Sitting on the edge of your bed, you put on a pair of sheer nylon stockings. You fasten the stockings with the snaps of your lacy garter belt. You slip your arms through the straps of your brassiere and reach behind you to fasten it. You put on your eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Lying on your bed, you look up at your reflection in the large mirror on the ceiling.”

Why do some autogynephiles deny the sexual component of their condition? One reason, again, is the real or imagined treatment implications. Some psychiatrists refuse to recommend for sex reassignment any man who has had even one incident of erotic cross-dressing. But this fear surely cannot explain the resistance of “Stephanie” Braverman and the cross-dressers at the meeting-they are not trying to become women.

Perhaps the major reason is shame and assumed social reaction. The physician Harry Benjamin, who popularized the word “transsexual,” noticed early on that cross-dressers, and especially cross-dressers in organizations trying to influence the public, tend to de-emphasize the erotic element. He suggested that they do this in order to be more accepted by others. Today, public statements by those who call themselves “transgendered” (who are almost all autogynephiles rather than homosexual transsexuals) rarely acknowledge any erotic component of “transgenderism.”

There is also a more personal motivation to deny the erotic component of autogynephilia. Anne Lawrence put it this way:

I imagine most men would be humiliated to admit that dressing in women’s clothing is a sexual kick, and even more humiliated to admit that doing so, or fantasizing doing so, is obligatory for climax some or all of the time. Just dressing in women’s clothing is shameful enough; but having one’s sexual potency contingent upon such an unmanly, “ridiculous” crutch would be almost impossible to admit. Moreover, for anyone who thinks about it, the whole experience of reliance on paraphilic behavior or fantasy for arousal is rather tragic and lonely: it cuts one off from intimate contact during partnered sex, because one is (at least mentally) often making love to oneself rather than to one’s partner. Better not to admit this to anyone–especially to one’s wife. I think that if the wives of heterosexual cross-dressers knew what their husbands were really thinking about at the moment of climax, they would be appalled. (Of course, this might apply to the wives of other straight men as well; but it’s one thing to learn he’s fantasizing about making love to Claudia Schiffer, and another to learn he’s fantasizing about being forced to wear a French maid’s outfit.) On the other hand, to attribute one’s cross-dressing to a desire to express one’s “feminine side” is much more acceptable. Though the behavior may still appear ridiculous, the putative rationale allows the cross-dresser to portray himself as multi-faceted, courageous, and even empathic with his spouse. That’s a far easier script for most men to follow.

In my experience, most lay people are happy to accept the “I’m a woman in a man’s body” narrative, and don’t really want to know about autogynephilia-even though the preferred narrative is misleading and it is impossible to understand nonhomosexual transsexualism without autogynephilia. When I have tried to educate journalists who have called me as an expert on transsexualism, they have reacted uncomfortably. One said: “We just can’t put that into a family newspaper.” Perhaps not, but then, they can’t print the truth.

There is one more reason why many autogynephiles provide misleading information about themselves that is different than outright lying. It has to do with obsession. Something about autogynephilia creates a need not only to enact a feminine self, but also to actually believe in her. It seems important to them to emphasize the permanence of the feminine self as well as her primacy: “I was always feminine, I just managed to hide it. I became a Green Beret as a defensive response to my femininity.” In such accounts, the feminine self is the real self; the masculine self is the creation. (I have been arguing that the opposite is closer to the truth.) Intersexuality refers to congenital conditions in which biological sex is ambiguous, usually due to hormonal or genetic problems. Cheryl Chase, the intersex activist, told me that transsexuals frequently join intersex groups because they are convinced that they are also intersexual. In most cases, they are not. I assume that these are autogynephilic transsexuals who want to believe that there is a real biological woman inside them as well as a real psychological woman.

The self-presentational deceptiveness of some autogynephiles is a main reason why autogynephilia was not understood until recently. Many clinicians-even some who write books-have taken the information that transsexuals tell them at face value. I recently attended a talk by a well-known psychologist at an academic sex conference in which she presented a case that was clearly autogynephilic (he’d been married and was in his late 40s, among other signs). However, she spoke not one word about her patient’s sexual fantasies, dwelling instead on the usual “woman trapped in man’s body” story. Blanchard’s ideas have not yet received the widespread attention they deserve, in large part because sex researchers are not as scholarly as they should be and so don’t know how to read the current scientific journals.

NOTE: See also Alice Dreger’s excellent analysis of the transvestite shit-storm that ensued after Bailey published his book, and Anne Lawrence’s related analysis of transgender narcissistic rage.

How the theory (fact) of autogynephilia helps to explain male transgenderism

Excerpt from: Lawrence AA. Autogynephilia: A Paraphilic Model of Gender Identity Disorder. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Psychotherapy 10/2008; 8(1).

Blanchard’s theory of autogynephilia helps to explain several otherwise puzzling observations about MtF transsexualism.

First, it convincingly explains why some men who are attracted to women, who have been fairly successful as men, and who appear unremarkably masculine would wish to undergo sex reassignment. Why would men who have been successful fighter pilots, construction workers, or captains of industry—men who seem not the least bit feminine, and who appear entirely comfortable being men—want to undergo sex reassignment? Attributing this solely to some long-hidden inner femininity might seem implausible. But if these individuals found the idea of being a woman sexually appealing, then their motivation would be easier to understand. The phenomenon of a middle-aged man risking his career, his reputation, and his marriage for the sake of a sexual obsession is well known. By proposing that certain types of MtF transsexualism can have sexual motivations, rather than (or in addition to) gender motivations, Blanchard’s autogynephilia theory helps to explain this phenomenon.

Second, Blanchard’s theory helps to explain the relationship between transsexualism and transvestism. Transvestism is considered to be a paraphilia, or unusual pattern of sexual arousal, in the DSM-IV-TR (APA, 2000) and has always been classified as such in the DSM. However, clinicians have long recognized that some men who previously considered themselves transvestites eventually decide to seek sex re-assignment surgery (SRS) and live full-time as women. If transvestism is purely an erotic phenomenon and transsexualism is purely a gender identity phenomenon, then there is no obvious explanation for this progression. But if both transvestism and some forms of MtF transsexualism are manifestations of autogynephilia—an erotic condition that also influences gender identity—then this progression is explained convincingly.

Third, Blanchard’s autogynephilia theory helps explain why transvestism and transsexualism are often associated with other unusual erotic interests. Sexual scientists have observed for decades that unusual sexual interests— sadomasochism, bondage, autoerotic asphyxia, interest in leather and rubber, exhibitionism, voyeurism, infantilism, pedophilia—frequently do not occur in isolation, but instead tend to co-occur. Males who have one unusual sexual interest are far more likely to have one or more other unusual sexual interests than would be expected simply by chance (Abel & Osborn, 1992; Wilson & Gosselin, 1980). And other unusual erotic interests are very common among transvestites and some MtF transsexuals. Wilson and Gosselin (1980) found that 63% of their sample of transvestites and transsexuals also described fetishistic or sadomasochistic interests. Blanchard and Hucker (1991) reported that transvestism accompanied many cases of autoerotic asphyxia. Abel and Osborn (1992) documented the co-occurrence of transvestism and transsexualism with other paraphilias. If transsexualism and transvestism are purely gender-identity-based phenomena, then these associations makes no sense. But if transsexualism and transvestism sometimes represent unusual sexual interests—as Blanchard’s autogynephilia theory proposes—then their association with other uncommon sexual interests does make sense.

Finally, the concept of autogynephilia helps to explain the unusual sexual fantasies that some transvestites and MtF transsexuals have concerning men, and the late development of sexual interest in male partners by some MtF transsexuals. Many heterosexual transvestites and formerly heterosexual MtF transsexuals have sexual fantasies about men, but usually these are not quite like the fantasies of genuine androphiles (Blanchard, 1989b). In the transsexual and transvestite fantasies, there is little emphasis on the specific characteristics of the imagined male partner. Often the imagined partner is faceless or quite abstract, and seems to be present primarily to validate the femininity of the person having the fantasy, rather than as a desirable partner in his own right (Blanchard, 1991). It is also fairly common for heterosexual transvestites to engage in sex with men when cross-dressed. Why don’t they do this at other times? Apparently, because the attraction is not to the male partner per se, but to the way in which acting like a woman in relationship to a man is sexually gratifying. Autogynephilia also explains why some transsexuals who were never interested in having sex with men before transition develop this interest after undergoing SRS. It is not because they have miraculously changed their underlying sexual orientation and now find men’s bodies arousing. Rather, it is because they can finally actualize their autogynephilic fantasy of having sex with a male.

Download full article here: Lawrence-2008

Excerpt on “tolerance” from Janice Raymond’s “The Transsexual Empire”

pronouns-coverThis book will, no doubt, be dismissed by many transsexuals and transsexual advocates as intolerant. Tolerance, however, can easily become repressive, as Marcuse has pointed out. It is often a variation on the “poverty of liberalism,” functioning as sympathy for the oppressed. I strongly believe that one of the tasks of those who would be truly open and sensitive to transsexualism is to take stands that are informed, honest, and sensitive to all the issues involved. Obviously, those who take a critical position will be subjected to accusations of dogmatism and intolerance, when in fact those who are unwilling to take a stand are exercising the dogmatism of openness at any cost. This time, the cost of openness is the solidification of the medical empire and the multiplying of medical victims.

Those who advocate tolerance of medicalized transsexualism are expressing a false sympathy which, in both the immediate and ultimate context, can only facilitate and fortify the possession of women by men. Such sympathetic tolerance will only strengthen a society in which sex roles are the norm, and where deep existential choices become subject to medicalization. When tolerance serves mainly to protect the fabric by which a sexist society is held together, then it neutralizes values. It is important to help break the concreteness of oppression by showing its theoretical inconsistencies and by stretching minds to think about solutions that only appear to be sensitive and sympathetic.

Tolerance also fosters a laissez-faire attitude to problems –“different strokes for different folks.” Social control flourishes under this ideological umbrella, whether it is called “free choices,” “radical solutions,” and/or “liberating boundaries.” Furthermore, tolerance is essentially a passive position. Marcuse, in his essay “Repressive Tolerance,” has written:

The political locus of tolerance has changed: while it is more or less quietly and constitutionally withdrawn from the opposition, it is made compulsory behavior with respect to established policies. Tolerance is turned from an active into a passive state, from practice to non-practice…. It is the people who tolerate the government, which, in turn tolerates opposition within the framework determined by the constituted authorities.23

Many feminists are opposed to transsexualism. Yet that opposition, having moved outside the limits of tolerance set up by the medical authorities, will often be decried as intolerant. What is happening here is a fundamental reversal. “Tolerance toward that which is radically evil now appears as good because it serves the cohesion of the whole on the road to affluence or more affluence.”24 It is not only tolerance in the service of medical affluence that we witness in the transsexual situation, but tolerance in the service of medical control – specifically the control of women.


  1. Herbert Marcuse, “Repressive Tolerance,” in Robert Paul Wolff, Barrington Moore, Jr., and Herbert Marcuse, A Critique of Pure Tolerance (Boston: Beacon Press, 1965), pp. 82-83.
  2. Ibid., p. 83.

Janice G. Raymond. The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male. New York: Teachers College Press, 1994. Reissue, with a new introduction, of the 1979 edition published by Beacon Press, Boston.

Porn, dopamine and autogynephilia

transwomanThe Guardian has an article about how the brains of male porn addicts actually change in response to watching porn web sites. This article is also highly relevant in the context of autogynephiliac men, for a couple of reasons:

  1. It describes neural desensitization to dopamine, or in other words the way that in addiction, the brain develops a tolerance for things that used to make it feel good — thus requiring ever-higher levels of stimulation
  2. It describes the impact of the ever-more-extreme porn web sites on the brains of porn addicts.

Instead of (or in addition to) the porn references, think about this passage in the context of autogynephilic cross-dressing:

Until recently, scientists believed our brains were fixed, their circuits formed and finalised in childhood, or “hardwired”. Now we know the brain is “neuroplastic”, and not only can it change, but that it works by changing its structure in response to repeated mental experience.

One key driver of plastic change is the reward centre, which normally fires as we accomplish a goal. A brain chemical, dopamine, is released, giving us the thrill that goes with accomplishment. It also consolidates the connections between neurons in the brain that helped us accomplish that goal. As well, dopamine is secreted at moments of sexual excitement and novelty. Porn scenes, filled with novel sexual “partners”, fire the reward centre. The images get reinforced, altering the user’s sexual tastes.

Many abused substances directly trigger dopamine secretion – without us having to work to accomplish a goal. This can damage the dopamine reward system. In porn, we get “sex” without the work of courtship. Now, scans show that porn can alter the reward centre too.

Once the reward centre is altered, a person will compulsively seek out the activity or place that triggered the dopamine discharge. (Like addicts who get excited passing the alley where they first tried cocaine, the patients got excited thinking about their computers.) They crave despite negative consequences. (This is why those patients could crave porn without liking it.) Worse, over time, a damaged dopamine system makes one more “tolerant” to the activity and needing more stimulation, to get the rush and quiet the craving. “Tolerance” drives a search for ramped-up stimulation, and this can drive the change in sexual tastes towards the extreme.

“Crossdressers” of the ’90s — now likely full-blown trans activists

I reckon that autogynephilic cross-dressing, and the “transitioning” that seems increasingly to be the norm with male transgenderists over the past 20 years, is a reflection of both dopamine desensitization, and the thousands of web sites promoting transsexualism. There seems to be a synergy between the two. Society’s manufactured “acceptance” and the media’s promotion of the “gender identity” agenda have made this latest brand of misogyny even more widespread.

Autogynephilia has an obsessive component to it. It is an addiction. The “natural history” (if I may call it that) of autogynephilia’s course bears strong similarities to that of drug addiction, from “just once” to the eventual ravaged body. At first, it is relaxing and feels good. Soon, simply cross-dressing + masturbation secretly at home is no longer enough, he must now go shopping while cross-dressed. He must now try to get his wife or girlfriend involved with his fantasies. He must leave his family behind to follow his transgender destiny. He must keep experimenting and pushing limits and finally decide he is a transsexual and needs unnecessary and dangerous major surgery, and absolutely must must must have his balls chopped off, maybe even obtain a fake vagina and fake breasts and perhaps even “facial feminization surgery” through massive medical manipulations. He must now viciously and violently attack any woman who suggests that he is not actually a woman, in addition to any other vicious and violent attacks he may be making on women. Over time, the simple pleasures no longer suffice. Everything must be taken past limits that previously seemed extreme.

Until we had the internet, I think most autogynephiles never got very far in that progression. The fact is that nowadays, most male transvestites will eventually “transition” to a fully Frankensteinian man-made fake female, pumped up with estrogen like a Thanksgiving turkey and going through horrifically intense surgical procedures despite starting out with a healthy body.

Cross-dressing and “sex-change operations” were around, of course, long before the world wide web became popular in the mid-1990s. However, with the rise of the web, and as autogynephiles began making numerous web sites about their faux-female follies, the incidence of men making the leap to actually “transitioning” and taking hormones and having various surgeries (or just announcing they are now “women” without these) has increased dramatically. Transgenderism has ejaculated itself full-force into mainstream misogyny, and it is probably difficult anymore to find a supposedly-normal-heterosexual male who doesn’t at least have a little stash of lingerie and some red high-heels.

In the late ’90s, when the Web was somewhat new:

  • There were tons of “personal experience” web sites on Geocities, Tripod and other free web site services, each packed with pink fairy sparkles, seizure-inducing flashing hearts, daisies, roses, unicorns, cotton candy and other demonstrable proofs of being a woman trapped in a man’s body. These feature exceptionally narcissistic transgender ruminations, and grotesquely embarrassing photography.
  • There were several major sites in which deviant fetishists provided validation and indoctrination on every aspect of becoming a tranny, from finding gigantic women’s shoes to lying to doctors in order to get hormones to wig shopping to “choosing a surgeon.”
  • There were sites in which the insane, corrupt “physicians” running the high-class neo-vagina joints posted dozens of photos of their handiwork in mutilating ordinary male genitals and converting them into perpetually-half-healed fuck-holes to nowhere.
I guarantee you, by now this guy has taken it all the way.
I guarantee you, by now this guy has taken it all the way.

All these years later, there are vastly more transgender web sites, message boards of every kind. Transgenderism is actually being promoted from the White House down to kindergarten. Men who in the old days might never have gone beyond wearing women’s panties under their jeans while chain-sawing an ancient redwood tree or shooting a beautiful elk in the mountains are now glued to their screens choosing surgeons for “the operation.” The whole mass media has become an inescapable, hyper-dimensional tranny-porn & self-hatred movie designed to entice everyone into transsexualism, men, women, children, anyone.

All dressed up to go stand by the Coke machine.
All dressed up to go stand by the Coke machine.

Dopamine desensitization in autogynephilia and the proliferation of tranny-oriented web sites in the past 20 years has led to a dramatic increase in the incidence of men “transitioning” into fake women.

This increase has led to the manufactured societal “acceptance” of “gender identity” and other novel forms of misogyny.

Article originally written in December 2013.

UPDATE, March 2014: (emphases added): GRS-stats (2010)

The number of gender reassignment surgeries carried yearly on the NHS[the UK’s National Health Service] has tripled since 2000, figures show. In 2000, 54 surgeries were carried out, compared with 143 in 2009, the Daily Telegraph reports. Since 2000, a total of 853 trans women and 12 trans men had state-funded surgery to change sex. However, the true number of transgender people is estimated to be far higher, as many do not wish to undergo painful or complex surgery, or are unable to access it. The average age for trans women to undergo surgery is 42 and only one NHS operation has been carried out on a person under 21 in the last nine years.
SECOND UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 2015: I don’t even want to think about how many surgeries they’re doing nowadays, including on teenagers. Massively more, I am sure.

Autogynephile transgenderists put fetish before family

narcissistWhy is that so many men with the obsessive, autogynephiliac fantasy that they are “women trapped in men’s bodies” decide to bail out on their marriages, especially when they have young children at home? Why do they think that their kinky fetishizing is more important than their families’ well-being?

They are EXTREME NARCISSISTS. Their “gender identity” is based on erotic fantasies of themselves “as women” and masturbation! Nice “identity”!

This happens plenty often when there aren’t any children in the family. It also happens when the children are grown up. Very often, though, it seems that there are kids still living at home.

Sometimes these men leave their families completely; other times they put their families through the torture of “trying to make it work,” which seldom turns out well because the real woman in the marriage doesn’t want to fulfill the man’s fantasy of becoming a “lesbian,” help him go shopping, etc. and it’s usually not too long anyway before the dude is out looking for a boyfriend who will sweep him off his high-heeled size 13 feet in a whirlwind romantic adventure of epic sex role stereotyping. Until that happens, though, he usually claims that everything is really great and the family has adjusted well.

It’s a horrible experience for his wife, whether or not there are children. The young children of the tranny-man must also really be traumatized by his insane actions and behavior. Here are a few examples of these disgraceful fathers.

My need for transition
Why do I enjoy shopping in the women’s department? Why do I love dresses so much? Why am I so very feminine in my perceptions of myself? Why do I still love to look at myself in the mirror with a dress on and why do I have this overwhelming need to wear dresses and women’s clothing? Why did I suppress it so much and deny this part of myself? Why after all these years am I still dealing with this a seemingly innocent act of trying on one item of my sister’s clothing that has become a main focus in my life. Why do I feel I am a woman? I wish I had the answers. All I know is that I have feelings that are more common to girls. I feel I am a teenage girl looking forward to blossoming and enjoying becoming a young woman. These are strange words to hear from a middle aged male who is a husband and a father and has a life with responsibility and great pressure. I am not looking to escape. In fact I want to keep my family intact and still maintain my responsibility and still provide the love I have in my heart for both my wife and son. I have such tremendous feelings of guilt and I just don’t know what to do but I know if I don’t consider addressing these feelings and staying true to the course of transitioning I most certainly will die. I can not keep denying myself this wonderful gift of femininity. I need help and support and encouragement. I went for way too long hiding this and denying it and now I feel the floodgates have opened and it is my time. It is what I have always wanted in my life. The opportunity to express the true me. If I can’t do this then I will most certainly give up my hope of ever finding happiness and understanding who I am.

My husband’s sex change
He didn’t seem the same. He didn’t act the same. His values seemed to change along with his personality.

“What if you knew that doing this would destroy one or all of the children?” I asked him. Ice cold, the man I had once thought a wonderful father replied, “I would do it anyway.”

Of birthdays and presents
Sunday marked my first Second Birthday. It was the anniversary of my first time out in public as my true self. I celebrated by wearing my one and only pair of Victoria’s Secret panties, jeans and a plain T shirt. Then I got a large piece of my birthday cake from my other birthday. I sat down and watched the documentary ‘American Transgender” which I had recorded. The Itty Bitty Titty fairy also brought me a gift, sore and itchy boobs.

Later in the day we took the dog and the kids to the church carnival.
It’s called Fiesta with Friends. But this year it wasn’t much of a fiesta. We couldn’t pinpoint why but none of us felt any energy and excitement. Our boys had even gotten free tickets for the rides that they didn’t feel like using. Even the weather wouldn’t cooperate. It was overcast and grey. The only bright spot was our Corgi. It seemed like everyone had to come over and pet him.

I decided later that this carnival signified the end of part of all our lives. My daughter graduates high school and my older son moves on to a high school but one closer to our new home. We are pulling our youngest son out of the school because of the bullying and our increasing dissatisfaction with how the school has been run the last few years.

Don’t fight your true will
And, slowly, something strange happened. —I’m back home again, my real home where I belong—with my wife and children. My wife and I are more in love than we’ve ever been I believe. I’m home again and my wife and children accept me just as I am: as a woman. I’d not have believed that possible when I first returned to town.

I’ve been full-time about three months. I’ve been on hormones 9 weeks. The morning I voted in the presidential election, two days ago now, I overheard a hushed conversation: “That person’s name is ?!” Like they could not believe I was born in a male body.

But I had just showered and cleaned up—and I looked good.

Ted Prince and the miraculous bee-sting sex change
(from GenderTrender)

Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism

BOOK: A.A. Lawrence, Men Trapped in Men’s Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism. © Springer Science+Business Media, New York, 2013. DOI 10.1007/978-1-4614-5182-2_1

Download complete book here: Men-trapped-in-mens-bodies_BOOK

Autogynephilia: Do some men who desire sex reassignment have a mental disorder?

Lawrence AA. Do some men who desire sex reassignment have a mental disorder?
Comment on Meyer-Bahlburg (2010). Arch Sex Behav. 2011 Aug;40(4):651-4

Download article here: Lawrence-2011a


In short, autogynephilic eroticism, as evidenced by erotic cross-dressing, precedes cross-gender identity by years or decades in nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals. These transsexuals do not have female core gender identities nor do they have well developed cross-gender identities that precede and act as the driving force behind their desires to turn their bodies into facsimiles of women’s bodies. Rather, nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals gradually develop cross-gender identities after years or decades of erotic cross-dressing, accompanied by the autogynephilic wish to turn their bodies into facsimiles of women’s bodies. In this sense, cross-gender identity in nonhomosexual MtF transsexuals is a secondary phenomenon or epiphenomenon.

Autogynephilia: The controversy surrounding “The man who would be queen”: a case history of the politics of science, identity, and sex in the Internet age

Dreger AD. The controversy surrounding “The man who would be queen”: a case
history of the politics of science, identity, and sex in the Internet age. Arch
Sex Behav. 2008 Jun;37(3):366-421.

Download article here: Dreger-2008


In 2003, psychology professor and sex researcher J. Michael Bailey published a book entitled The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. The book’s portrayal of male-to-female (MTF) transsexualism, based on a theory developed by sexologist Ray Blanchard, outraged some transgender activists. They believed the book to be typical of much of the biomedical literature on transsexuality—oppressive in both tone and claims, insulting to their senses of self, and damaging to their public identities. Some saw the book as especially dangerous because it claimed to be based on rigorous science, was published by an imprint of the National Academy of Sciences, and argued that MTF sex changes are motivated primarily by erotic interests and not by the problem of having the gender identity common to one sex in the body of the other. Dissatisfied with the option of merely criticizing the book, a small number of transwomen (particularly Lynn Conway, Andrea James, and Deirdre McCloskey) worked to try to ruin Bailey. Using published and unpublished sources as well as original interviews, this essay traces the history of the backlash against Bailey and his book. It also provides a thorough exegesis of the book’s treatment of transsexuality and includes a comprehensive investigation of the merit of the charges made against Bailey that he had behaved unethically, immorally, and illegally in the production of his book. The essay closes with an epilogue that explores what has happened since 2003 to the central ideas and major players in the controversy.

Shame and narcissistic rage in autogynephilic transsexualism

Lawrence AA. Shame and narcissistic rage in autogynephilic transsexualism.
Arch Sex Behav. 2008 Jun;37(3):457-61

Download article here: Lawrence-2008


One of the most important contributions made by Dreger’s article is her description of the extraordinary lengths to which some of Bailey’s male-to-female (MtF) transsexual opponents went in their attempts to discredit him, his book, and his ideas. By Dreger’s account, their campaign against Bailey continued for at least two years after the publication of The Man Who Would Be Queen (TMWWBQ; Bailey, 2003). Examination of the Internet sites maintained by some of Bailey’s principal transsexual opponents suggests that the campaign against him remains ongoing. The attacks, as described by Dreger, went far beyond writing scathing reviews of TMWWBQ. They included orchestration of charges of professional misconduct against Bailey, filed with Northwestern University and the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation; attempts to turn Bailey’s colleagues against him; attacks directed against Bailey’s children; and efforts to discredit or silence nearly anyone who openly supported him. Dreger’s article suggests that many of Bailey’s opponents intended not only to discredit Bailey’s book, but also to destroy its author. The duration, intensity, and sheer savagery of the campaign waged by many of Bailey’s MtF transsexual opponents is astonishing, especially given that Bailey’s book sold only about 4200 copies and probably would have received little attention, in either its print or Internet versions, were it not for the publicity that his opponents themselves created. One could imagine that Kohut (1972) was describing the campaign conducted by some of Bailey’s MtF transsexual opponents when he wrote the following:

[There is a] need for revenge, for righting a wrong, for undoing a hurt by whatever means, and a deeply anchored, unrelenting compulsion in pursuit of all these aims…. There is utter disregard for reasonable limitations and a boundless wish to redress an injury and to obtain revenge…. The fanaticism of the need for revenge and the unending compulsion of having to square the account after an offense are…not the attributes of an aggressivity which is integrated with the mature purposes of the ego…. Aggressions employed in the pursuit of maturely experienced causes are not limitless…. The narcissistically injured [person], on the other hand, cannot rest until he has blotted out [the]…offender who dared to oppose him, [or] to disagree with him. (pp. 380, 382, 385) These excerpts are taken from Kohut’s description of narcissistic rage, a concept that I believe is central to understanding many of the attacks against Bailey and their implications.